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"Heat" By Erin

Raging hormones seemed to be the theme of this episode. Was it just me or did the TV smell like sweat? All Smallville citizens seemed to be reeking with sexuality! What better material to work with than teenage boy hormones and the complications of heat vision from our Superman in the making. Of course, I know that I am not the only one who remembers those awkward sex ed videos!

Chemistry seemed to be in the water. How classic was it to see our smokin' hot farm dad getting bothered by the Baywatch babe! We thought our perfect farm dad's feathers couldn't be ruffled by anything! Imagine our surprise when we realized Mr. Kent actually though about other things besides scooping horse manure.

If only I had Desiree's secret smoke when my boyfriend disagreed with me! Heat was not only appropriate for this episode, but defined every word of the dialogue. Didn't it seem oddly bizarre to have Lex marrying Desiree when this was the first time she had been on the show? I mean, I know that they explained it in the storyline and everything, but really did they meet on a reality show? They had only met a week previously!

Another thing, Clark seemed pretty comfortable discussing his little problem with his mother in the room! My brother told me later he'd much rather discuss the dinner menu with his mom!

Well, I think I've exhausted and overworked my brain enough! Remember, this is only my opinion. I can't speak for you, my fine feather friends!



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