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The General Hospital Secrets Page

General Hospital Secrets!

General Hospital has had many shocking secrets over its long history. Here are a few that stand out!

1979-The Rape
After a bitter quarrel with her husband, Laura meets up with Luke. Ordered by the mob to kill Mitch Williams, a troubled Luke confesses the depths of his feelings for Laura, then forces her into sex on the floor of the Campus Disco. Later, the two become a couple.

1980-Who Fathered A.J.?
Rick and Lesley Webber divorce, and Monica Quartermaine becomes pregnant with a child she believes to be Rick's. Alan, her jealous husband, tries and fails to kill Rick and Monica. Monica is stunned to learn that Alan, not Rick, fathered her newborn, A.J.

1985-Robert Finding out That Robin is his Daughter
Holly Scorpio leaves for a new life in Australia. Her husband, Robert, gets involved in a mystery in the Asian Quarter with his newly arrived ex-wife, Anna Devane. Just as Robert is about to join Holly, Anna presents him with the daughter he never knew he had—seven-year-old Robin.

1986-Alan Fakes his Death
Sean Donely is behind a scheme that bilks the Quartermaine's out of their family fortune. Seeking revenge, Alan fakes his own murder and frames his wife's lover, Sean. Alan moves to a country town, only to return and reconcile with Monica.

1988-Monica and Ned's Affair!
While away at the Green Meadows spa, Monica Quartermaine enjoys a sizzling affair with Ward, a young tennis pro, who is later revealed to be Tracy Quartermaine's wayward son, Ned Ashton!

1988-Colton Brainwashed
Ex-marine Colton Shore falls for Frisco Jones' widow, Felicia. Later Felicia is stunned to discover that, months earlier, Colton had been brainwashed by a group of terrorists to kill Frisco.

1989-Ned and Dawn
Ned soon began dating Dawn Winthrop, who turned out to be the daughter that Monica gave up for adoption. He and Dawn decided to get married. On the day of his wedding to Dawn, she found out about the affair with Ned and her Mother. She left the reception and ran off. Ned and Dawn's marriage was soon annulled.

1989-Frisco Alive?
Frisco Jones is not dead after all! He escapes from prison and returns to town on the day of Felicia and Colton Shore's wedding.

1989-Duke Didn't Die
Anna Lavery is devastated when her husband, Duke is killed in a fiery explosion. However, no one is aware that Duke has faked his own death to protect Anna and her daughter, Robin, from further danger.

1990-Whois Lucas's Mother?
Bobbie Meyer adopts a son, Lucas, through an illegal baby broker. She and Dr. Tony Jones marry. Later Bobbie struggles to hide a devastating secret—the child belongs to Tiffany Hill's sister, Cheryl Stansbury.

1990-Lucy and Alan
Lucy managed to seduce Alan into bed, and eventually into marriage when Monica discovered Alan and Lucy's affair and flew off for a quickie divorce in Mexico. Lucy got her wish when she married Alan -- wearing an embarrassing fire engine red dress -- due to a dress shop mix-up!  Fearing she would lose Alan, Lucy told Monica and Tracy she was pregnant! She wasn't. But she was determined to get pregnant! She became pregnant -- with Scotty Baldwin's baby! Later, Scotty joined forces with Tracy to break up Alan and Lucy. Before long, Scott and Tracy fell into bed together.

1992 -Felicia and Ryan a.k.a. Todd
Felicia Jones returned to Port Charles from Texas (with her daughter Maxie) and was mugged. When she came to, Felicia had amnesia. All she knew was that Maxie was her baby! Mac Scorpio hired the perky amnesiac as a bartender at The Outback. Soon, Felicia was being stalked by Dr. Ryan Chamberlain, a pediatrician, who had come to Port Charles from Texas where, under the name of Todd Wilson, he'd fallen in love with Felicia. Felicia knew he was a murderer, but as long as she had amnesia she was safe.  Then later that year, Ryan Chamberlain convinced Felicia to join him for a mountain cabin weekend. While there, Felicia's memory returned. She panicked. She'd seen Ryan as Todd kill a woman in Texas! Felicia picked up a knife. Mac arrived to see Felicia standing over Ryan's body. Felicia was charged with attempted murder!

1992 -Cal Atkins the Rapist
After a storm, Jason, Jagger and Karen were stranded on an island. On the island, they encountered Cal Atkins and his convict brother, Joseph Atkins, who had broken out of jail. Cal dragged Karen to the top of a cliff and tried to rape her. Jagger saved her. Jason got there in time to see Cal plummet to the shore below! Convinced that Cal was dead, the teens made a pact to keep what had happened a secret. Cal was actually alive and well with his brother. Back home, a shoot-out occurred. Jagger suffered a minor wound. Cal was arrested. Atkins escaped, and sought out Bobbie, who had befriended him in letters to his jail cell. The escaped convict took her hostage and tried to rape her. Atkins was caught when he tried to escape in a police helicopter flown by Mac Scorpio.

