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Port Charles Secrets Page

Our favorite secrets from the show

Written By Beth
Proofread by John

Before the arcs

Kevin has a daughter!
Kevin learns that Livvie is his daughter, and Livvie learns that Rachel isn't her biological mother. Grace, Rachel's sister, gave birth to Livvie. Rachel raised her as her own and blamed Kevin for her sister's mental state.


Ian's past catches up with him
Ian and Eve did not die in the explosion. A man from Ian's past arranged for them to be taken from the car--and two people put in their place--before the bomb went off. The man, Jordan Harris, was dying of a rare disease and ordered the two doctors to find a cure.

Chris is Jack's long-lost brother
Jack came to Port Charles for one reason: to find his older brother and make him pay. He originally set his sights on Livvie as payback, but he ended up falling for her.

Jack's criminal past
When Chris hires a private detective to find dirt on Jack, he learns that there's a warrant out for his brother's arrest. Jack is on probation for auto theft, and he skipped town to go to Port Charles.

Department store elves
Wanting to earn some extra money to give Jamal a terrific Christmas, Alison took a job as an elf in a department store. She was hoping to be assigned to the cosmetics department, but that wasn't to be. She got stuck in the children's area, where she was supposed to help watch and entertain the kids while their parents shopped. She was stunned to see that Jamal was her co-worker. He had also been keeping the job a secret from her.

Ian didn't find a cure for Harris
Although Ian assured both Eve and Harris that he had found a cure, he lied in order to protect Eve. He thought that his plan would ensure that she got home safely. He didn't count on her knocking out the helicopter pilot and coming back to help him.

Arianna's family wants her dead--for being raped!
It didn't take Arianna long to realize that she could trust Ian. She confided that she had brought shame to her family by letting a man touch her out of wedlock. Ian was appalled to learn that she had been raped and that her brother intended to restore the family honor by killing her. When a home pregnancy test came out positive, Arianna decided to keep her baby, but a violent confrontation with her brother caused her to lose the baby.

Ian marries Arianna
When Eve went to tell Ian that she had regained her memory, he and Arianna were nowhere to be found. Eve assumed that Ian had taken Arianna away to hide her from the INS. Although she figured out that he had taken Arianna to the cabin, little did she know that he had also married her.

Ian is the healer
The tribal chief and his wife were awaiting the arrival of the healer to help their son. After Eve cured the boy, she came down with the same disease. The healer--Ian--arrived and saved her life. He explained that he had been coming to the island for years to help the people.

Alison's big surprise
When Jamal didn't get his big break doing motorcycle stunts, Alison wanted to do something really special to help him find his place in the world. After getting an idea while at an auction, she plotted and planned. Only Frank was in on the surprise. Jamal showed up for a job interview at an old warehouse to find that Alison was responsible. With Frank's help, she had persuaded the owner of the warehouse to let Jamal turn it into a bike repair shop, rent-free, with the owner getting a cut of the profits.

"Old Nellie"
The old computer that Frank bought for Karen is the same one that Rhonda's dad had back when she was a teenager.

A sting!
When Ian threatened Ben with a gun, it was all a set-up. Joe's arrival was prearranged, and his gunshot wound was faked. Frank was also in on it, responding to a phone call that Ben was on the run. Frank followed him to the airport and made sure that he was on the first plane back to his country.

Soul mates
While on Tirama Island, Eve and Ian learn that they are soul mates who have lived many lives together. Their lives are destined to intertwine, but they are not guaranteed to find happiness together.

Time in a Bottle

Alison's mysterious benefactor
When Alison found a bag filled with money, she naturally assumed it was a present from her wealthy grandmother. She used all of it--and then some--to buy start-up supplies for her new cafe. The problem was that it was really a set-up, courtesy of Zach, Sam, and the gang.

Cookie is Karen's mom!
Poor Frank thought he was losing it when he found out that Cookie lived in 1973. When she talked about sleeping with a guy to make him like her, Frank talked her out of going to the dance. Little did he know that he was talking to Karen's mother--who didn't go to the dance, sleep with Scotty, and become pregnant. Because of Frank's well-meaning advice, Karen was never born!

