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Port Charles Characters Page


PC Characters

Major Characters

The Older Folks

  • Victor Collins (Nicholas Pryor)
  • Mary Scanlon Collins (Pat Crowley)
  • Amanda Barrington (Anne Jeffreys)
  • Gail Baldwin (Susan Brown)
  • Lee Baldwin (Peter Hansen)
  • Audrey March Hardy (Rachel Ames)


  • Christina (Kaitlyn Maggio)
  • Serena (Carly Schroeder)
  • Danny (Walker Flemming)

Major Characters of the Past

  • Eve (Julie Pinson)
  • Gabriela (Ion Overman)
  • Joe (Alex Mendoza)
  • Julie (Lisa Ann Hadley)
  • Michael (Michael Easton)
  • Rebecca (Vanessa Branch)
  • Paige (Vanessa Branch)
  • Amy (Tamara Davies)
  • Harris (Ramy Zada)
  • James (Charles Keating)
  • Kate (Shannon Sturges)
  • Courtney (Sarah Aldrich)
  • Rachel (Kimberlin Brown)
  • Arianna (Opal Anchel)
  • Valerie (Ebonie Smith)
  • Karen (Marie Wilson)
  • Joshua Temple (Ian Buchanan)
  • Marissa (Joy Bisco)

Other Recurring Characters

  • Ed Grant (Jed Allan)
  • Reese Black (Mariam Parris)
  • Caz Morrison (Gary Anthony Sturgis)
  • Doree (Pamela Warren)
  • Tim (William deVry)
  • Colleen (Jean Bruce Scott)
  • Deneice (Samantha Adams)
  • Andy (Jay Bontatibus)
  • Mick (Finneus Egan)
  • Imani (Kent Masters King)
  • Stacey (Christina Cindrich)
  • Madea (Vernee Watson-Johnson)

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Page updated 8/21/14

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