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Beauty & The Beast Main Page

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Police detective Catherine "Cat" has fallen for Vincent, a former soldier who underwent experimental drug treatments to become a "super soldier" by the secret government agency Muirfield. The drugs turned him into a super-human "beast". He uses his powers to protect people from the bad guys, especially Cat. Her own mother and father were involved with Muirfield. Aided by her partner Tess and Vincent's good friend J.T., as well as others, they battle the bad guys and try to keep the secret of the beast.

Welcome to our site for "Beauty & The Beast" on The CW!


Season 4, the final season, airs now - only 7 episodes left!

7/14 "Point of No Return"
7/21 "Love is a Battlefield"
7/28 "The Getaway"
8/4 "Means to an End"

"Beauty & The Beast" airs Thursdays, 9/8c on

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Page updated 7/15/16

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