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The General Hospital Fan Events Page

Find out about General Hospital Fan Events Here!

Descriptions, Pictures, & Links

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Exclusive Nancy Lee Grahn lunch Red Bank, NJ on Sunday, May 20 by Nikky

Exclusive Legends of GH Finola Hughes, Ian Buchanan, Genie Francis and Tristan Rogers in Philadelphia, PA May 5, 2018 by Nikky

Exclusive Anders Hove (Faison) and Corbin Bernsen (ex-John) at Chiller Theatre Toy, Model, and Film Expo April 27-29 2018 Hilton Parsippany, NJ by Nikky.

Exclusive Jacob Young (ex-Lucky), Scott Reeves (ex-Steve), and singer Emily Reeves (Scott's daughter) at Rockwells in Pelham, NJ Apri 14, 2018 by Nikky

Exclusive GH Fantasy 4/8/18 East Hanover, NJ  Part One Part Two

Exclusive Jack and Kristina Wagner (Frisco and Felicia Jones)
Saturday, March 10, 2018 12:15 PM Governors of Levittown, Levittown, NY

Exclusive Killy Live - Kelly Monaco and Billy Miller At Gerald W. Lynch Theater, New York, NY Sat Feb 24 at 10:00am EST by Nikky

Exclusive Steve Burton and Bradford Anderson in Philalphia, PA 2/14/18 by Nikky

Exclusive Wil deVry at Uncle Vinnies Comedy club Point Pleasant Beach, NJ November, 2017 by Nikky

Exclusive GH Fantasy Weekend in Maryland 9/17/17 by Nikky

Exclusive Robert Palmer Watkins and Hayley Erin events in Montauk, NY September, 2017 By Nikky

GH Fan Club Weekend Events:

DaytimeConfidential Photos

Soap Opera Digest Photos

Soaps in Depth Photos and Videos

Exclusive Wil deVry appearance (Julian) at the Fighting Phils minor league baseball game in Reading, PA 7/24/17 by Nikky

Exclusive Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis) "Lunch with Nancy" May 17, 2017 in Clifton, NJ by Nikky

We have a few exclusive photos of Corbin Bernsen (ex-John) at San Diego Comic-Con 2017 in July, where they had a "Psych" reunion!

Exclusive Up Close & Personal with GH in Philadelphia on May 6 by Nikky

GH Convention Photos from Soaps in Depth

Exclusive Ladies of GH on January 22. Photos & Narrative by Nikky

Exclusive Port Chuck Concert on November 19. Photos & Narrative by Nikky

Exclusive GH Fantasy "I Want More" New Jersey Event on October 23. Photos & Narrative by Nikky

Exclusive Robert Palmer Watkins (Dillon) & Brytni Sarpy (Valerie) on August 27. Photos & Narrative by Nikky

Exclusive 2016 GH Fan Club Weekend in CA in July. Two Pages of Photos & Narrative by Nikky

Daytime Confidential 2016 GHFCW Photos

Michael Fairman 2016 GHFCW Photos

Exclusive Genie Francis (Laura) & Jackie Zeman (Bobbie) on June 4. Pictures by Nikky

Exclusive Michael Easton (Finn) & Roger Howarth (Franco) on May 1. Photos & Narrative by Nikky

Exclusive GH Fantasy Weekend 3 in NJ on April 10. Beautiful Pictures by Nikky

Exclusive Ian Buchanan (ex-Duke) & Finola Hughes (Anna) Meet & Greet in NJ on November 15. Photos & Narrative by Nikky

Exclusive Emme Rylan (Lulu) & Dom Zamprogna (Dante) Fan Event in NJ on September 20. Photos & Narrative by Nikky

Exclusive 2015 GH Fan Club Weekend in CA on August 6 - 9

  1. Photos by Norma
  2. Photos by Andrea
  3. Photos & Narrative by Nikky

Exclusive GH Fantasy Weekend 2 in NJ on April 12. Beautiful Pictures by Nikky

Exclusive 2014 GH Fan Club Weekend Photos, Autographs, & Narrative by Nikky

Exclusive 2013 GH Fan Club Weekend Photos, Autographs, & Narrative by Nikky

Don't forget to check our GH Live Appearances page for all of the upcoming GH Fan Events!