Tainted Love

Zach is a smuggler
Zach was smuggling diamonds, and he expected Jamal to transport them over the border into Canada during the race. When Alison kept Jamal from riding, Jack rode in his place, found the diamonds, and scattered them along the dirt road. Zach and his crew chased him down, and he went over the cliff.

Caleb is a vampire!
Jack was skeptical of Caleb's story about being a vampire, but then he realized it all made sense.

Jack isn't dead--but he is (kind of) undead!
Livvie, Alison, and Jamal thought Jack died from injuries sustained in the crash, so they were shocked when he showed up shortly after they buried him. That was nothing compared to the shock of finding out that he was becoming a vampire. It happened the night he got lost in the woods and blacked out. Caleb had attacked him, but Michael stopped his brother before Jack actually died. Jack wouldn't actually become a vamp until feeding on a living person.

Vamps and more vamps
Jack wasn't the only Port Charles resident to have been bitten. Caleb also bit Abe Kurland, Emilio, and Gabriela, and he killed Zach by draining his blood.

Gabby's brother isn't who she thinks he is
Gabby is confused. She tried to bite Jamal but failed. Then she bit Emilio, which she shouldn't have been able to do, since vampires can't bite blood relatives. She found out that she and Jamal have the same biological father and that the Garzas adopted her when she was a baby.

Michael didn't kill Caleb
Michael told everyone that they were safe now because he had killed his brother, but he was lying.

Lucy's roots are in Transylvania
When Caleb couldn't bite Lucy, she started wondering whether they could be related. She and Kevin tracked down her roots on a genealogy website and found that her great-great-great grandmother was from Transylvania. They traveled there and ended up meeting her distant cousin, Rafe Kovich, who informed her that she isn't related to vampires at all. In fact, the Koviches--including Lucy--are vampire slayers.

Michael is Caleb's good side
Michael and Caleb turned out to be two sides of the same coin. Michael isn't really a priest, Caleb's twin, or even a  real person. He is actually the talisman that protects Caleb, a separate personality Caleb created to hold onto all the guilt for everything he's ever done. He embodies the good qualities of the man Caleb was before he was turned into a vampire against his will.


Caleb didn't die on the hospital rooftop
Kibble, the local vampire expert from the bookstore, informed Jamal and Alison that vampires aren't easy to kill. Jack's strength returned, as did Gabby's yearnings. Livvie was haunted. It all pointed to one thing: Caleb was still out there.

Livvie in disguise
The woman from Ian's past and the faux Christina were really Livvie under Caleb's spell. He transformed her appearance and had her do his bidding.

Angelic Rafe
Caleb killed Rafe in 1991, but Rafe came back ten years later as Lucy's guardian angel.

Jamal is a father
Like Valerie, Jamal had always assumed that Cedric was her baby's father. They were stunned to find out that Hope is really Jamal's daughter.

Livvie working against Caleb
No matter how it looked, and what she had to do, Livvie was working against Caleb to destroy him. She risked losing her friends and family to bring him down.

Miracles Happen

Lucy is alive!
Livvie didn't kill Lucy after all. She had to make Caleb believe she'd done it, as further proof of her loyalty to him.

The woman in Room 1215
Secretive phone calls and furtive meetings in a woman's hotel room had Lucy convinced that Kevin was cheating on her, but he wasn't. He was actually meeting with Julie, who was dying and wanted his help preparing Christina to live with him and Lucy. He kept it a secret from Lucy at Julie's request.

Surprise flower girl
Kevin made the wedding even more special to Lucy by having Christina take part as their flower girl. When she appeared, Lucy almost couldn't believe her eyes.


The other-worldly watch
Although they hid their connection for as long as they could, Paige, Casey, and Amy all knew each other. Each wore one of the strange watches, and when Casey lost hers, Amy managed to get it back for her. With thirteen numerals and a single hand that moved backward, each watch counted down how many weeks its bearer had left on earth.

New angels
Rafe wasn't the only angel in Port Charles. The three newcomers were rookie angels whose life on earth had ended too soon. They returned to fulfill personal missions before becoming full-fledged angels.

