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Port Charles History Page


PC History

By Suzanne

This first part was from the years of PC before they started the books.

Joe and Frank are brothers, sons of Mary. Their father is dead; he used to beat Joe and had a bad temper and maybe drank (he was never on the show). So Joe has a bad temper sometimes, too (but he is more mellow now). Joe dated Karen, who used to be on GH (different actress); they grew up together in the same neighborhood. 

Karen's father is Scott, and her mother is Rhonda. Both Scott and Rhonda were on GH years ago, especially Scott. Rhonda was an alcoholic and used to bring home strange men. Karen was raped by one of them and for a while she dealt with that memory by being a stripper in a club run by Sonny Corinthos (mobster on GH); she also started taking drugs,. But eventually she was turned around by Jagger, who was her boyfriend and then her husband. They moved off to Chicago and then San Francisco (both left GH) and then when PC started, she came back to start as an intern, while Jagger was still a cop in SF. Their marriage was rocky and then she found out he was cheating on her so they divorced.

Frank dated Julie, whose father was the first victim of the General Homicide murders. Bennett was an arrogant jerk but a good doctor. Everyone hated Bennett Devlin. Julie seemed to have mixed emotions but blamed him for the death of her brother, Buddy, who killed himself. Frank had a bad accident and was going to die but Bennett used this experimental drug on him and he recovered. However, it made Frank aggressive and he got hooked on it.   Frank was a really nice guy but the drug made him more aggressive.  

When Bennett died, Frank had to find new ways of getting the drug. Bennett had stolen the drug formula from the interns, Joe, Karen, and Jake, with the help of intern Chris. Scott bought a building and opened a lab so they could develop the drug more fully. Chris had money problems so Bennett was promising him a big cut of the profits from the drug company. (Jake also got killed by the General Homicide murderer.) Chris ended up supplying Frank with the drug. Eventually Frank got off the drug, with the help of Karen, but he lost his job as a paramedic and now waits tables at Mike's place, the Recovery Room. He is bitter because of that and his soured relationship with Julie, who turned out to be the GH murderer, with the help of psycho Greg Cooper. He had a thing for Karen and tried to break up Karen and Joe, with the help of Courtney. 

Joe discovered he had a son, Neil, with his ex-girlfriend Courtney. Courtney wanted Joe back so she and Frank succeeded in breaking up Joe and Karen. She also sucked up to Mary, who didn't like Karen much. Mary married Kevin's father, Victor, who is an ex-spy mathematician.  Later, Joe and Frank were shocked to find out that Neil was really Frank's son, not Joe's.  By this time Frank and Courtney were sleeping together and somehow he forgave her.  But after a series of lies, Frank and Courtney broke up.

Eve, another intern, used to sleep with Bennett when she was in college and was also a call girl (to help her sister get an operation). She was accused of killing Bennett because they had a big fight right before he died where he slugged her, and Scott found her bracelet by Bennett's body. Lucy, Scott's ex-girlfriend, was jealous and suspicious of Eve and kept trying to prove she's the murderer.  When Julie was found to be the murderer, Lucy still didn't like Eve and kept trying to find out bad things about her, even though Lucy and Scott got together.

Scott has a little girl, Serena, who is adorable but went blind when she got in a car accident (which was Lucy's fault). Lucy carried Serena as a surrogate mother when Scott's wife Dominique couldn't because she had cancer, so she's very attached to her. Eventually Serena's site returned. 

Lucy and Kevin were also on GH, right up until PC premiered, and they're still on there sometimes. Lucy started out as a bad girl but she goes back and forth and is sort of a heroine on PC. But she got in trouble with Scott and Kevin for inadvertently causing Serena's accident (I think she was trying to sabotage Eve). She and Kevin were very much in love but they were always breaking up and he wouldn't forgive her for the accident for a lot time. They came close to getting married before this.  Then Kevin started dating Eve and eventually married her.  Lately their relationship has been rocky.

