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The Young and The Restless News Page

Y&R News, Scoops, & Spoilers

NEWS AND INFORMATION!  Scoops and Spoilers Below

SID Spoilers: Is Victor a Murderer?

Greg Rikaart (Kevin) has the coronavirus 

Daytime Emmys Canceled


Roscoe Born (ex-Tom) passed away at the age of 69.  

SID Spoilers: Is Victoria Going to Die

Celebrity Dirty Laundry Spoilers Spoilers

SID Spoilers: Will Theo Expose Summer and Kyle's Secret?

NOTE: Senate impeachment hearings start Tuesday, 1/21 and will probably affect daytime programming.

SID Spoilers: Sharon Reveals Her Breast Cancer Diagnosis!

SID Spoilers: Chloe Warns Chelsea

Wife of the Late Kristoff St. John (Neil) Writes Tell-All

Tricia Cast (ex-Nina) has suffered a personal loss. Her husband, musician Bat McGrath passed away on Tuesday, October 1st at the age of 73.

New Song From Cait Fairbanks (Tessa)

David Hedison, who played Arthur Hendricks in 2004, died last week.  More Info

SID Spoilers: Mourning the Death of Neil

Video Preview and more

Very sad news. Kristoff St. John (Neil) died this morning, Feb. 4. From all accounts, he was a very kind, nice and giving person. He went out of his way all the time to help people. More Info Our 2015 interview with Kristoff.

Michael Corbett (ex-David) is one of the executive producers of the show Hollywood Medium on E! 8pm Thursdays.

Watch full daily episodes of Y&R at, Xfinity, & Global TV (for Canadian viewers only). View day-ahead videos at the Canadian Facebook Page or AbbyG413.

Steve Burton (ex-Dylan; ex-Jason, GH) launched a guide for losing weight and becoming fit at The online program offers tips, recipes and products to purchase to help achieve a healthier lifestyle. There's also a VIP Club to join that offers more benefits, such as weekly webinars with Burton and other fitness celebrities.

Michelle Stafford (Phyllis), hosts a podcast "Single Mom A Go-Go" beginning on Mondays.

Scoops and Spoilers

By Suzanne

SOD 3/30/20

Roscoe Born (ex-Tom) passed away.

Nick is feeling pressure from Victor, even though he's not in charge any more. He's also involved with Phyllis, which is throwing him for a loop. Phyllis drops by to confer with him on what they should tell Summer about what's going on, but he insists that nothing is going on. They're playing games with each other. Nina then changes the subject, saying she wants to get a deal between Newman and Grand Phoenix. Phyllis is pleased that she got under Nick's skin.

Amanda risks something. Kyle decides something that's very difficult. Victoria's health takes a down turn. Victor goes somewhere without telling why.

Ratings, week of 2/24: 2.76

Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki) wrote an autobiography that will be out July 14.

Tessa won't forgive Mariah, but Mariah vows to spend her life making it up to Tessa.

3/23 Jill arranges a secret meeting. At Jabot, Jack makes an announcement. 3/24 Chelsea is questioned by Nick. Adam looks into Victor's history. 3/25 Mariah has to plan her life without Tessa. 3/26 Devon and Amanda realize they have things in common. 3/27 Billy and Nick get angry.

Spring Preview: Adam, feeling left out from his family once again, wants to dig up dirt on Victor and what happened in the past with his mom and Chet. His work will backfire, but Chelsea will support him. Victor goes far to protect his family and company. Phyllis and Nick continue to figure out their new relationship. Friends and family may not be so happy for them. Kyle is forced to talk to Lola about divorce so that he can get with Summer. Theo is hitting on Lola, but he may not be honest with her. Now that Ridley is behind her, Amanda tries to go after Nate, but she may not be able to forget Billy. Sharon keeps her strength and independence as much as possible, with her family supporting her. Billy and Lily work hard to make Chancellor Media a success; they may hire some people that shock the town.

Actors on the show say nice things about Amelia Heinle (Victoria), who celebrated her 15th year on the show March 21.

In a "Where are They Now" article, Clementine Ford (ex-Mac) tells us what he's been doing lately.