Amy was a dark angel hell-bent on killing Ian
Amy told everyone her last name was Stradling, but it was really Harris. The man who kidnapped Eve and Ian was her father. Amy's plan was to murder Ian to avenge her beloved father's death.

Casey's key was meant to save Ricky's life
Casey always wore a key on a chain around her neck; she knew it was important and therefore never took it off. When the time came, she realized that it opened the door to a warehouse where Ricky and Jamal were about to die.

The Paige/Alison connection
Paige turned out to be a dead ringer for Rebecca Smith Barrington, Alison's great-great-great-grandmother. Her journey ended when she found Alison and saved her life.

The fifth chair
Rafe was afraid it would be Alison, Casey worried about Ricky, and Paige was convinced that Kevin or Christina would soon be joining her in heaven. Amy wanted it to be Ian, by her own vengeful hand. Shortly after all four angels went back upstairs, Eve was the one who joined them.


Portrait comes to life
Alison told Rafe that when she was little, she talked to the portrait of Rebecca and even imagined that her beloved ancestor stepped out of the portrait to spend time with her. Well, little Alison didn't imagine that; it really happened.

Parallel lives
Alison opened up her candle shop in the barn and called it the Pink Rose; Rebecca had done the very same thing. Rebecca was persecuted and wrongly accused of murder; so was Alison. Suddenly, Alison's life was mirroring Rebecca's in many ways.

Ed is Rafe's father
There's a very good reason for Ed's paternal attitude toward Rafe. After James informed Rafe that Ed is his father, Rafe went to Ed for confirmation, and Ed told him the story of how he and Rafe's mother had met and fallen in love.

When Rebecca lit the candle and pulled Kevin into it, she didn't intend it to be permanent. Unfortunately, Livvie rendered her powerless by slashing the portrait. Kevin ended up joining her in limbo, where she had been for 120 years and could not leave until her name was cleared.

Mary had an affair
Poor Frank didn't know what was happening to him. He suddenly started verbally abusing Karen and couldn't control the episodes. As it turns out, he had witnessed his father abusing his mother when he was a little boy. His father had caught Mary with her lover and called her the same names that adult Frank was now calling Karen. The candle brought those feelings to the surface and caused him to have flashbacks.


Casey has an identical twin
The mysterious person who was tracking paranormal activity turned out to be freelance journalist Marissa Leong, Casey's twin sister. Marissa had always been told that her twin had died at birth. The truth was that when the girls were born, their parents were very young and had no money, so they gave up both babies. Shortly thereafter, Mr. Leong got a job, and they tried to get the babies back. They got Marissa back but never managed to find Casey, who never knew that she had a family who cared.

The Avatar
The shadowy avenger was an ancient spirit known as the Avatar. Its intent was to perform acts of justice until the people began to depend on it, thereby feeding its desire for power. Eventually, as its power grew, the full force of its darkness would be revealed. The Avatar was dependent on a human host.

Frank Scanlon is the host
A shrouded figure had asked Frank whether he was a just man. After identifying itself as justice and the avenger of all those who suffer, it asked Frank to become one with it and fight its fights. Frank consented .

Boyfriend in a coma
Kate's mysterious boyfriend, Brennan, was in a coma. Kate went into debt paying for his medical care because she felt responsible for his condition. She had neglected to leave work on time, and when she got home hours later, she found him lying on the floor. He'd had a massive coronary.

Naked Eyes

Mysteries in the woods
Jack, Jamal, Ricky, and Marissa were camping in the woods, but someone took their food. Shortly thereafter, an injured Alison found some food left for her, and Jack found some soup in a pumpkin. It was all related. The dark-haired girl took the food to give to Alison, who seemed to need something immediately. She then left the others some hot soup in return.

Livvie's double
Jack was stunned to see that the dark-haired girl in the woods looked exactly like Livvie.

Elizabeth Barrington
Alison's mother packed a suitcase, including a photo of Alison, and went to Port Charles. When Rafe helped a woman with car trouble, he had no idea that she was Elizabeth Barrington, Alison's mother.

