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Port Charles Character Descriptions Pages


PC Character Description

Ed Grant
Played by Jed Allan

By Beth
Proofread by John

Occupation:  Manager.

Recent known associates:  Rafe Kovich (son), Casey Leong (deceased), Paige Smith (deceased), Amy Stradling (deceased), James Richfield (deceased).

Affiliation:  Angel.

Bio in brief:  In life, worked in the travel industry. Now oversees guardian angels and trainees. Always treats Rafe like a son, he was revealed to be his biological father.

Jed Allan's first airdate as Ed Grant was October 16, 2001. Ed first came onscreen when he and Rafe were arguing about how Rafe should proceed with his job. A guardian angel, Rafe was to protect his cousin Lucy and her friends from Caleb Morley, a vampire who had wreaked havoc on Port Charles. Although Lucy and the others believed that they had destroyed the vampire, he was coming back, and Rafe was determined to warn them. Ed ordered his son, a vampire slayer, not to do anything of the kind. He accused Rafe of being out for revenge, since it was Caleb who had killed the slayer years before. Rafe's headstrong attitude prompted Ed to second-guess his decision to give him this assignment, so he fired him. Rafe returned later, determined to get his job back, and Ed gave in since he hadn't found a replacement angel yet. Ed and his son had many disagreements about procedure and "the rules," and Rafe was pulled upstairs several times for a little warning, but eventually Caleb was vanquished. Since the vampire had ruined so many lives and relationships in Port Charles, Ed allowed Rafe four weeks to perform miracles and reunite the couples.

Ed turned up again later as the man in charge of Casey, Paige, and Amy. They were three potential guardians who were sent back to earth to perform a job. They didn't know about Rafe, and he didn't know about them. The potentials caused trouble wherever they went, and the townsfolk were getting suspicious. Amy matched the description of a woman found dead in a Manhattan alley, and Paige hadn't aged in many years. When Ian and Kevin were snooping around in Paige and Amy's business, Ed decided to try to stop them. He paid them a visit at the lighthouse in late February 2002 and claimed to be protecting the women. Although he never came out and said that they were in the Witness Protection Program, it was strongly implied. When specifically asked whether he worked for the government, Ed admitted only that he worked for "the big boys." Just a few weeks later, Ian saw Ed's photo on a travel brochure that Eve had picked up. In the brochure, Ed was listed as having died in 1972. Ian showed the brochure to former intelligence agent Victor Collins on March 22 and asked whether he recognized the man in the photo. Victor thought it was very strange that he would claim to be with Witness Protection, since those agents never talk about what they do. He also pointed out that the man in the photo died thirty years earlier. Ian explained that Ed showed up when he and Kevin were getting suspicious about Amy. Ian also told Victor that Ed had referred to the strange watches as a homing device. Victor pointed out that Witness Protection doesn't like that kind of thing. After an overzealous Paige tried to get both Kevin and Christina to go toward the light, Kevin finally figured out that she and Amy--and therefore Ed--were angels.

Ed didn't plan to ever tell Rafe about their true relationship, but Rafe forced the issue on on April 29 after hearing about it from James. When confronted, Ed finally admitted that he is indeed Rafe's father. He explained that when he was alive, he was in the travel business. When his work took him to Rafe's part of the universe, he met Rafe's mother. They fell in love and soon learned that they were going to have a child. Unfortunately, before they could be married, Ed died.

After Rafe learned of their relationship, he tried to force his father into letting him go back to Alison, whose grief over losing him had set off a chain of events that led to her being tried for a murder that didn't even happen. Ed refused to break any more rules for his son. Frustrated, Rafe went to James and sold his soul to the other side for the chance to go help Alison. Rafe neglected to read the fine print in the contract, which stipulated that he would return to earth with no memory of Alison or anything about Port Charles. Learning this, Ed made James an offer he couldn't refuse. He placed his own soul in jeopardy by offering a two-for-one deal. He fully believed that Rafe and Alison were soul mates and therefore would fall in love all over again. If they found their way back to each other, Rafe's contract would be declared null and void. If not, Rafe's soul would belong to James, as would Ed's. Although Rafe didn't make it easy, he and his father triumphed, and James lost the bet. Because of what they went through, Ed was allowed to send Rafe back as a human to be with the woman he loves. Little did Rafe know that his return also allowed Caleb to come back to balance out the forces of good and evil.

Ed is still watching over his son, and they have spoken and even met face-to-face since Rafe's return to earth. Ed won't give his now-human son any inside information, but he did strongly advise him to trust his instincts. Although a very busy angel, he took time out from his schedule and called everyone into his office to watch his son's wedding, which was unfortunately called off at the last minute. Ed now has his hands full with Casey, whom he allowed to take her twin sister's place and act as Ricky's guardian angel.

Page updated 9/8/11

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