SOD 3/2/20

Devon gets a mysterious text, which he thinks came from Colin. He gets Chance to help him crack the code that's in the text. Chance thinks they might be latitude and longitude. They get Kevin's help because he's sitting nearby. Kevin figures out that they're an offshore bank's numbers, in Devon's name, with over 2 billion dollars in it (Devon's missing money). It comes with a note that sounds like Colin apologizes and regrets what he did. This makes Devon suspicious.

Amanda and Billy take a look at their relationship. Someone surprising visits Jack. Tessa discovers something shocking. Nick is challenges by Victor.

Reed (Tristan Lake Leabu) returns to visit his mom March 2.

Robert Parucha (Matt) and Meg Bennett (Julia) have left the show.

Mariah freaks out when she phones Tessa and Tanner answers, saying she's in the shower. Mariah hasn't told Tessa about Sharon having cancer or any of her problems. She gets hold of her later on video chat. She sees Tanner shirtless, so she asks if Tessa is sleeping with him. Tessa is shocked at her accusation and hangs up.

2/24 Sharon decides to do something on her own. Victor gets everyone on board. 2/25 Someone makes Phyllis quite an offer. Jill tells someone about a new business venture. 2/26 Chelsea makes plans. Victor wonders what makes Adam tick. 2/27 Billy gets an earful from Nikki. 2/28 Victoria wants to know her prognosis. Jack tells someone news that's disturbing.

The tribute to Victor is examined in depth.

Casting Associate Gregory Salmon is featured in an article.

SOD 2/24/20

Soap veteran Marj Dusay passed away January 28, as previously reported. Various actors who worked with her a lot talk about her, including Jess Walton (Jill) and Vincent Irizarry (ex-David).

Victor is honored on the show, and Eric Braeden is also honored, since he's been on the show for 40 years. Nikki has prepared a special gala for Victor. She has kept him in the dark as far as the details of the celebration. Many family, friends and foes will be there.

Next week: Nikki connects with someone we wouldn't expect. Abby feels cornered. Ashley and Jack connect. Victor gives someone a hard choice.

Many will return this week for the gala, including Eileen Davidson (Ashley), Robert Adamson (Noah), Meg Bennett (Julia) and Robert Parucha (Matt). There's an article about the returning actors.

The show has been renewed through 2024.

Chance tells Abby that Phyllis is blackmailing him and Adam. Abby figures out that this is why Chelsea sold her shares of the Grand Phoenix to Phyllis. Abby confronts Phyllis angrily. Nick approaches Phyllis after she walks away in a huff. Nick jokes to her that she must be to blame (whatever it is that they're arguing about). She kisses him later, unexpectedly.

2/17 Devon looks into a clue about where he can get his money back. Adam is toyed with by Phyllis. 2/20 Nick and Victoria show their dad a surprise. 2/21 At the big gala, some unwelcome guests appear and cause trouble.

SOD 2/17/20

Sharon Case (Sharon) talks about her breast cancer storyline.

Adam goes to Vegas to meet his friend, Riza, but runs into Chance. They're not friends, but theyshare a history there, unbeknownst to people in Genoa City. Adam doesn't want Chance to get in the way of his plans. While they argue, a waitress plants a listening device nearby (at Phyllis' request). Riza arrives and is suspicious of Chance, whom she doesn't know. She says that "the woman" has been asking around about her husband and the missing money. Phyllis hears all about their secret, so she can use it against them. She wants revenge on Adam for betraying her.

Billy is controlled by Jill. Amanda runs into problems. Chelsea is shocked by what Adam does. Nikki hosts a fancy party.

Ratings, week of 1/13: 2.8

Riza is played by Tina Casciani.

Virginia Louise Smith plays one of Sharon's nurses, Elyce 2/10.

Mark Grossman (Adam)'s good friend Johnny Wactor now plays Brando on GH.

Corbin Bernsen (ex-Todd) and Burgess Jenkins (ex-Billy) appear in a new movie, out Feb. 14, "First Lady." Nancy Stafford (who appeared in the old soap "The Doctors") also appears.

Theo figures out from the way Summer and Kyle at at Jabot that they slept together. Summer admits it but warns him not to tell Lola. Theo goes straight to Lola and tells her. Lola kisses him.

Eric Braeden (Victor)'s 40th anniversary of the show is coming up, so his co-stars talk about how great he is.

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