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Port Charles Character Descriptions Pages


PC Character Description

Christina Baldwin
Played by Kaitlyn Maggio

By Beth
Proofread by John

Favorite activities: Painting, playing with her stuffed tiger, spending time with her daddy

Recent known associates: Kevin Collins, Lucy Coe Collins, Ian Thornhart, Danny Thornhart, Gail Baldwin, Carmen, Jamal Woods, Imani

Affiliation: Human

Bio in brief: Biological daughter of Julie Devlin and Frank Scanlon. Adopted by Lucy Coe and Scott Baldwin. Kidnapped by birth mother. Finally reunited with Lucy at her wedding to Kevin. Lived with grandparents when home environment wasn't believed safe for her. Found magic ring and used it to make wishes. Wished her parents would kiss and they did. Wished Kevin could live with them again which happened, although as the result of a tragedy.

Detailed bio: Christina is the adopted daughter of Lucy Coe and Scott Baldwin. Her biological mother, Julie Devlin, was institutionalized at Ferncliff Psychiatric facility when she learned that she was pregnant with Frank Scanlonís child. She hid her pregnancy so well that no one believed she was actually pregnant. When Chris Ramsey delivered the baby, Julie named her little girl Christina after her doctor. Chris took the baby and placed her in the care of a prostitute, but the woman soon tired of the baby and passed her off to a friend at the 1999 Nurses Ball. Lucy, who was dating Scott at the time, saw Christina and immediately fell in love with her. She and Scott managed to get emergency temporary foster care and soon filed for adoption. They got married just before the adoption was finalized. When Julie was released, she took the baby and went on the run. Lucy and Scott, along with the police, looked all over the world but never found them. Lucy and Scott divorced, and Lucy eventually got back together with Kevin. Lucy pined for her daughter constantly. When Kevin decided to give her a surprise wedding, he really had the surprise of her life waiting. Julie, now terminally ill, had contacted him to return the little girl to Lucyís care. Lucy was overjoyed to see her coming down the aisle as her flower girl. Christina adjusted very well, as Julie had prepared her for living with her other mommy.

Since then, Christinaís life was turned upside-down again when circumstances forced Lucy to cut off all Christina's contact with Kevin. Christina really loved her daddy and didn't understand why she couldn't see him. She rarely saw her mother since Lucy was now staying with Ian, who had become a vampire. Christina loved Ian and Danny, but she really wanted her mommy and daddy to get back together so they could be a family again. Kevin's situation changed when Jamal used Caleb's magic ring to wish Kevin back to his old self again. Since he was no longer dangerous, Lucy cautiously allowed him to spend time with his little girl.

One day, while on a picnic, Christina found a ring at the edge of the river. It was "big, gold, and shiny." It also had a bat design on it. It was Caleb's ring, which Jamal had thrown into the river in the hope that it would never surface. Christina soon realized that since finding the ring her wishes were coming true. She used it to wish that her daddy could come live with her again. At that moment, Olivia's attempt to kill Alison backfired, and Kevin was the victim of a fallen light. Christina dropped the ring. Kevin was able to live with Christina again, but he was paralyzed.

Christina stowed away in the car one day with Lucy and Chris and ended up outside Ian's cabin. While the grown-ups went inside to rescue Elizabeth from Ian's fangs, Christina got out of the car and got lost in the woods. After all the excitement inside died down, Ian's vampire senses told him that something was very wrong. He took off and found the scared little girl standing dangerously close to the edge of a cliff or ravine. Suddenly, Christina lost her footing. Not missing a beat, Ian dived down to catch her in mid-air. Christina was absolutely thrilled to have her own personal Superman!

This rescue brought Ian to the realization that his vampirism could be used to help others, and he finally accepted his fate.

Screencap courtesy of Kaitlyn Maggio Online.

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Page updated 9/8/11

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