Malcolm Barrington
Elizabeth finally admitted that she was a widow; Alison's father had fallen into the Aegean Sea months earlier. His body was never recovered, and Elizabeth had been suspected of murdering him.

Elizabeth's logic
Elizabeth's abandonment of baby Alison had been a desperate move to keep her husband. Unfortunately, it didn't work.

Tess and Livvie felt each other's pain, as if they were one person.

That familiar face
When Stephen Clay finally showed his face, he was revealed to be a dead ringer for Caleb.

Alison has a sibling
Malcolm's will revealed that he had fathered a second child. By the terms of the will, Alison couldn't claim her inheritance unless she located her half-sibling.

Missing DNA
Chris, Ian, and Jack were stunned to learn that Tess had no DNA. Without it, she couldn't possibly be human.

Vampire rock star
Rafe was right all along; Caleb was back, as rock star Stephen Clay.

Deadly ruse
Elizabeth didn't really find Alison's sister. It was all a ruse to get her hands on Alison's inheritance. Unfortunately, when the plane went down, it cost the pilot his life.

Kevin comes home
Lucy kept hearing noises at the lighthouse but couldn't figure out their source. It turned out to be Kevin, whose doctor had released him. He wasn't cured, though--far from it.

Blue bottles
Caleb and Elizabeth were always drinking out of blue bottles believed by others to contain water. In fact, they contained everything vampires needed to survive.

Caleb's creation
There's a good reason Tess knew and trusted Caleb. He had created her by pulling her out of Livvie when he was in town the last time. Tess had been living on her own in the woods until Jack found her.

The balance
Rafe's return paved the way for Caleb's return. When Rafe left heaven, Caleb was allowed to leave hell in order to restore the balance between good and evil.


"Prince Joshua"
After Malcolm drowned, the authorities unsuccessfully tried to locate a prince who had also been on the yacht. As it turned out, it was Joshua, disguised as a prince.

False alarm
Alison needn't have worried about the possibility that she and Rafe were siblings. Her fears were vanquished when Rafe presented proof that Malcolm's other child was also a daughter.

Joshua is back
Elizabeth thought she had killed Joshua in Capri, when he attacked Alison. When he started appearing to her, she thought he was haunting her. To her horror, she hadn't killed him; she'd turned him into a vampire.

The importance of music
Caleb's music had extreme effects on people. Slayers Rafe and Lucy couldn't stand to hear "Naked Eyes," but it really turned Alison on. Kevin's doctor in Switzerland used it in Kevin's "therapy." When written out, the first five notes of the song pointed the way to a cavern underneath Caleb's building.

PC's healing spring
The water in the blue bottles came from a fabled underground healing spring located in the cavern below the building where Caleb lived. A secret formula was added to the water, and the mixture allowed the vampires to live almost like humans. By itself, the spring had enough healing power to turn vampires back into humans.

Ricky knows the truth
Casey was stunned when Ricky admitted to knowing that the other band members were vampires. He'd actually known for a long time but didn't care, because being a rock star was all that mattered.

All of her
Caleb kept changing his mind about whether he wanted Tess or Olivia. When he finally managed to make Livvie whole again, she told him that all he had to do was want all of her instead of just one part of her.


Money trouble
Frank started gambling in an attempt to help his mom, who was having trouble keeping the restaurant afloat. Unfortunately, the gambling turned into a big problem for Frank when he couldn't pay his debts and thereby drew Joshua's attention.

Joshua's rise to power
Ian and Rafe found proof that Joshua had been planning his rise to power for quite some time. Even more disturbing, Joshua had a secret stash of photos of Alison and Olivia.

The ring
Caleb's ring was special. It was able to protect its bearer from all harm, and Joshua suspected that it could do a great deal more. It was so important that Joshua even made "ring" the password on his computer.

Joshua's big plans
Elizabeth found a set of vampire wedding rings at Joshua's place. He intended to take a bride with whom to rule over Port Charles. He planned to turn more people into vampires, take mortals prisoner, and use the area by the river as a feeding pen.

