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"Exile" By Erin

I have to say, I was rather disappointed in the season premiere. After the summer months of reruns I was more than excited to learn what would become of Red Clark. But to me, season premiere night just came and went. I was not only disappointed in the plot continuation, I found it quite boring. I expected a hot premiere and what I received was a tepid if not slightly chilly one. But as you probably expected, this is not my only criticism. On a slightly refreshing note, I do have some praises and kudos as well.

The whole Crazy Lex thing really did intrigue me. I kind of saw it coming though. Lionel is slightly looney himself (that’s the understatement of the day!). Was it just me, or did the whole island, Lex thing become a little reminiscent of that movie with Tom Hanks and the volleyball “Wilson”. You know the one… Cast Away! That’s it! To me, a movie better forgotten than remembered. Lex’s crazy guy was kind of his Wilson. Only I don’t think that Wilson would have tried to kill Tom Hanks. He’s a volleyball! And here I am addressing him like he was a person.

I found it hilarious that the crazy guy, I forget his name, was filthy as a dog, yet his teeth were spotless! Did anyone else notice that?! There must have been some dentist that set up shop on the island! COME ON PEOPLE!!! I’m sure that most of you noticed Michael Rosenbaum’s abs!!! He is SUCH a bald headed beefcake! It just doesn’t get any better than that!

Tom Welling’s acting skills seem to be much improved! Could it be that maybe his real personality is reflected a slight bit in Kal ; ) Just a thought! I know I am not the only woman who likes a little bit of a bad boy in her man! But it seems Lana, was a little more reluctant about Kal or Clark (whatever you want to call him) than I would have been. Lana was definitely justified in being angry with Chloe, or so it seems to me! I’m glad she finally stood up to her. I’m also terribly ecstatic with her for telling Chloe, herself, straight out, how she felt about Clark, secret or not. On another woman adoring note, I loved Tom Welling’s hair longer! It gave off that “straight from bed” vibe. I love that!

Finally, I am ticked off that they left us hanging once again! I, for the life of me, do not understand why after such a long summer of waiting, they once again leave us with a cliff hanger for the end of the first episode of the season. It might have been a tactic to keep us watching the show, despite the “boringness” of the plot in the season premier. Just kidding (sort of)! Well tubers, stay tuned for scenes from the next Erin’s Smallville Smalltalk!

Hugs and Twinkies!


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Updated 11/08/03


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