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Smallville Reviews

Here at Smallville on The TV MegaSite, we have a talented bunch of writers and reviewers who take pleasure in rantin' and ravin' each week about the latest Smallville episode. All our writers understand that you may have a different opinion from theirs, and while they respect yours, they will be voicing theirs in the following articles.

If you are looking for actual summaries of the shows, please check out our episode guide!

"Superman Returns" (a review of the film) by Cindy

Season Seven

Bizarro | Kara | Fierce | Cure - By Chad

Articles by others:

Which is your favorite Smallville Season? by Suzanne

Four Smallville Superhero Spin-Off Ideas from BuddyTV

Season Six

Zod | Sneeze | Wither | Arrow | Reunion | Fallout | Rage | Static | Subterranean | Hydro | Justice | Labyrinth | Crimson - By Chad

Zod | Sneeze - By Cindy

Season Five

Clana Vs. Clois by Cindy

Season Four

Crusade | Gone | Facade - By Mercedes C.

Season 4 in Review: Lois Lane | The Good, Bad, and Ugly Episodes | Explanation of the Confusing Story Arc by Cindy K. Green 

Season Three

What I Wish to See in Season Three - An awesome article about the good, the bad and the ugly Smallville-style!! - By Mercedes

Exile | Phoenix - By Erin

Asylum | Whisper | Delete | Hereafter - By Mercedes

Asylum | Whisper | Legacy - By Stefan

Season Two by Erin

Vortex | Heat | Duplicity | Red | Nocturne | Redux | Lineage | Ryan | Dichotic | Skinwalkers | Visage | Insurgence | Suspect | Rush

Want to know more about our writers and reviewers? Check out our credits page!

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Updated 3/23/08  


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