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"Lineage" By Erin

Lineage certainly was the correct title for this episode. But, I don’t know... Maybe “Family Dysfunction” might have been more appropriate. It gave me the heebie-jeebies when I thought that Lionel might have been Clark’s father. But, I also knew that there was no way that he could look as gorgeous as he does and have that woman and Lionel as his parents. Of course, I know he’s an actor and everything, but I think that each actor should have some resemblance to the characters that are playing his family. I mean, look at Lana and Nell... There is a slight resemblance there.

I liked that some humor was interjected into this dramatic episode. Comedic relief is always a good thing. Unless of course, it is someone who is trying to be funny that just quite doesn’t pull it off...such as me! Now, onto bigger, but not necessarily better things... Clark and Chloe’s fight in this episode was a tearjerker. Chloe’s expressions when Clark mentioned her mother were SO sad. I can understand why he was angry though. As much as I identify with Chloe’s character, it did seem a little intrusive of her to be digging in Clark’s adoption. Especially since he specifically asked her not to. In Clark’s case, privacy is of utmost importance.

I was astonished to find that Lana might be a Small. Considering that the Smalls are most likely rolling in it, if I were her, I would have been ecstatic to not only have a family member that was living, but also rich as all get out! I wonder if she will eventually end up with a massive inheritance! Not that the Talon isn’t great, but I’m sure she could afford a little extra spending money. Those designer clothes are just waiting to be bought and Henry Small most likely has a hole burning in his pocket!

It will be SO exciting to meet Lucas! If he is half as hot as his half brother, we are in for a treat. With Lex’s money and curiosity, I’m sure he won’t leave that stone unturned for very long! Only time will tell..

Shocking News Bulletin... I’m having trouble coming up with words to write.. How SHOCKING! If you have read my column before, you have probably figured out that I have gigantic opinions, but today I’m just off. So, I’m gonna end early…



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Updated 11/08/03


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