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The Days of Our Lives News Page

DOOL News, Scoops & Rumors

NEWS and Information   SOD Scoops and Spoilers Below

SID Spoilers: Will Justin and Kayla Get Married?

Production Restart Date

Days of our Livesí Greg Meng speaks about Days return to production

SID Spoilers: Lani and Eli's Wedding Gets an Unexpected Guest

Congratulations to all the winners! Olivia Rose Keegan (Claire) won for Outstanding Younger Performer in a Drama Series.

If you missed the Daytime Emmys, you can watch it on or HULU Live TV if you're subscribed to either of those...the first has a free trial. Also, CBS has a lot of clips of it on YouTube.

Melissa Reeves (Jenn) is in trouble again on Twitter

Many Spoilers Found at!

Judi Evans (Adrienne/Bonnie) is at home resting, released from the hospital

Without any real competition, Days is doing much better in the ratings! More

Just FYI, the show has enough new episodes to last through Fall.

The governor of California is allowing all TV series and movies to resume filming, starting June 12, but it depends on where they're filming and what they work out with the unions. More

Daytime Emmy Nominations: Days is nominated for Outstanding Drama Series, Outstanding Writing Team for a Drama Series and Outstanding Directing Team for a Drama Series; Arianne Zucker (Nicole) is nominated for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series; Thaao (Andre/Tony) is nominated for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series; Susan Seaforth Hayes (Julie) is nominated for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series; and Wally Kurth (Justin), Chandler Massey (Will) and Paul Telfer (Xander) are nominated for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series.  See the full list. The Daytime Emmys air June 26 on CBS. More Info

OLDER NEWS: Spoilers for this week

Judi Evans (Adrienne/Bonnie) is in the hospital for COVID-19 She was in the hospital after falling off her horse and having many broken bones. Then they found a blood clot in her lungs, and that is from the COVID-19, which she was exposed to in the hospital. She's been hospitalized for weeks. We send her our prayers and good wishes for recovery.

SID Spoilers and Summer Preview

Y&R's Emily O'Brien will be joining Days

SID News News

Judi Evans (Adrienne) suffered a bad fall off a horse

SID Spoilers: Orpheus Threatens to Kill John

ABC will air a special, "Story of the Soaps," May 19.   

SID Spoilers: What Really Happened to Maggie

SID Spoilers: Gabi Kisses Jake

SID Spoilers: Gabi Sees Stefan

Kelly Thiebaud OUT! Alyshia Ochse IN as Zoey

SID Spoilers: Kristen Stabs Victor

SID Spoilers: Kayla Chooses Between Steve and Justin

Jordi Vilasuso (ex-Dario) and his family have tested positive for the virus.

SoapHub Spoilers: Anna Goes Ballistic

Soap vet John Callahan Dead at 66 (ex-Dr. Baker / Tyler Malone / Artie Doyle)

Christie Clark (ex-Carrie) and her Husband Are Recovering From the Coronavirus Spoilers

Daytime Emmys Canceled 

Roscoe Born (ex-Trent) passed away at the age of 69.

SID Spoilers: Maggie Confesses to Killing Adrienne Spoilers

SID Spoilers: Will Eli Marry Gabi?

SID Spoilers: Gina Threatens to Kill Marlena

NOTE: Senate impeachment hearings start Tuesday, 1/21 and will probably affect daytime programming.

Patrick Muldoon (ex-Austin) is in a music duo, Muldoon and Ives  You can also find them on YouTube and Vimeo!

SID Spoilers: Adrienne Returns

Spoilers at!

Former Emmy-winning Writer Lisa de Cazotte Passed Away

SID Spoilers: The "Flash Forward" Changes Everything

John Clarke (ex-Mickey) passed away

Tide commercial with John and Marlena

Soaphub Spoilers!! Spoilers! 

Find many links to other DOOL news/scoops/spoilers here!

Soap Vet Jed Allan (ex-Don Craig) Passed Away

Greg Vaughan and Angie Harmon Are a Real-life Brady Bunch  8/24

"Days of Our Lives" has replaced Co-Head Writer Dena Higley with Ron Carlivati as Head Writer effective immediately. His first episode will air on July 19, 2017. Carlivati worked at both GH & OLTL. Previous Co-Head Writer Ryan Quan & Sheri Anderson Thomas, who wrote for "Guiding Light, "Santa Barbara," and GH, will both be Creative Consultants.

