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Nikki T.

Hi My name is Nikki Taylor. I am 16 years old. I do all the typical teenager things like wear trendy clothes and always ask myself "Do these clothes make me look fat?" and then I change my clothes half a dozen times until I have wore all of my clothes twice or more. Here is a good one, counting down the days until I am a licensed driver. Move out of the way people because I might run you over! I also have a goal in life and know what I want to be. I have always had a dream to become an actress. I started watching As the World Turns and Guiding Light in my earlier teen days and Guiding Light soon became my all time favorite. I grew fond of Beth Ehlers as she portrayed Harley Davidson Cooper and later on a short lived Ruth Karloff. So that is my goal to maybe work alongside her on Guiding Light. I also have a lot of celebrity crushes. Doesn't all teenage girls? My love of my life right now is Rupert Michael Grint from the famous movie and book series "Harry Potter". Ya know the cute redheaded boy named Ron Weasley! I also live in a little town with my Mom and Dad. Also, My brother and his mother-to-be wife carrying my niece named "Abby" live there too! Not counting, my two Chihuahuas; Stormy and Cocoa, and other various pets. Well, this is my bio and this is my life.

Nikki no longer works for our site, but we're grateful for her past help!

Page updated 4/29/14

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