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Smallville Reviews

Lex and bad guy with gun in "Sneeze"

"Sneeze" By Cindy K. Green

I have to admit that this episode of Smallville was refreshing. I think that at times the dramas become too emotionally angsty, and they end leaving us depressed. This episode left a smile on my face. Tom Welling, always the prolific actor that he is, proves again that he can make us cry but yet he can make us laugh. This episode had a lot of laughs and smiles while introducing us to Clark’s new power, Super Breath, with Chloe at his side aiding him in his discovery. (Can I just add here that Allison Mack is great as CK’s Girl Friday although she does seem to be the brains of the operation more often that not.) As a big fan of all Superman genre’s, I was so happy to hear he would finally gain this power. There are a lot of interesting stories that can go along with it. Now if they would just let him fly, officially that is, because we all know that he really is flying. We’ll just let them continue to say that he’s only jumping, but we know that truth.

Besides the new super power, we, the viewers, were also introduced to a new character, Oliver Queen, who we will soon know to be the Green Arrow. Justin Hartley did a great job pulling off the rich and confident hero with an arrow fetish. The new set of Queen’s apartment looks interesting and eclectic. And his wardrobe was definitely well thought out. I look forward to the continuation of this story arc. Included with Queen was the Lex and Lana storyline. And I am glad to see that Lana is possibly opening her eyes to the man that Lex really is. My hope for the redemption of this character, is that Lana will realize the truth about Lex and slowly begin to move away from him and over to that of Clark. Lana and Clark should come out of all of this as friends.

And that takes us to Lois. Lois Lane has a special place in my heart. And it has deeply disturbed me that she dropped out of college and had no interest in journalism. All was redeemed this episode when she decides to write an article about an odd happening that she was involved in (thanks to Clark) and she gets it published in the Inquisitor. Hey, it’s not the front page of the Daily Planet but it is a start. Lois has finally been bitten by the reporter bug. Lois also played a great part in the comedy of this episode. Erica Durance has great comic timing, and I enjoyed her performance completely.

It was overall an enjoyable episode. New power. New Character. Much comedy. Lois writes and article. Lana begins to question Lex. What could be better? Altogether, this was a great episode to start out the season with; and I look forward to the rest of the year. Stay tuned.

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