Kevin was a psychiatrist; he had a twin brother who was a serial killer on GH named Ryan. (In fact Ryan was on the show first and then Kevin showed up later, same actor) Later Kevin started stalking a GH character named Felicia and it came out that Kevin and Ryan had been sexually abused by their mother as children (mostly Ryan, which is why he was so evil). Kevin's father left and took Kevin with him when he found out about it, which left Kevin with tremendous guilt. Lucy helped him through all this but he lost his medical license and had to go to jail for awhile, and then therapy with Gail Baldwin (Scott's step-mother, a psychiatrist at GH). He finally was reinstated again as a shrink. His best friend is Mac Scorpio, who is mainlly a GH character; Mac is also married to Felicia, the woman Kevin stalked (Ryan had also tried to kill her).

Kevin lives in a renovated lighthouse. Lucy has a pet duck named Sigmund that likes the pond there. A new villain named DV came to townand caused a lot of trouble for Scott and Lucy; he wrecked their business. Lucy got amnesia for awhile and DV found her so he had her convinced that they were lovers. She regained her memory, but not before they slept together. DV told Scott on his death bed that he's Scotty's real father.

Kevin's father Victor, an ex-spy, is married to Mary Scanlon.  Mary is also a nurse at the hospital.  They help run The Recovery Room.

While Julie was in prison, Chris visited her and tried to help her out (in exchange for shares in her father's company).  Chris can be a weasel, bad but not evil. No one really trusts him. He and Eve have some chemistry but have mostly just been good friends. He came from a family with money but now he has none (I forget why). He makes the best jokes, too.  Anyway, Julie was pregnant while in the hospital but fooled everyone into thinking she wasn't (they thought she was delusional and faking her pregnancy with a pillow).  It was Frank's baby.  Chris helped her escape and deliver the baby, Christina.  I missed some here, but somehow Lucy and Scott found the baby.  Lucy has trouble conceiving so she looked at her as a sign from heaven.  Eventually they legally adopted her.  Meanwhile, it was discovered that Julie really WASN'T the GH killer (Cooper had brainwashed her into thinking the whole thing), but she was never really very stable after that, even though they let her return to "normal" life. She married Chris but was obsessed with getting Christina back.  She returned to work at GH for a short time.  Eventually, Julie skipped town with Christina, leaving Scott, Serena, and especially Lucy, devastated.  Lucy moved out, blaming Scott for what happened.  They are now just friends.

A psychiatrist named Rachel started treating Julie while she was in the funny farm and thereafter.  Rachel hates Kevin because Kevin used to date Rachel's sister, Grace, who drowned herself while she was out with Kevin, after having a fight with him (it is a dark period in his past).  Rachel has a mother who also requires institutionalization.  Her mother escaped and almost poisoned everyone at Kevin and Eve's mother.  No one at the hospital much likes Rachel, who is a scheming, manipulative, cold, overly-ambitious liar.  She sometimes sleeps with weasel Mark Boardman.  People blame her for what her mother tried to do.  She has a "daughter" named Livvie.  We recently found out that Livvie is really the daughter of Kevin and Grace.  Livvie is one of the reasons Kevin and Eve have been having problems.

Matt was one of the first interns, a doctor in a wheelchair. He did surgery with the help of a special chair that lifts him up. He is really an Italian guy who entered the witness protection program after helping the FBI nail his family. His father and brother were rotten mobsters; his brother Bobby hunted him down and tried to kill him, but Matt got the upper hand and had to shoot Bobby, who died still hating Matt. His father has disowned him and only doesn't kill him because of Matt's mom. Matt is in a wheelchair because he was shot by Bobby. Chris told Bobby where to find Matt because he may or may not have fully understood the danger; he wanted Matt out of the way (probably not dead) so he could get this Quartermaine Fellowship and the money that goes with it. So Matt hired a PI to check up on Chris. Sorry, I don't know what's happened with that since. Matt and the doctor Ellen (African-American woman) had a romance going. Ellen was tough but really sweet underneath. She'd been married before to a man who died.  Matt and Ellen broke up for a while when she found an old love, Sebastian, and he was dying, so she spent his last days with him. Matt and Ellen never got back together.  She mysteriously left town (Rachel may have had something to do with that).  Matt was threatened again by mobsters so re-entered the witness protection program and left the show.

