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As The World Turns Autographs Page

Autographs from your favorite ATWT stars!

From Nikky

  • Brian Gaskill (ex-BJ Green)

From Suzanne

  • Marnie Schulenberg (Alison) I wrote to her - summer 2008 - and got this in return!

  • Daniel Cosgrove (Chris) I got this via the mail summer 2008.

  • Agim Kaba (Aaron)--Got this when I emailed him

  • Trent Dawson (Henry - Annmarie got this one for me at his cocktail party in 07)

  • Don Hastings (Dr. Bob--got this one in the mail August 2004)

  • Julie Pinson (Janet -I got this in '99 at the Port Charles party--the one on the right someone gave me, don't know if it's a real sig or printed)
    juliepinson.jpg (63269 bytes) juliepinson1.jpg (52109 bytes)
  • Jon Lindstrom (Craig - I got this in '99 at the Port Charles party)
    jonlindstrom.jpg (58347 bytes)

  • Real Andrews (ex-Walker--these are from the General Hospital fan weekends; 1st one in 99 and 2nd two in 2001)
    realandrews.jpg (77596 bytes)
  • Tamara Tunie (ex-Jessica)--Got this from a letter I sent her

  • Cady McClain (Rosanna--I got these in the mail two different years)

  • Randolph Mantooth (ex-Hal) A friend bought this one

  • Sarah Brown (ex-Julia-I got this in 99 at the GH Fan Event)
    sarahbrown.jpg (25680 bytes)
  • Kin Shriner (ex-Keith-I got this at the General Hospital Fan Event in 99)
    kinshriner.jpg (74537 bytes)

From Annmarie

  • Terri Colombino (Katie) --first picture and letter from the mail; second one from Fan Club Luncheon 2006; third is from the Luncheon 2007.
    Terri Columbino picture 
  • Maura West (Carly) - first from the mail, second from the Luncheon 2007

  • Mark Collier (ex-Mike) --first picture and letter from the mail; second one from Fan Club Luncheon 2006
  • Mark Collier (ex-Mike) and Terri Colombino (Katie) --from Fanclub Luncheon 2006

  • Jesse Sofer (Will)'s autographed jeans and certificate of authenticity from Ebay and second one from Luncheon 2007

  • Martha Byrne (Lily) --from Fanclub Luncheon 2006

  • Jennifer Ferrin (ex-Jennifer) --from Fanclub Luncheon 2006

  • Alexandra Chando (Maddie) --first from Fanclub Luncheon 2006 and second from Luncheon 2007

  • Jordan Woolley (ex-Nick) --from Fanclub Luncheon 2006

  • Jesse Sofer (Will) and Jennifer Landon (Gwen) --from Fanclub Luncheon 2006

  • Peyton List (ex-Lucy) --from Fanclub Luncheon 2006

  • Jennifer Landon (Gwen) --from Fanclub Luncheon 2007

  • Trent Dawson (Henry) --from Fanclub Luncheon 2007

  • Trent Dawson (Henry) and Ewa Da Cruz (Vienna) --from Fanclub Luncheon 2007

  • Various autographs (not on pics) --from Fanclub Luncheon 2007.  First is Alexandra Chando (Maddie), Zach Roerig (Casey), and Mick Hazen (Parker).  Second is Jake Silbermann (Noah), Van Hansis (Luke), and Elena Goode (Jade).  Third is Allie Gorenc (Sage).

  • Many autographs from various stars on a T-shirt --from Fanclub Luncheon 2006 & 2007

From Mona

  • Peyton List (ex-Lucy)-- I was so excited when I got this, and she replied back to me in  a little less than three weeks.

  • Agim Kaba (Aaron)

From Hilary -- these were gotten in person from the event she went to

  • Michael Park (Jack)

  • Maura West (Carly)

From Nikki

  • Terri Colombino (Katie)

  • Marie Masters (Susan)

  • Peyton List (ex-Lucy)

  • Mark Collier (ex-Mike)

  • Michael Park (Jack)

  • Maura West (Carly)

  • Lesli Kay (ex-Molly)

  • John James (ex-Rick)

  • Helen Wagner (Nancy)

  • Eileen Fulton (Lisa)

  • Ellen Dolan (Margo)

  • Cady McClain (Rosanna)

  • Agim Kaba (Aaron)

From  Amanda

  • Steve Schnetzer (ex-Cass)
    Steve Schnetzer autograph

From Marieke

  • Austin Peck (Brad)


  • Mary Beth Evans (ex-Sierra)

From Carol

  • Stuart Damon (ex-Ralph)

From Allyssia

  • Brian Gaskill (ex-B.J.)

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Page updated 8/21/14

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