Alison is the intended bride
Joshua had his sights on Alison as his bride. He planned to surround her with her loved ones by turning them all into vampires.

Poisoned fangs
Olivia told Joshua that she had bitten Alison with her poisoned fangs, and she showed him a photo of the lifeless Alison as proof. It was a lie; Olivia, Caleb, Alison, and Rafe were working together to bring Joshua down. Very few people knew the truth.

Vamped-out Nana
Alison and Caleb were hiding when Amanda gave Joshua power of attorney over the Barrington fortune. Alison was inconsolable when she realized that her beloved grandmother had become a vampire.

Jamal's disappearance
After Alison's memorial service, Jamal needed some alone time to grieve. Later on, his friends couldn't find him. He was on a slab at the morgue, bearing a toe tag identifying him as John Doe #5. He woke up and discovered that he was PC's newest vampire.

Faking it
Alison tried to fake having a nervous breakdown by pretending to believe that everyone was Rafe. When Joshua brought Jamal into it, Jamal managed to gain her trust. It wasn't clear at first, but Jamal really was on her side.

Sugar water
Rafe smashed a vial of what he believed contained the antidote for Olivia's poisoned fangs. When Caleb took it to Chris to have him make more from the remaining drops, he learned that it had actually contained sugar water. Ian had switched the vials in an attempt to get rid of Caleb.

Casey's purpose and Lucy's cure both have to do with Karen's death
Casey was having visions of Lucy lying in a casket, and she had no idea how to stop it. While dying of blood poisoning, Lucy was being comforted by an other-worldly visitor whose face she couldn't see. Since Lucy was the only one who could see her angel, everyone thought her mind was going. Ian learned from Caleb that the blood of an angel would save her life. Ian rushed to find Casey, but she had just been called back to heaven over sleeping with Ricky. In his grief over losing her again, Ricky wanted to talk to Karen, but when he got to her place, he found her wandering in a daze. She had been the victim of a hit-and-run accident. He rushed her to the hospital, where she died a few feet away from where Lucy lay dying. Lucy's unseen angel turned out to be Karen, whose spirit had started visiting her before the accident. Hearing Lucy say that Karen was her angel, Ian sprang into action and forced Chris to give Lucy a blood transfusion from Karen. This saved Lucy's life.

The Gift

Jamal pried the ring from Joshua's dead hand
When Rafe and Caleb lunged for the ring at the same time, it was gone. Jamal had returned to the mansion to rescue Alison and arrived just in time to steal the ring while Joshua's body was surrounded by smoke.

Jack stole the ring from Jamal
Since Imani hit town right around the time of Joshua's defeat and the ring's disappearance, Caleb accused her of stealing his ring. Jamal stepped up to defend her and admitted that he had the ring, but when he went to take it from his pocket, it was gone. Jack had lifted it when he brushed against him.

People thought Ricky had lost his mind. He was always talking to Casey, but no one else could see her. One day, a passerby bumped into her and then acknowledged her presence. Ricky couldn't figure out how that was possible. Casey explained that she was really there this time, but she hadn't been before. Ricky had been conjuring up a nasty version of her in his mind, and she didn't appreciate it at all.

Imani is a werewolf!
Imani was keeping a secret from Jamal and everyone else. She was obviously on the run, and she couldn't stand it when she thought people were nosing into her personal life. She finally told Jamal that she was being stalked and implicated for murder, but she could never tell him her biggest secret. Although she tried, her grandmother stopped her by knocking Jamal out with a frying pan. Jamal finally found out Imani's secret when she turned into a wolf by the light of the full moon.

B&B hostess in cahoots with Caleb
The bed and breakfast where Caleb (disguised as a prospective gym member) sent Alison and Rafe was always somewhat suspicious. Annette Manning, their hostess, turned out to be an old friend of the Morley family, with a heavy Romanian accent.

Caleb's revenge is telling Olivia the truth--as soon as their wedding vows are complete
Caleb was obviously plotting revenge against Olivia for stealing his ring and making wishes on it. His revenge was going through with their wedding ceremony and then informing her that his night of passion was with Alison and that she was now carrying his child.

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