"Time in a Bottle" was the first book and much of this below came from there.

Alison Barrington is a student volunteer at the hospital.  Her grandmother is high society matron Amanda Barrington (a long-time GH character), and Amanda is forcing Alison to work there for the summer.  Alison tries to come off as a bad party girl but she's actually fairly sweet.  She got Frank's grudging admiration when they helped out a young woman and her new baby who were being threatened by the woman's boyfriend, an abuser.  Jamal is another new character who helped out the woman and sometimes dates Alison.  They want to be together but her grandmother Amanda doesn't approve and is threatening to send Alison to an asylum if need be.

New nurse Gabriella Garza made quick friends with Joe.  But just when Joe and she were about to grow closer, he found out from another nurse, Jill, that she is HIV positive.  Joe and Jill slept together and once Joe found out he may also be HIV positive, so he backed off from Gabriella, even though he cares for her.  Gabriella's brother is paramedic Emilio.  Gabriela and Joe are together now and it looks like he's not HIV positive after all.  Frank and Joe used to have some problems but now they are close brothers again.

New doctor Ian Thornhart is the twin brother of Patrick Thornhart (from OLTL, played by the same actor).  He comes to GH from doing doctor work in the wilds of Africa so he has little patience for some of the silliness that goes on around there.  He is gruff but very professional and good at what he does.  Joe befriended him and now he lives in Joe's apartment, but Eve took an instant dislike to him.  Now Eve and Ian are friends; Ian has a thing for Eve.

Ian married Arianna to save her from her brother, who was trying to kill her.  Eve and Kevin divorced.  He thought she was dead, so he married Lucy.  Eve fell in love with Ian and they even traveled back to their past lives to find that they are soulmates.  But they were kept apart when he had to marry Arianna.

Frank and Karen grew close.  There is a long time travel/"Frequency" like story that I haven't watched that involved Frank talking long-distance to Karen's mother Rhonda, who is in the early 70's.  Frank got involved in her life, not knowing who she was, and in doing so caused Karen to cease to exist.  So then Frank somehow went back to rectify the situation.  Don't ask me to explain more!

Alison and Jamal now own a bike shop and were involved in racing.  Jack was involved in that, too.  Alison and Livvie are good friends.

Scott is involved with Laura on GH but occasionally visits PC.

"Tainted Love"

Gabriela and Joe broke up when she was bitten by a vampire and starting acting weird.  Joe took a job elsewhere and left town.  Karen and Frank remained close, despite Chris' efforts to break them up. 

Vampire Caleb came to town with his twin brother Michael, who was a priest.  It was later revealed that they were the same person.  Caleb wanted Livvie to be his bride because she was the spitting image of a dead woman she used to know and love.  Eve became friends with Michael, who fell in love with her.  Livvie and Jack were broken up by Caleb's machinations.  Jack was bitten by Caleb and became a vampire, but he never fully "crossed over" because he refused to kill a person.  Livvie was also turned into a vampire briefly.  Gabriela tried to bite Jamal but discovered she couldn't, so they realized that they were long-lost brother and sister.  Chris tried to devise a way to turn Gabriela and the others back into humans (and he was also searching for a way to get the vampire immortality without the other problems with being one).  Caleb wooed Livvie with his vampire powers, hypnotized her and made her believe that he had brought her mother, Rachel, back to consciousness.  Caleb also wanted Eve's unborn baby.

Lucy, Kevin, and Jack rescued Livvie from Caleb, but were dismayed to find out that she still wanted to be with him.  They traveled to Transylvania to figure out why Caleb couldn't bite Lucy and seemed to be afraid of her, figuring that maybe Lucy was related to Caleb in some way.  They found a graveyard full of Lucy's ancestors, the Kovitches, and met Lucy's sole remaining Transylvanian relative, Rafe.  He told her that she comes from a long line of vampire slayers.  She didn't believe him at first, until he communicated with her telepathically.  Kevin and Lucy ran into James, who worked for Caleb and took them hostage in his gothic mansion.  They managed to turn the tables on James but before they could figure out how to get information out of him, he fell on a needle full of poison and died.  Kevin found a book that told them that Michael was Caleb and figured out that Michael protected Caleb (was his talisman) but also was the key to defeating him.