DAYS's Corday Received Star on May 15, 2017 10:13 AM
Congratulations to DAYS's Executive Producer, Ken Corday, who received the 2,612th star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame today in the category of Television. In addition to a host of DAYS stars in attendance, fellow Walk of Famer Andy Garcia was the guest speaker. The star was placed next to the star that Deidre Hall (Marlena) received last year. You can watch the ceremony live at 2:30 p.m. TT/11:30 a.m. PT. at

On Thursday, February 9, Joseph Mascolo last appeared as Days' Stefano, filmed before his death on December 7, 2016. In the episode, Marlena (Deidre Hall), Rafe (Galen Gering) & Leann Hunley (Anna) confront him about his transgressions against them through the years. In a special video, Mascolo's long-time castmates share their memories of the late actor.

Kassie DePaiva (ex-Eve, Days; ex-Blair, OLTL), who was diagnosed in 2016 with acute myeloid leukemia, announced on February 4, 2017, that she is now cancer free!

Watch full episodes of "Days of Our Lives" on, Daily Motion,,  and GlobalTV for Canadian viewers.

On Monday, January 16, "Days of Our Lives" began airing one hour earlier in the New York City area, at 12:00 Noon.

Joseph Peter Mascolo (Stefano DiMera, Days; ex-Massimo Marone, B&B; ex-Nicholas Van Buren, GH) died at 87 on December 8, 2016, in Lake Arrowhead, CA, after battling Alzheimer's disease for many years. His funeral service will be held on Tuesday, December 13, at Forest Lawn in Hollywood Hills' Church of the Hills, 6300 Forest Lawn Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90068.

Arianne Zucker Breaks Her Silence About the Donald Trump Scandal

After April 15, 2016, "Days of Our Lives" no longer airs same-day repeat broadcasts on Pop TV.

Casey Moss (JJ, Days) and his band "Eyes for One" have released their first full length album, "BeneathTheTruth," which contains 10 songs and can be purchased on iTunes.

Michael Easton (Silas, GH; ex-McBain, OLTL; ex-Caleb, PC; ex-Tanner, Days) has written the graphic novel "Credence: Lose This Skin." Check out the trailer here!

Days Scoops/Spoilers

By Suzanne

SOD 7/13/20

Judi Evans (ex-Adrienne/Bonnie) talks about coming back to the show to play Bonnie. She returns July 8.

As Justin and Kayla prepare to get married, both have nerves before the wedding. Justin isn't sure that she feels the same way about him as he does for her, which he tells Sonny. He overhears Jennifer and Hope talking about Kayla and how she doesn't know that Steve wants her back. This makes Justin more confused. He asks Hope if it's true, and she confirms it. Kayla walks down the aisle, but Justin stops the ceremony and lets her know how Steve feels. Jack and Jenn confirm what he says, adding that Steve asked them not to tell her. Kayla has a hard time reacting to this information, so she says nothing. Justin understands and takes this to mean that they shouldn't get married. He lets her out of her promise to marry him and heads to Adrienne's grave. He sees her standing there (at least, he thinks it's her).

Meanwhile, Steve feels bad on Justin and Kayla's wedding day and refuses to attend, even though she invited him. They have the ceremony where they receive the key to the city. Hope tells Steve that Justin knows that Steve wants Kayla back. Steve isn't happy that his secret is out and wants to know if Justin will tell Kayla. Marlena informs him that he should have told her. Steve decides to leave town. He tells them all goodbye. John is upset. Kayla goes to the airport to catch him. She is shocked to find him because she thought she had missed him. He thinks she's there to go on her honeymoon. They talk about the past few weeks and why he didn't tell her what he was feeling. Steve tells her that he couldn't leave Salem because he loves her too much. She slaps him, but they reconcile. Steve feels bad for Justin but says that he knows they're the loves of each other's lives, just like he and Adrienne were. They decide to take a trip together for awhile.

Mary Beth Evans (Kayla) is featured in an interview.

Sneak Preview: 7/6 Xander is defended by Victor to Sarah. Xander chats with Jack again about Sarah. 7/7 Sonny, Justin and Victor have a sweet family moment before Justin's wedding. 7/9 Marlena and John find out that Allie is pregnant. Lucas and Kate hear something shocking from Rafe. 7/10 Gabi is stunned when she visits Jake. Lani and Eli enjoy their time as newlyweds. When Ben wants to do something special for Ciara, Claire offers her help.

