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Smallville Reviews

Lionel and Chloe in "Zod"

"Zod" By Cindy K. Green

Last time on Smallville…

When Season 5 ended, Professor Fine aka: Brainiac had infected the computer systems with a horrible computer virus, Zod had taken over Lex’s body, Clark was stuck in the Phantom Zone, and the world was falling apart. It was a great finale and we all waited with bated breath for the premiere of Season 6 and how it would all come together.

Some have said that this premiere was the best on all six. I have to disagree. Although I liked the episode, at the end, I didn’t have a good feeling like I did after say last season’s premiere, Arrival (which is still one of my favorite episodes). In this episode, we got to see what it was like inside the Phantom Zone. Clark was basically mortal and vulnerable in the desolate and dangerous environment of the Zone. He is able to feel pain and bleed. And Clark learns more about his father the man, the Kyptonian, and the scientist. And let me add here that the special effects were great with the phantom creatures attacking him.

Michael Rosenbaum was terrific as Zod. His demeanor and body language and voice definitely identified him as another person. He exhibited eerie smiles and a foreboding presence with Lana. And later in the episode, he showed such anger and insanity in his eyes when he fights Clark. Great performance. I like that Lana finally begins to understand that something has to stop Zod/Lex, and she goes looking for Clark. Deep down she knows that Clark always has good intentions. He tries to save the day without thoughts to his own safety. And when she sees Lex for the first time after his freedom from Zod, we see that Lana is going to have a hard time accepting Lex again. She wants to pull away from him. She is still scared of him.

The special effects were also fabulous when Clark fights Zod. The shot of them flying over the forest together fighting was excellent. Clark is as always the stand up guy refusing to let Zod win. And the final scene with Lex as Zod was very reminiscent of the Superman II scene. I thought it was a great throw back and added continuity of the show to the movie but maybe it was a bit hokey. And it seems that when they get down to defeating these formidable villains that they are defeated rather quickly. Of course, they only have about 42 minutes of time in each episode so that is understandable. I think that maybe they could have stretched out the story arc for defeating Zod to two or three episodes. But then I hear that they have lots of other stories to tell this season.

Lois wasn’t in this episode so much, but I loved the scene b/w Clark and Lois in the hospital. He was just a little too sweet for her. She can’t take that much sentimentalism. Great LnC moment. Loved it.

This is the episode that introduced us to Jimmy Olsen, new employee of the Daily Planet. Aaron Ashmore was super as the young Jimmy. He has that sweet naiveté of good old Jimmy Olsen but with a modern edge. I loved that he called Clark CK just like the Jimmy in the Lois and Clark TV show. And it was pleasantly surprising to see Clark jealous of Chloe’s new friend just as he wants to discuss the kiss he shared with Chloe in the finale. He was definitely disappointed.

This episode neatly tied up the loose ends relating to Zod while leaving some story lines behind. There will be questions about Lex and his powers as Zod. I mean Lex himself must have tons of questions – him with that inquiring mind of his. And as Clark exited the Phantom Zone several of the Phantom creatures escaped with him. I’m sure we will be seeing them throughout this season. And as the episode ends we see Clark questioning things again. He is feeling alone and isolated once more. Lex is no longer his friend, Lana is like a stranger, Chloe has found someone else, and both of his fathers are gone from him. So, what is he left with? Why to embrace his destiny and truly become the Superhero that we all love and cherish. Time will tell if that will come to pass or not.

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