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Another World Cast List Page

Which Actor Played Which Part?

Margaret Allen Christopher Norris
Tito Banacek Troy Hall
Edgar Beale Michael Port
Etta Mae Burrell Elain R. Graham
Kineisha "K.C." Burrell Persia White
Toni Burrell Rhonda Ross Kendrick
Dante Carlino Austin Michael Luciano
Joseph Carlino / Jordan Stark Joseph Barbara
Paulina Cory Carlino Judi Evans Luciano
Shelly Clark  Kimberlin Brown
Jasmine Cory Alexandra, Sydney and Jacqueline Lademann
Matthew Cory Matthew Crane
D. A. Dana Dramer PaSean Wilson
Alexandra "Alli" Fowler Alicia Leigh Willis
Steven Frame II Spencer Treat Clark
Felicia Gallant Linda Dano
Cynthia Brooke Harrison Kim Rhodes
Grant Harrison Mark Pinter
Kirkland Harrison Sean Rademaker
Spencer Harrison David Hedison
Marley / Vicky Hudson Frame  Harrison McKinnon Jensen Buchanan and Ellen Wheeler
Nicholas Terry Hudson Mark Mortimer
Sharlene Frame Hudson Anna Holbrook
Carl Hutchins Charles Keating
Rachel Davis Matthews Frame Clark Cory Hutchins /Justine Duvalier Victoria Wyndham
Donna Love Anna Stuart
Chris Madison Eric Morgan Stuart
Jake McKinnon Tom Eplin
Sean McKinnon Paul Wasilewski
Minister / Russ Matthews Sam Groom
Tyrone Montgomery Henry Simmons
Anne O'Donnell/ Mary Winthrop Alice Barrett
Sergei Radzinsky Jonathan Sharp
June Reiner Courtney Sherman
Amanda Cory Sinclair Sandra Ferguson
Cameron Sinclair Michael Roderick
Gary Sinclair John Littlefield
Josie Watts Sinclair Nadine Stenovitch
Jordan Stark / David Halliday David Andrew McDonald
ADA Greg Swanson Stefan Casseus
Judge Anthony Walker / Russ Matthews Jerry Lanning
Zak Wilder Steve Richard Harris
Reverend Wilkins Brooks Rogers
Cass Winthrop Stephen Schnetzer
Charlotte Frame Winthrop Brittany Finamore
Lila Hart Roberts Cory Winthrop Lisa Peluso
Lisa Woo Linda Wang
Remy Woods Taylor Stanley

This was the cast near the end of the show. For a complete cast listing, go to

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Page updated 8/13/21

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