Eric Marsolf (Brady) looks back at his past stories on the show.

What Will Happen: John is consoled by Marlena. Sonny and Will's plans come to Victor's attention. Xander decides to change something.

SOD 7/6/20

Lani is excited to see Kristen show up at her door before her wedding, but she's worried about her getting caught. Kristen has to sneak out when they learn that Abe is coming over. Lani's mother, Tamara, is there, but Lani is concerned about her health. Tamara faints during the ceremony but wants them to keep going. She goes back to the hotel to rest, and the wedding goes on. Then Gabi crashes the wedding. No one wants to see her. Next, Vivian shows up, waving a gun. She's the one who's been watching and following Lani. Vivian wants to murder Lani because she killed Stefan. Lani makes an impassioned plea not to kill her because of her baby. Rafe arrives and tells Vivian that Stefan might be alive, so he gets her out of there. After all that, Lani isn't sure that she wants to go through with the wedding. Eli says that he'll support whatever she wants to do.

After Brady has a heart-to-heart talk with Marlena, Brady runs into Kristen, who's dressed like a nun and skulking around Salem. Brady is worried that she'll get caught. Kristen kisses him. Brady is very joyful to be with her. Chad comes up on them and promises not to turn Kristen in if she gives him her shares of DiMera (so that he can keep Gabi from taking over). She agrees. Brady then decides to leave town with Kristen.

Marilyn McCoo is back as Lani's mom, Tamara, 6/29. Louise Sorel returns as Vivian 6/30.

Sneak Preview: 6/29 Eli is surprised by Valerie. 6/30 Chad and Gabi have it out. 7/1 Ciara and Claire grow closer as they plan the wedding. Jake and Gabi both wait for the DNA test results with anticipation. 7/2 Claire is confronted about the damaged wedding dress by Ben and Ciara. Rafe gets an offer from Allie that he didn't expect. Gabi and Jake are thrown for a loop by the results of the DNA test. 7/3 Gabi tries to get Vivian's help. Jake is shaken after meeting Vivian. Sonny and Will are disappointed by something Eric tells them.

Judi Evans (ex-Adrienne/Bonnie) talks about the recent misfortunes in an interview.

An article discusses lawyers on soaps, including Justin.

What Will Happen: Eric pours his heart out to Allie. Hope and Rafe share a tender moment. Gabi gets her verdict. Brady spills his plans and dreams to Marlena.

A one-page article lists the jobs and titles of each character.

SOD 6/29/20

The president/CEO of NATAS (the group that does the Emmys) is interviewed about the upcoming Daytime Emmys June 26 on CBS, which will be pre-taped and will feature actors in their homes.

Will and Sonny are very supportive of Allie when she tells them about her being pregnant. They discuss raising Ari, which makes her think about how difficult raising a child will be. She becomes overwhelmed and considers adoption. Lucas is not too happy to hear this and offers to help her raise the baby. She runs into Rafe, and she tells him how sorry she is that he lost custody of David. Sonny and Will consider adopting Allie's baby, and Lucas is not in favor of that. Allie would like Rafe to adopt her baby.

Kristen sneaks back into town in her nun's habit to surprise Lani for her wedding. First, Kayla and Lani discuss her pregnant, and their upcoming weddings, at the pub. Eli arrives and tells them that Brady and Victor claim that Kristen didn't stab Victor. Kristen doesn't know any of this. This is just a quick visit for her, and for the actress who plays her (Stacy Haiduk).

Billy Davis Jr. returns for Lani and Eli's wedding. So is Valerie (Vanessa Williams).

Chad is back and arguing with Gabi.

Lindsay Arnold plays Allie. She talks about getting the job, and her co-stars.

6/22 Gwen and Jake have a passionate encounter. Chad and Gabi argue heatedly. 6/23 Xander hears what Sarah has to say. 6/24 Lucas is told by Sonny and Will what they have planned. Eli makes things difficult for Brady and Victor when they try to cover up Kristen's crime. 6/25 Steve and Kayla have an honest conversation. When Xander offers something she didn't expect, Sarah gets upset and angry. 6/26 Ben is worried when he learns that Claire will be standing up for Ciara. Gabi gets ready to hear the verdict.