1993-Scott and Dominique's baby carried by Lucy. 
Dominique broke the sad news to Scott - she had an inoperable brain tumor. Scott was devastated. Mr. and Mrs. Baldwin had a poignant second wedding ceremony with all their friends present. Lucy kissed and steadied Dominique just before she walked down the aisle. To give Scott a child before she died, Dominique's fertilized egg was implanted into a gestation mother -- Lucy! Lucy became pregnant with Scott and Dominique's baby. 

1993-Ryan the Serial Killer 
Felicia was found guilty of the attempted murder of Ryan Chamberlain and was sentenced to 5 to 15 years in the State Mental Hospital. Mac helped Felicia escape and while on the run, they realized Ryan was a serial killer. Together, they set out to gaslight him into confessing his crimes. When Ryan attacked Felicia, Mac saved her -- but the villain got away! The next morning, Audrey Hardy opened her front door to a frantic Ryan. In his delusion, Ryan believed she was his mother and attacked her. After a desperate showdown in Texas, Mac finally captured Ryan. He was convicted and sentenced to the same mental hospital Felicia had been in.

1996–Laura had Another Son?
Nikolas first came to Port Charles in 1996 with Stefan to help save his half sister, Lesley Lu (Lulu), who needed a bone marrow transplant. The situation between the Cassadines and the Spencers was especially tense at this time since Laura had not previously told Luke about the son she had bore during her captivity on the island.

1997 –Lucky Dad Raped Mom!?
Lucky's world is rocked again, when during a fight with his brother Nikolas, Nikolas blurts out that Luke raped Laura years ago before his parents married. Lucky thinks that Nikolas is lying but is shaken by this information. He confronts his father. Luke doesn't deny that he raped Laura and confesses to Lucky about what happened that night at the disco.

2002-Dead Body in Freezer
Nikolas conspired with Lucky Spencer to hide the body of undercover cop Ted Wilson in a freezer in the basement at Wyndemere and then planted it in Zander Smith's trunk.

2002-The Stripper and the Stalker
Newlyweds A.J. and Courtney seemed happy except for A.J.'s drinking problem.  This led to his driving his car into Coleman's strip club (once owned by Courtney's brother Sonny!).  To keep Coleman quiet and pay off the damages, Courtney agreed to strip for his club, but kept it from A.J.  He eventually found out.  Then he started playing mind games with her, calling with harassing phone calls, following her, etc. and even paid Coleman to take the fall so he would look like the big hero.  Eventually Courtney found out and it made her hate A.J. and turn to his brother, Jason, for comft.

2002-Brenda is alive and she's not sick
Brenda shocked everyone in Port Charles when it came out that she was alive.  At first, no one knew but Sonny, but then other people started to find out, like Jax.  Brenda believed she was dying because Alcazar had manipulated her.  Skye, jealous of Brenda's attentions to Jax, flew to Switzerland and found out that Brenda was not really dying.  She intended to spill the beans, but when she figured out that Brenda did not know, she used the information to try to get Brenda out of town.  It didn't work and of course Jax dumped Skye when he found out the horrible truth.

2002/2003-Murder of Alcazar
Alcazar was murdered but everyone in town had a motive.  Jason and Brenda were put on trial, and then Skye looked very guilty, but eventually we found out that Alexis was the one who killed him.  Then we found out that Alexis had taken on the identity of her dead sister, Kristina, who died as a result of Alcazar's bomb.  Then later we found out (along with shrink Cameron) that Alexis was faking the whole thing.  Tons of secrets on top of each other!

2003-Alexis poses as a butler
In order to be close to her daughter, Alexis poses as the Quartermaine's butler, Dobson.  Things get more complicated as The Q's get suspicious; Alice the maid hits on Dobson; and Cameron discovers Alexis's secret. 

2003-Ric is really Sonny's brother
Ric came to town as a lawyer down on his luck and tried to get a job with Sonny.  He turned cartwheels to impress him.  Then he "slept with" Carly while she was drugging, making her think he raped her.  Turns out the whole thing was just part of a devious plot to make Sonny pay for taking away their mother years ago.  Ric also revealed that he worked for Alcazar and is very rich.  Ric is party cutey-pie that wants to make a happy life with Elizabeth, and part looney tune that can't stop blaming Sonny for everything (including Elizabeth losing their baby).  He seems to be easily manipulated by Faith, who has her eye on him.

