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The Days of Our Lives Autographs Page

DOOL Autographs

Do you have an autograph of any Days of Our Lives stars that you would like to share with other fans? Email us! You will be credited for your photo if we put it on our pages.  Here are Days of Our Lives autographs that we've obtained through the years. With this page we hope to encourage other fans to write to their favorite actor or actress.

From Marieke

  • Kristian Alfonso (Hope)


  • Mary Beth Evans (Kayla)


  • Allison Sweeney (Sami)


  • Arianne Zuker (Nicole)


  • Renee Jones (Lexie)


  • Kirsten Storms (ex-Belle)


  • Austin Peck (ex-Austin)


  • Matt Cedeno (ex-Brandon)


  • Rachel Melvin (ex-Chelsea)

  • Jay Kenneth Johnson (ex-Philip)


  • Darin Brooks (ex-Max)


  • Farah Fath (ex-Mimi)


  • Jason Cook (ex-Shawn)

From Suzanne

  • Ian Buchanan (Ian) I got this in the mail after writing to him.


  • Josh Taylor (Roman; got this via mail 2004)  He wrote a very nice note of thanks because I sent a letter telling him how terrible it was that he had gotten fired from Days...


  • Joseph Mascolo (Stefano; I bought this at the soap boutique at the GH/PC fan weekend 2001) 


  • Drake Hogestyn (John; got this via mail 2004)

  • Deidre Hall (Marlena; got this via mail 2003)


  • Wally Kurth (Justin--I got this when I joined his fan club)
    wallykurth.jpg (44377 bytes)

  • Sarah Brown (Madison-I got this in 99 at the GH Fan Event)
    sarahbrown.jpg (25680 bytes)
  • Crystal Chappell (ex-Carly; got this in the mail May 2010!)


  • Jay Kenneth Johnson (ex-Philip - I got this photo and letter in the mail in 2008 after writing to him)


  • Nadia Bjorlin (ex-Chloe - I got this photo and letter in the mail in 2008 after writing to her)


  • Stephen Nichols (ex-Steve/Patch-From GH Weekend 99--the one on the right I got separate that were being given out, not sure if it's a real sig or a printed one)
    stephennichols.jpg (47332 bytes)stephennichols1.jpg (53820 bytes)

  • Lane Davies (ex-Dr. Evan Whyland; this was also from the soap boutique)


  • Lynn Herring (ex-Lisanne; this was from the PC Party 2001)

  • Robert Kelker Kelly (ex-Bo--From GH Weekend 2001)

  • John Ingle (ex-Mickey-I got this from the General Hospital fan event in '99)
    johningle.jpg (42384 bytes)
  • Billy Warlock (ex-Frankie-I got this at the GH Fan Event in ' 99)
    burtoncharleson&warlock.jpg (85560 bytes)
  • Autographed Days script from 2005 with many signatures!

  • Alexis Thorpe (ex-Cassie--I got this one in the mail in July 2009)

  • Tamara Braun (ex-Ava/Taylor) I got this one in the mail when she was on GH.

  • Jen Lilley (Theresa) I got this one in the mail in 2015 when I ordered her CD. She autographed the CD and also sent a Christmas card that was hand-written and autographed.

From Danielle

  • Drake Hogestyn (John)

  • Diedre Hall (Marlena)

  • Renee Jones (Lexie)

  • Peggy McCay (Caroline)

  • Letter from Judy Evans (Bonnie/Adrienne)

  • Bill & Susan Hayes (Doug & Julie)
  • Christie Clark (Carrie)

  • Alison Sweeney (Sami)

  • Kristian Alfonso (Hope)

  • Diedre Hall (Marlena)

  • Brody Hutzler (ex-Patrick)

  • Rachel Melvin (Chelsea)

  • Darin Brooks (ex-Max)

  • Matt Cedeņo (ex-Brandon)

  • Jason Cook (ex-Shawn-Douglas)

  • Farah Fath (ex-Mimi)

From Amanda

  • Bryan Dattilo (Lucas) 
    days-bryandattilo-lucas.JPG (69690 bytes) 

  • Eileen Davidson (Ex- Kristen, Susan and others):
    days-eilleendavidson-kristen.JPG (55960 bytes)

From Cheryl (she got these in the mail)

  • Farah Fath (ex-Mimi)

  • Jason Cook (ex-Shawn)

  • Kyle Lowder (ex-Brady)

  • Kirsten Storms (ex-Belle)

  • Nadia Bjorlin (ex-Chloe)

  • Heather Olsen (ex-Jan)

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From Kamarie

  • Stephen Nichols (ex-Patch/Steve)

From Jacques

  • Allison Sweeney (Sami; got this when I joined her fanclub in 1999)


  • Christie Clark (Carrie)


  • Jay Kenneth Johnson (ex-Phillip)

From Carol

  • Stuart Damon (ex-Governor Jim Ford)

  • Jessica Tuck (ex-Madeline)

From Megan

Natalia Livingston (ex-Taylor)

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Page updated 12/29/15

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