Mary Beth Evans (Kayla) shares a lamb recipe that she likes to cook.

Each of the Emmy-nominated actors is featured and interviewed briefly.

What Will Happen: Brady is confronted by Victor. Hope receives an apology from Claire. Dr. Rolf is offered a deal by Rafe. Ciara gets checked on by Shawn.

An article called "Trophy Life" looks at past Emmy wins for the cast.

SOD 6/22/20

Bryan R. Dattilo (Lucas) talks about his return to the show.

Claire reveals to Ben and Ciara how she knows Gwen.

Emily O'Brien (Gwen) talks about returning to soaps.

Brady and Sarah try to have sex but can't go through with it. Xander arrives later and takes Sarah to the cemetary to show her that he got a nice headstone made for Mickey. She's touched. Xander also apolozies to a skeptical Brady.

Philip (Jay Kenneth Johnson) will return this summer. Louise Sorel (Vivian) will also be back.

6/15 Lani and Eli theorize whether Jake is lying or not. Will is asked something by Ben. 6/16 Jake hears some news from Ben. 6/17 Jack and Jenn share a romantic evening. Jake decides on another tactic. 6/18 Ben and Jake get in trouble. Gwen meets Ciara. 6/19 Kate warns Lucas about something. Gwen wants Jake to apologize.

A new preview video shows Nicole, Lani, Ciara and Kayla as brides; Nicole faces off with Sami, who's come back, and a wedding cake may be involved; Nicole by Allie's side as she has her baby; Xander and Victor surprised by Philip's appearance at the mansion; and Vivian's return, calling Jake her son.

Linsey Godfrey (Sarah) shows family photos.

Matthew Ashford (Jack), Galen Gering (Rafe) and Bryan R. Dattillo (Lucas) are asked about being dads. Darin Brooks (ex-Max, now on B&B), Jordi Vilasuso (ex-Dario, now on Y&R) and Wally Kurth (Justin) are asked as well.

What Will Happen: Gabi tries to make a deal to get released. Sonny and Will have a chat with Arianna about having a baby brother or sister. When Julie sees Jake, she almost has another heart attack.

Lamon Archey (Eli) is featured in the short, one page article "Take Five."

SOD 6/15/20

Daytime Emmy nominations were announced; see above at the top of the page for more.

Kate Mansi talks about her short return to the show and her departure, her co-stars and what she's been doing since.

Belle and Shawn return to town to check on Claire 6/8. They want her to go back to Hong Kong with them, but she wants to return to Salem to make amends. She moves in with John and Marlena. They're upset when they find her stolen "Save the date" card for Ciara and Ben's wedding. She talks her way out of trouble, though. Later, Ciara arrives to talk to Claire, who wants to make things up to her.

Sami and Lucas' daughter Allie comes to town, now played by Lindsay Arnold. She starts 6/11. Lucas comes back 6/10.

Zoey (Alyshia Ochse) is last seen 6/10.

Judi Evans (Adrienne/Bonnie) fell from a horse 5/16 and was severely injured. Her fall was fortuitous because doctors found a blood clot in her lung. She is healing and on medication.

6/8 Ciara, Ben and Jake try to find Gwen. Sonny and Will figure out that Gabi is missing. Gwen is asked by Claire to keep her secret. 6/9 Eric plots with Abe to make Nicole his wife right away. 6/10 Rafe is hit with terrible news. Kate learns something terrible from Lucas. Steve is quizzed by Kayla about the way he was acting. 6/11 Will and Sonny talk about having another baby and make plans. 6/12 Xander asks Jack for help with Sarah.

An article focuses on "Great Soap Weddings of All Time."

What Will Happen: Brady is confronted by Ciara. Eli and Lani choose a date to get married. Sonny and Will worry about Gabi. Rafe gets a talking-to from Hope.

SOD 6/8/20

Olivia Rose Keegan (Claire) talks about how great it was to film her return to the show. She surprised herself at how excited she was to go back. She filmed two and a half months' worth of shows. She returns June 2.

Marlena gets a phone call from Claire, so she goes to visit her in Bayview. Claire wants to return home. She tries to convince Marlena that she's healthy enough to be let out. Claire really wants to make things up to Ciara. Marlena tells her that she'll try to get her released. After she leaves, Claire looks at Ben and Ciara's save the date card. She's made friends with a woman named Gwen, whom she confides in. Gwen wonders if Claire is up to something. Former Y&R actress Emily O'Brien plays Gwen starting 6/5.

