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Person of Interest Main Page

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Billionaire computer nerd Finch has developed a super computer that is able to find out who's going to be in trouble ahead of time in New York City. A trained military fighter, John, helps Finch find and try to protect the victims before they're hurt. They're a crime-fighting due that works in secret, like superheroes but without the tights. They're aided by some police detectives and others who fight to get rid of the bad guys and against government corruption.

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Season Premiere Debuts Tuesday, May 3

5/3 "B.S.O.D."
5/9 "SNAFU"
5/10 "Truth Be Told"
5/16 "ShotSpotter"
5/17 "A More Perfect Union"

"Person of Interest" airs Tuesdays 10/9c on

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Page updated 3/18/16

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