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The Days of Our Lives Cast List Page


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Brady Black

Eric Martsolf

John Black

Drake Hogestyn*

Dr. Marlena Evans Black

Deidre Hall

Caroline Brady

Peggy McCay

Ciara Alice Brady

Lauren Boles*

Eric Brady

Greg Vaughan

Frankie Brady

Billy Warlock

Hope Williams Brady

Kristian Alfonso

Roman Brady

Josh Taylor

Seth Burns

Ken Colquitt*

Abe Carver

James Reynolds

Theodore Brandon Carver

Terrell Ransom, Jr.*

Sheryl Connors

Jade Harlow*
Abigail "Abby" Deveraux Kate Mansi
Jack "JJ" Deveraux, Jr. Casey Moss
Jennifer Rose Horton Deveraux Melissa Reeves

EJ DiMera

James Scott

John Roman "Johnny" DiMera

Aaron & Griffin Kunitz*

Kristen Blake DiMera

Eileen Davidson

Stefano DiMera

Joseph Mascolo

Sydney DiMera

Nadia & Talia Hartounian*

Theresa Donovan

Jen Lilley

Gabi Hernandez Fallon

Camila Banus

Nick Fallon

Blake Berris

Liam Frasier

Marc Collier*


Julian Barnes*


Ron Leath*

Rafe Hernandez

Galen Gering

Samantha "Sami" Jean Brady Hernandez

Alison Sweeney

Alice Caroline "Allie" Horton

Carolyn & Campbell Rose*

Arianna Grace Horton

Harpee & Sydnee Udell*

Lucas Horton

Bryan R. Dattilo*

Will Horton-Kiriakis

Guy Wilson

Aiden Jennings

Daniel Cosgrove

Chase Jennings

Connor Kalopsis*

Joey Johnson

Jadon Wells*

Dr. Kayla Brady Johnson

Mary Beth Evans*

Dr. Daniel Jonas

Shawn Christian

Parker Daniel Jonas

Evan & Luke Kruntchev*

Adrienne Johnson Kiriakis

Judi Evans*

Jackson "Sonny" Horton-Kiriakis

Freddie Smith

Justin Kiriakis

Wally Kurth*

Maggie Horton Kiriakis

Suzanne Rogers

Victor Kiriakis

John Aniston*

Nurse Maxine Landis

Aloma Wright*

Chloe Lane

Nadia Bjorlin*

Paige Larson

True O'Brien*

Miles Malloy

Jerry Penacoli*


Alex Shipp*

Anne Milbauer

Meredith Scott Lynn*

Jordan Ridgeway

Chrishell Stause

Kate Roberts

Lauren Koslow

Ben Rogers

Robert Scott Wilson*


Kevin Riggin*

Tad Stevens

Brendan Michael Coughlin*

Nicole Walker

Arianne Zucker

Bev Walters

Allison Paige*

Doug Williams

Bill Hayes*

Julie Williams

Susan Seaforth Hayes*

*recurring or temporary

Comings and Goings

Justin Gaston, who first aired as Jordan's brother Ben Rogers on February 27, has been replaced by Robert Scott Wilson, who played Pete Cortlandt in the online reboot of AMC. He'll start airing in May.

Alicia Leigh Willis, who played GH's Courtney from 2001-06, will begin appearing on Tuesday, April 22 as Debra, Liam's ex-wife.

Jade Harlow (Sheryl) will be leaving the show in the next few weeks. The role was intended to last for only four months.

Tom Lind began playing Galen, one of Stefano's henchmen, on Thursday, March 13.

Days is looking for a gorgeous 24 to 30-year-old gorgeous Hispanic or Asian male to play the contract role of Micah, who is "a baseball player with fantastic looks and killer charm making him irresistible."

Eileen Davidson began shooting in March & returns as Kristen in July.

Kassie DePaiva (ex-Blair, OLTL) will begin playing Eve Donovan this summer. The role of Theresa's older half-sister was last played by Charlotte Ross in 1991.

Alison Sweeney (Sami) is leaving when her contract expires later this year. She's been on the show since 1993.

Days is looking for a white bearded mountain-man in his 50s to play Clyde, who when cleaned up, can be handsome, but people are scared to death of him. It's a short-term contract role.

Camila Banus finished taping the role of Gabi Hernandez on Friday, January 17, but will continue airing into April.

Billy Warlock returns as Frankie Brady in the spring.

Shelley Hennig returns as Stephanie Johnson in May 2014.

Molly Burnett returns as Melanie Jonas in May 2014.

If you know of any cast members who are not here, please let us know!

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Page updated 4/18/14

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