Caleb came for his revenge, and Eve's baby, one night at the hospital, where they were all waiting for him.  Eve managed to use Michael to defeat Caleb. 


Later, we find out that Caleb wasn't entirely dead.  Livvie's love brought him back partly.  He used his powers over her to create trouble for all of the people in Port Charles.  Since he couldn't kill them, I guess he figured he would just screw up their lives.  As they each fell out of love, he got stronger. 

We learned that Rafe is really an angel (and dead!), not just Lucy's cousin. In fact, Caleb was the one who killed him.  Rafe had a hard time during this book because he got attached to the people in PC and wanted to help them, but his boss, Ed, said that he could only guide them to use their own power to defeat Caleb.

Kevin was overly suspicious of Ian and didn't believe Lucy when she said she saw Christina.  Lucy and Ian, split up from their spouses, slept together.  Social services took Ian and Eve's baby away (but made Kevin the temporary guardian).  Alison and Jamal found out that Valerie's baby was Jamal's.  Livvie caused Jack to break up with her.  Chris accidentally stabbed Karen with his vampire serum.  At first it just made her really horny, but then she got sick and they figured out it was making her die.   She broke up with Frank to protect him while Chris tried to help her (but for his own ends).   Livvie killed Lucy at Caleb's request.

Eventually, Caleb gathered all of the people he hated into a cage-like room.  He was going to make them watch him have sex with Livvie and then kill them all.  But instead, she stabbed him in the heart.  She was just playing along, waiting to defeat him.  She left the people out and revealed that Lucy was not really dead.

"Miracles Happen"

Rafe had until Christmas Eve to undo all of the damage that Caleb had wrought.  One problem: he fell in love with Alison.  Alison and Livvie discovered his secret and helped him to get everyone back together.

Social services gave Ian and Eve their baby back.  Ian and Eve worked to rebuild their marriage and gave each other special Christmas presents.  Eve was in a minor auto accident, but Ian thought she was dead, so this reinforced their love.  Kevin and Lucy had trouble resolving their problems.  They had originally planned a big Christmas Eve party to get married at but decided to cancel it.  Rafe sent out the invitations anyway and then Lucy and Kevin had no choice but to continue with the party.  Lucy thought at first that Kevin was going to surprise her with a wedding.  Kevin, meanwhile, was meeting with a strange woman, and so Lucy thought he was fooling around on her.

Rafe forced Chris to cure Karen and let her go back to Frank.  He also put a spell on him so that he could no longer lie.  This forced him to say some revealing things to his brother Jack, so they made up.  Jamal wised up that Valerie was trying to use the baby to trap him and told her that he was with Alison and was relinquishing his rights to the baby (who had been adopted by another couple).  Then they found out that the baby was sick, so Valerie and Jamal had to fly to where the baby was, to help him.  Gabriela also went there and was the only one who matched and could donate her kidney to help the baby.  Alison kept trying to go there, too, but things kept keeping her from the plane, and from Jamal.  She grew close to Rafe and was really sad about his leaving.  At the hospital, Gabriela ran into her delinquent brother Ricky.  Ricky and Jamal got into an argument over Gabby giving the baby her kidney.

Livvie and Jack bought a house together; Rafe used his magic to help them get it when the owner didn't want to sell to them.

Lucy tried to fly to Hawaii to avoid the party, but Rafe and Ed used magic to bring her back home.  Kevin suddenly realized that Lucy expected him to marry her at the party, so he (with the help of magic) got it all together.  Lucy's green dress turned white and wedding rings appeared in Kevin's pocket.  He asked Lucy to trust him and marry him, so she did.

Kevin brought out Christina and revealed that Julie was the woman he had been meeting.  Lucy was overjoyed to see her baby back.  Julie told Chris that she is dying of an incurable disease.  He wanted to leave town with her anyway.

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Page updated 8/21/14

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