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Another World Autographs Page

Fun photos from your favorite AW stars!

Do you have an autograph of any AW stars that you would like to share with other fans? Email us! You will be credited for your photo if we put it on our pages. Here are AW autographs that we've obtained through the years.

From Suzanne

  • Robert Kelker Kelly (Shane/Bobby) From the GH Fan Club Luncheon 2001
    Robert Kelker Kelly autograph
  • Jensen Buchanan (Vicky/Marley) Also from the GH Fan Club Luncheon 2001
    Jensen Buchanan autograph
  • Linda Dano (Rae/Gretl) Got these in the mail (second one was sent by her fan site but is not actually autographed).
    Linda Dano autograph
  • David Canary (ex-Steve--got this one in the mail)


From Amanda

  • Amy Carlson (Josie) 
      Amy Carlson autograph
  • Anna Holbrook (Sharlene Hudson):
    Anna Holbrook autograph
  • Charles Keating (Carl Hutchins):
     Charles Keating autograph
  • Dahlia Salem (Sofia): 
     Dahlia Salem autograph
  • David Forsyth (John Hudson):
    David Forsyth autograph
  • Diego Serrano (Toms):
     Diego Serrano autograph
  • Joe Barbara (Joe Carlino):
    Joe Barbara autograph
  • Les Brandt (Rafael): 
    Les Brandt autograph
  • Lisa Brenner (Maggie): 
    Lisa Brenner autograph
  • Robin Christopher (Lorna)
    Robin Christopher autograph
  • Sean Rademaker (Kirkland):
    Sean Rademaker autograph
  • Spencer Treat Clark (Steven Frame, jr.): 
    Spencer Treat Clark autograph
  • Steve Schnetzer (Cass Winthrop): 
    Steve Schnetzer autograph
  • Stina Nielsen (Courtney): 
    Stina Nielsen autograph
  • Tim Gibbs (Gary):
    Tim Gibbs autograph

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Page updated 4/20/15

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