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WELCOME to The TVMEGASITE.NET Privacy Statement

Privacy is important to us!

We do not keep statistics on our site about which individuals are visiting us. If you send us email, we do keep the email for reference, but we do not share it with anyone outside of The TV MegaSite. Emails to us about the quality of the site may be shared with a number of people that work for us (because we like to share comments from users with our volunteers).

Entering our contest will not put you on any mailing list.  However, we may send out a one-time invitation email to you in the future. We will never share your information with any outside party.  However, if you enter a one-time-only contest that one of the networks or companies has set up for us, we may give them your name and address so that they may send you a prize for that contest that you entered.

We do not use cookies or make you register for anything, unless you want to use our forums or sign up for our mailing lists, which is required by DelphiForums and Yahoo! groups, not us. However, we do have ads on our sites and they probably do use cookies. They are from other companies, not us.

We try to keep x-rated content, gambling ads, etc. off our site.  If you see anything like that, please let us know so we can get rid of it asap!

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Page updated 1/27/13

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