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By Suzanne

What is your favorite Smallville season? For me it would have to be season 3, especially since it had such a great finale. Maybe the best season finale in the history of television.

To me, season one was good but still building on the idea of who Clark was, who his friends were, and both first and second seasons had too many "Freak of the Week" episodes. Second season started building more on the Superman mythos, so it was very good. I think everything started to really gel in the third season. Fourth season got a little too far off the mark with silly episodes like Lucy and Krypto, and Lois's new boyfriend and his crazy family, and Pete leaving, etc. Fifth season had my very favorite episode, "Lexmas", but otherwise I was not too found of the direction things went, especially with Jonathan Kent dying. I did like that they started introducing more comic book characters. Sixth season was back on track with the Justice League and some great episodes, although "Hydro" has got to be one of the worst episodes ever. Sixth season is probably my second-favorite season. I haven't decided yet on the seventh season, but I do like Kara. The only thing I really don't like is how they made Lana so dark for a while, and how they did not make it clear about whether she and Clark (and Bizarro Clark) were sleeping together or not. I think they are, but they have the most lukewarm relationship this season that it's hard to know.

I enjoy all of the characters, but I really hate how they can't seem to make up their minds about whether Lionel is really evil or not. Seems like he changes way too often. I know that in real life people are more complex, and sometimes they are evil, and sometimes not, but in comic books I like my characters to choose sides one way or the other. Grey areas are disturbing. Lex I don't have to worry about. He was always headed toward evil. As much as I like Lex to be more sympathetic, we all know that he is headed toward being a super-villain, so there is no saving him. I guess we can blame Lionel for that, so that makes the decision for us on whether Lionel is evil or not. He messed with Lex's head way too many times.

I can't wait until season 8!

Picture from Superman Home Page

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