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Port Charles Character Descriptions Pages


PC Character Description

Joshua Temple
Played by Ian Buchanan

By Beth
Proofread by John

Occupation: Band manager; self-proclaimed vampire king

Recent known associates: Caleb Morley, Caz Morrison, Reese Black, Ricky Garza, Elizabeth Barrington, Alison Barrington, Amanda Barrington, Frank Scanlon, Victor Collins, Kevin Collins, Mary Scanlon Collins, Karen Wexler, Jack Ramsey, Jamal Woods, Livvie Locke aka Olivia Morley

Affiliation: Vampire (slain)

Bio in brief: Hired to function openly as band manager while true purpose was to protect vampire Caleb Morley. Always wanted to become vampire but was denied. Eventually turned by Elizabeth Barrington in failed murder attempt while protecting her daughter, Alison. Self-proclaimed vampire king. Intent on making Alison his queen. Known for snide remarks and wry humor. Slain by Rafe Kovich.

Detailed bio: Ian Buchanan's first airdate as Joshua Temple was October 16, 2002. Joshua met Marissa at the Recovery Room to offer her a contract as the lyricist for The Stephen Clay Experience. Marissa immediately assumed that he was Stephen Clay, but Joshua informed her that Stephen was a very private person who had entrusted him to take care of his business. Marissa, Ricky, and Jamal refused to believe his story until Marissa finally met with Stephen Clay himself.

Joshua had been hired by Caleb Morley, aka Stephen Clay, to be the band manager, but his true purpose was to protect his boss. Although Joshua was known to demonstrate supernatural powers, he was human. He wanted to be a vampire, but Caleb refused to honor his request.

As Caleb's right-hand man, Joshua committed several crimes. While investigating the death of Malcolm Barrington, Rafe and Alison learned that a mysterious "prince" had been aboard the yacht the night of Malcolm's drowning. It was later revealed that Joshua had posed as a prince and was responsible for Malcolm's death. Along with Caleb, Joshua also set up Alison and Rafe to believe that they were brother and sister. They discovered the truth on a fact-finding trip to Capri. However, Joshua realized that they were onto him, and he gave the order to kill Rafe. Rafe used his powers to break the chains that bound him, and he persuaded his very frightened captor to change sides and help him. That man, the captain of the yacht, led Rafe to the very spot where some important papers were buried--papers proving that Alison and Rafe were not siblings.

Meanwhile, Joshua drugged Elizabeth and attacked Alison with every intention of killing her. Elizabeth fought off the drugs and came to her daughter's rescue the only way she knew how: by sinking her fangs into Joshua's neck. Both women believed that he was dead, as did Rafe. However, Joshua was merely in transition. He soon appeared in Port Charles as a vampire, and he was grateful to Elizabeth for doing something that Caleb had refused to do. He talked the scorned Elizabeth into helping him bring down Caleb, her husband.

After Joshua became a vampire, Caleb kept him on as the band's manager only because of his business skills. Joshua had always felt superior to his boss and had often taken matters into his own hands, against Caleb's direct orders. While working with Elizabeth to bring Caleb down, Joshua bided his time and gathered information until ultimately making his move. When Caleb was forced into the healing pool and emerged as a mortal, Joshua detonated explosives intended to kill everyone at the site. Fortunately, no one was killed, but Joshua was now on the fast track to becoming king of his planned vampire nation. As his power grew, he was able to recruit many of the town's prominent citizens and place them strategically around town to suit his purposes. He drugged Kevin into compliance and ordered him to steal Caleb's ring from around Livvie's neck. With the powerful ring in his possession, he was completely safe from all vampires.

Joshua set his sights on making Alison Barrington his bride. Although believed to have been killed by Livvie Locke (aka Olivia Morley), Alison was brought to Joshua by his key lackey, Frank Scanlon. Seeing no alternative, Alison eventually agreed to become his bride if he would guarantee Rafe's safety. Rafe informed everyone that he was officially hanging up his stake as a result of Alison's decision. However, the two of them actually had a plan.

Alison agreed to go through with the wedding. After exchanging vows and wedding rings, Alison kissed her groom while trying to pry the other ring off his hand. Joshua immediately knew what was happening, stopped her, and vowed to punish her. Alison denied his accusations, but he didn't believe her. He entrusted her care to Jamal Woods, who was actually working against him. When Joshua found out, he sent Frank out to kill Jamal, but newly deceased Karen Wexler stopped him with a phone call.

Joshua drugged Alison to make her a compliant bride who would obey his every command. He programmed her to kill Rafe, but his plan backfired when the slayer survived. On the night he intended to finally make Alison his bride in every way, he was stopped cold by Caleb's unexpected appearance on the MV-3 special about the band. Caleb and Olivia showed up at the mansion and wore down his defenses until the wounded Rafe managed to slay him.

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Page updated 9/8/11

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