Sarah visits Victor in the hospital and gives him Hell for what he did to her. Marlena interrupts to take Sarah away and suggests she gets counseling for her anger. Sarah is not pleased when Marlena suggests that she might still have feelings for Xander, too. Back at the mansion, Xander begs her to take him back. She's still angry with him. Brady tells her that Xander conspired with Kristen to steal her baby back when she was considering abortion. Xander tries to explain it, which doesn't help. She slaps him very hard.

June 4 is the last air date for Orpheus (George DelHoyo).

6/1 Zoey surprises Rafe. Sonny and Will make a huge decision. 6/2 Ben learns the truth from Jake. Brady's motives are questioned by John. 6/3 Ben offers to help Jake out and find his ex. Ciara and Eric are both worried about Brady. 6/4 Hope sticks up for Rafe. Steve gets advice from Jack about Kayla. 6/5 Steve is drunk when he considers telling Kayla how he really feels. Ben and Ciara find out from Jake that Gabi has been kidnapped.

The baby-switching saga was this week's Editor's Choice for story.

An article focuses on couples from the past, including Pete and Melissa, Frankie and Jennifer, Shawn and Belle, and Philip and Chloe.

What Will Happen: Kate is told by Abe how to do her job. Rafe is told by Zoey that she still intends to sue for custody. Sonny and Will decide to have a baby.

SOD 6/1/20

Summer preview: There's a lot of romance. July will feature 4 weddings. Not all of them will go smoothly, but they will all propel more stories. There's a funeral as well. As in the movie "Four Weddings and a Funeral." Each week in July will have a new wedding, and then there will be the funeral. Lani finds out she's pregnant. She and Eli prepare to get married, but she's worried about losing another baby. She and Eli have to deal with this fear together. Some unexpected guests show up for the weddings. John and Marlena urge Steve to tell Kayla how he feels, so he goes to do that, but then he sees Justin proposing to Kayla. This causes him to back off. Meanwhile, Allie Horton (Sami's daughter) shows up to stay with Eric and Nicole. She turns their world topsy turvy. She has a secret that she doesn't want her parents to know, but she tells it to Eric and Nicole. She's like a mini-Sami. Lucas, Sonny, Will and Rafe will also be pulled into her story. Ben gets dragged into Jake's mess (whatever cause him to be beaten up). Claire will get released, and she's cured. She really wants to help with Ben and Ciara's wedding. She feels bad for what she did to them. Ben and Ciara aren't sure if they can trust Claire (especially Ben). Belle and Shawn return to help Claire. They want her to return to Hong Kong with them, but she wants to stay and help Ciara and Ben (to make amends). Claire gets them to let her stay with Marlena. They stick around for awhile to keep an eye on her. Gabi also gets involved with Jake's problems and they grow closer. Jake has to find his ex-girlfriend, Gwen, who's a trouble maker, to help him fix his problems with the bad people who are after him. We'll see how Gabi reacts to her. Chad and Abigail stay in Florida for a little while, but then he returns for Gabi's trial. Sonny and Will look into getting another child. Brady and Sarah pretend to be together in order to get Xander annoyed. Brady also plans to run Victor's company into the ground, as revenge.

After Justin tries to shoot Orpheus, Steve intervenes and talks him out of it. Justin is angry when he finds out that Steve lied to him about killing Orpheus, but then Kayla makes him see that he's not a killer. Justin agrees to let Orpheus go to jail. Abe wants to give Hope and Steve the keys to the city for putting Orpheus away. Justin wants to move forward, so he goes to Adrienne's grave to seek her approval to marry Kayla.

Brandon Beemer (Shawn) and Martha Madison (Belle) will be back in town this summer, along with Olivia Rose Keegan (Claire).

May 28th is the last day we see Kate Mansi for awhile (since Abby is leaving town).

The show is given a Thumbs Up! for the new character of Jake.

Robert Scott Wilson (Ben) is featured in an interview where he looks back at some of Ben's stories.

Stars talk about how they're staying in shape this summer, including Victoria Konefal (Ciara) and Eric Martsolf (Brady).

An article looks at the various core families in each soap.

What Will Happen: Kayla worries about Justin. Rafe finds out that Zoey lied. Eric confesses to Abe about how he feels.

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