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This is a large fan web site about TV that has been up in some version or other since 1995.

The site is slowly being completely redesigned, so please let us know if you see any problems! It will probably take us a long while to completely change over.

We are always looking for more content and more people to work on our site on a volunteer basis, so please come join our team!

This site started out as a fan site, for fun; not a business. It was a sole proprietorship and is now incorporated. Its primary goal, however, is still to be a great internet resource, not to make money. We don't expect to profit from the site.

The money that comes into this site via ads first covers expenses, and the rest then goes directly to the volunteers at the end of the year, either as cash or other gifts. 

Suzanne Lanoue runs this site.  It started as her personal page (which now resides at http://suzann.com ) but it grew too large, so she moved the TV section to http://www.tvmegasite.net in 2000.  There are roughly 30 other people who volunteer to work on the site, some daily.  Gisele Herbert is the Daytime Manager who helps Suzanne run the site daily.

This is a really huge site, so please look through it thoroughly and have fun.  This site is now completely supported by ads.

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Page updated 10/28/18

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