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"Duplicity" By Erin

Friendship is important, but when you have a secret that could potentially destroy the relationship, isn't your first instinct to make sure that that secret, stays a secret? Pete and Clark have been through a lot together. But, I can imagine telling someone you're from another planet would be difficult. I can also see how it would be equally as difficult to swallow, as well.

It seemed Pete took it very well! I mean, didn't it seem that maybe Pete should have questioned him a little more? If someone told me that they were not human, I would probably question him, first and foremost, not matter what characteristics they displayed. It just seems like maybe questioning Clark would have been more realistic.

I felt for Lana as she dealt with her aunt's boyfriend, Dean. I get really annoyed when people are all lovey-dovey all the time. I mean, there is a time when that is appropriate and I do understand that it is fun being like that with your boyfriend, but I think that the couple needs to think about the way other people are affected by their actions. If it makes other people uncomfortable when you act that way, maybe it would be better if you kept your actions private. As it is said, get a room!

I did enjoy the togetherness at the end of the episode that was displayed as Pete was welcomed into the family. I would have thought that eventually, some character would question Clark about the kind of weird characteristics and situations that took place. But I guess anything can happen in Smallville.  I, personally, was glad that Pete was the first one of Clark's friends to find out. I figured that he would be the one that would be the most supportive in the end. Of course, besides cute little Chloe. Well, I'm all talked out. Remember readers, this is only my opinion. I can't speak for you!


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