2004-Zander is not really dead
During the Port Charles Hotel fire, a number of people fight with Zander in the basement, and then a charred body is found.  Everyone assumes it is Zander's body, but later it is discovered that Zander is alive and the body was someone else's.  Zander really does die a few months later.

2002-2004 Sonny is Kristina's father
Alexis lied that Ned was the father of her baby.  Later, she spilled the secret to Carly but then swore her to secrecy.  The secret was kept until Kristina got sick and all of her relatives needed to be tested to see if they were matches.  Several people had already guessed the truth, however.

2004-Carly's father is a federal prosecutor and Bobbie knew who he was all along!
Bobbie had always said that she didn't know who Carly's father was, since she had been a prostitute at the time.  Carly decided to search for the truth and came across a diary where Bobbie had written about her lover.  Carly tracked down the man and found out he was a federal prosecutor who specialized in going after mobsters--just like Sonny, Carly's husband.

2004-Connor is not really dead
Crazy Mary Bishop told amnesiac Nikolas that he was her husband, Connor, back from the war.  Eventually Nikolas regained his memory, but losing her husband again sent Mary over the edge and she killed some people before she was murdered herself.  Then her husband Connor shows up in Port Charles, alive after all, and a dead ringer for Nikolas!  Connor was warped, too, and later raped Emily.

2005-Helena is not really dead
Nikolas thought he killed his grandmother by tossing her off the cliff on Spoon Island (she was threatening Emily).  Eventually Nikolas went to prison, even though several people (Skye, Luke, Emily, and Lucky) had seen Helena alive and well.  In fact, she shot Lucky and he almost died.  Still, Nikolas was in prison for many months until Luke and the police finally captured Helena.  There was no explanation as to how she survived the fall.

2005-A.J. is not really dead (do we sense a trend here?)
A.J. faked his own death, with the help of lover Rachel, in order to get Michael.  He paid Faith to kidnap all of Sonny's children and then they made it look like Michael was killed.  That way, A.J. could "rescue" Michael and take him away without anyone knowing what happened.  Eventually, the plan unraveled and Michael was returned to his parents, and A.J. was murdered for real.

2005-Michael killed his father!
A.J. was in the hospital after a fall (he was fighting with Jason in the Quartermaine mansion).  He was given a sedative, making him a prime target.  All of his enemies were in the hospital one night, along with some family members who also might have motive for his death.  Carly was blamed for smothering A.J. with a pillow, and then later Sonny confessed, but Michael remembered that he was the one who had smothered A.J. (more remains to be seen as the story unfolds)

2009-Michael killed Claudia
Sonny learned that Claudia, his wife, was the one who hired the hit man that shot at him and hit Michael, putting him in a coma for over a year. He publicly humiliated a mentally-unstable Claudia about it at his party. Claudia followed pregnant Carly, intending to kidnap her, but Carly has her baby and Claudia helps her deliver it. Claudia intends to kill Carly and steal her baby, but Michael burst in just in time to whack Claudia over the head with the handle of an ax, and she dies. Jason and Sonny help cover up Claudia's murder and bury her. However, Franco digs Claudia up and takes photos of her for his "art". Eventually, Dante finds out and turns Michael in, thinking that he will get off easily since he killed her in defense of others. Instead, Michael goes to jail.

2010-Michael is raped in prison
Michael went to prison and was terrorized by a prisoner named Carter, who was working for Franco (to get at Sonny and Jason).  Jason got himself sent to prison so that he could watch over Michael, but he was not able to protect poor Michael when Carter beat him up and raped him. It took Michael a long time to admit to himself, and to his friends and family, even after he got out of prison, what had happened to him. His new girlfriend Abby helped him get through it.

2012-Franco was Jason's twin brother and father of Sam's baby!
Evil Franco died last year after tormenting and terrorizing Sam and Jason, finalizing with raping Sam on her honeymoon.  They did a paternity test and determined that Jason was the father, until they found out that Franco was his twin. Jason's mother, Susan, was passed out when the second baby came, and her cousin Heather sold the baby to the maternity nurse, who wanted a baby badly. Sam had to get a second test done, this time comparing to Franco's DNA. Franco is the baby's father.  Can Jason love this child of the beast?

2012-Kate has a split personality!
Kate started having mental problems, with black-outs, so she saw a shrink in Chicago. She also started seeing Dr. Ewen Keenan in Port Charles.  He helped her figure out that she has DID, which means she has an alternate personality, "Connie". Connie wants to break up Sonny and Kate because Sonny is always putting Kate in danger.  Connie may have shot out Anthony's tires the night that he forced Starr and her family off the road, which would make Connie, and Kate, responsible for the death of Starr's boyfriend Cole and their baby Hope.  She also hit Ewen over the head, putting him in mortal danger.

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