Exclusive Photo by Zina of Michael Easton (John/Silas/Caleb) & Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis) at this year's San Diego Comic-con. More Photos of Comic-Con!

Check out Ron's Pics! Tons of daytime and primetime photos!

GH Fan Club Weekend Official Site

Exclusive GH Fan weekend Photos from Stacey

Michael Fairman Photos coverage

Exclusive GH Fan weekend Photos from Stacey

Exclusive GH Fan weekend Photos from Stacey

Laurie R.'s Report of the Second Annual Liason Event (S.A.L.E.) 2009

GH Fan Weekend for Dummies! Check it out!

Carol's Jack Wagner and Rick Springfield Photos description and photos for GH Fan Weekend

Eye on Soaps GH Fan Weekend

Soap Opera Digest GH Fan Weekend

Steve Burton Fan Event in Michigan on April 5, 2008. Pics and details by Laurie!

GH Fan Weekend in July! Exclusive Pictures from Minal

Carol's Photos of Jack Wagner from his concert in Connecticut!

Check out our many 2007 ABC Super Soap Weekend pics!

Katrina's GH Weekend Site

Visit Scorpio Files for great pics and a write-up of what happened!

GH Weekend Video/DVD

Apple Harvest Festival in Martinsburg, WV with Natalia Livingston. Pics and details!

Visit Scorpio Files to great pics and a write-up of what happened!

Click here to read the GH Fan Weekend for Dummies Guide from Eye on Soaps

GH Fan Club  Go here for info about all the annual activities, etc.

Eye on Soaps Various recaps and pictures

Cynthia Preston message board has a section about the GH Fan Weekend

Buy videos of the event!

Exclusive Lisa's GH Weekend - Photos, interview and event description

Minal's GH weekend Recaps and pics 99-2004

Eye on Soaps GH Weekend Stuff Page 1  Page 2  Page 3 Page 4 Page 5 Page 6

Exclusive Daytime Emmy Pictures!

Brian and Erin Presley at the Hard Rock by Lisa

More info and pics about Brian and Erin at the Hard Rock by Nikky

Exclusive GH & PC Fan Weekend  Pictures!

Wireimage Many photos of fan events!

Coltin Scott Event in Buffalo by Meghan

Kamarie at California Super Soap 2003 (with pictures!)

More GH & PC Super Soap Pics (from Meghan)

Page one   Page two  Page three Page four Page five

Stacey at California Super Soap 2003

Our Daytime Emmy exclusive pics!'s Super Soap Pictures

Jonathan Jackson (ex-Lucky) and brother in concert: Jono & The Rock at the Whiskey A-Go-Go

Princess Kimmerly's fan Pics

Lisa's John J.  York fanclub page has encounters and pictures and more here pics

The Jacob Young Appreciation Site

Super Soap Weekend Pictures by Anya California

Super Soap Weekend Pictures by Anya Florida

Suzanne went to many of the events at the GH weekend...

Day One   Day Two    Day Three

Exclusive Pictures:  

PC Party  More Friday  Saturday  Sun. Part 1  Part 2

"Vampires" by Anonymous about the 2001 GH fan weekend (from a non-fan perspective)

Some pictures from the events at the official John J. York site (Thanks, Lisa!) and more!

Description and pictures from Stephen Nichols' event

Pictures at

Stacey's Visit to the GH Studios!

Stacey's Account

Suzanne's GH Fan Weekend Account: Day 1 7/23, Day 2 7/24, Day 3 7/25

Suzanne's Exclusive pictures of GH's Fan Weekend

Stacey's account

Great article about the event from a non-fan perspective

Questions submitted by fans at GH's Fan Luncheon

Liz's Scrapbook also has '98

What happened

An account of Maurice Benard's event only

Exclusive Pictures

An account of the Take A Chance charity event in October that featured many GH and PC stars!

1998 ABC Super Soap Weekend

What happened at the GH Fan Club Luncheon

Exclusive Pictures

Join the GH Fanclub or the PC Fanclub!

Thanks to Stacey, Minal and Kristi for everything here
Minal and Stacey like to trade, buy, and sell photos and videos from the show, so please contact them if you're interested!!!

Other Fan Event pages: All My Children, One Life to Live, The Young and the Restless, As The World Turns, & Daytime Event Pictures.

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