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The Young and The Restless Predictions Page

Y&R Predictions & Rumors

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Older Predictions:

By Suzanne 8/1/17

Some fans are upset by rumors that Mariah is going to cheat on Devon with Tessa, driving him back to Hilary.

There continue to be rumors that Michael Muhney is returning as Adam.

By Suzanne 11/7/15

Nick and Sage's baby didn't die. Sharon's doctor stole him to give him to Sharon and Dylan. She has a grudge against Sage. Adam will have more redemption and get his sentence lessened. (But hopefully not before we see many shots of him working out in the prison yard with his shirt off!) Stitch will survive but not be able to forget Ashley. Cane will find another woman before he eventually goes back to Lily. Patty and Ian team up to wreak havoc on the town, causing Billy's death. Kevin finds out about his daughter. Mariah helps him raise her, since her mom is in a mental hospital. Neil falls back in love with Hillary, ruining his relationship with Gwen. Hillary will remember Devon right about the same time. Will she be in love with Neil as well and have to choose between them again?

By Suzanne 12/27/13

Because of Michael Muhney's (Adam) firing, there are lots of rumors about him. Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki) and Doug Davidson (Paul) tweeted that there was a good reason for him to be fired and that it was justified. This led to rumors about his sexually harassing some of the younger actresses. Sharon Case (Sharon) made a video of clips of her and Michael, set to music, and posted it on Youtube. This led to rumors that the two of them had an affair. There were also rumors that Eric Braeden (Victor) was responsible for his firing.  There is no official statement from anyone on the show or the soap press that ANY of these rumors are true. Don't believe everything you read!  Muhney had an interview after he was fired where he said that his firing may have been due partly to wanted to re-cast the character and also partly due to his saying too much (being too honest) on Twitter.  This is all we know so far. If we hear anything definitive, it will be in the news section, not here in the rumors section.

By Suzanne 3/13/13

Someone is supposed to get shot next week at Victor and Nikki's wedding (that part is spoiler, not rumor) and die (that part is the rumor). My guess would be Fen.

By Suzanne 8/20/12

It's rumored on Twitter that Eric Braeden (Victor), Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki), and Jeanne Cooper (Katherine) have been fired, thanks to new executive producer Jill Farren Phelps.

By Suzanne 7/4/12

Everyone will be accused of Daisy's murder or disappearance. Paul will be accused of murdering Ricky on purpose. Eden won't remember anything. Ashley will go away. Colin is the one stealing from Genevieve. Jack finds happiness for a while with Nikki, but it won't last. Sharon gets another personality change. Adam will be betrayed by Chelsea. Daniel covers for Phyllis.

By Suzanne 7/15/10

Adam didn't kill Hightower. He set him up to be a victim of assault, not murder.  Someone killed Hightower (possibly Skye) and framed Adam (not too hard to do). He really is innocent of the murder.  Daniel will fall for Abby in a big way, despite himself. She will find someone else to move on to and just use Daniel for ambition. Billy and Victoria will get back together; they will find lasting love.  Chloe will have a fling with Ronan.  Mac will have post partum depression and have a hard time letting go of the babies.  J.T. will stop her from going over the edge.

By Brad 1/4/10

Victor returns to town and is shocked by everything that has happened in his absence, especially Adam's new marriage.

Patty begins to plot revenge against Emily and decides to take over her life. She switches places and is the bride on Jack's wedding day.

Katherine stumbles upon proof that he daughter is really Gloria. She sits on the information for awhile until Michael finds out and tells his mother the news.

Billy realizes that he is falling for Victoria, who has been noticing a strain between her and J.T.

Phyllis and Nick repair their marriage. Phyllis notices that Adam is keeping a secret from Ashley and Sharon and discovers that Sharon's baby is alive. She keeps the secret and never tells Nick, fearing that she would lose him for good.

By Suzanne 10/6/09

It's rumored that Victor will die, and Adam will take over.

I predict that Victor will not die. The role will be recast with a prominent actor.  Adam will pay for his misdeeds, but not by going to jail. There will be no proof that he did anything (or at least not enough to send him to jail).  Everyone will just hate him. He will get sympathy from an unlikely source.  Adam will try to redeem himself through therapy.

Victoria Rowell said on Twitter that some actors are preventing her from returning to the show. She said that one of them was Christel Khalil (Lily). Khalil denied this, telling her Twitter followers not to believe Rowell.  Online speculation wondered if the other actors were Peter Bergman (Jack) and Kristoff St. John (Neil).

By Suzanne 8/31/09

Sharon will not lose her baby, but Nick will stay with Phyllis and Summer.

Adam will fall in love with Ashley. He will stop his plotting against her, so he won't be found out for a long time. When everyone finds out about Victor's being involved with Mary Jane/Patti, Ashley will kick him out and set up house with Adam. He will have to let her know that her baby is dead without telling her why.

Nikki will come back to town and be the only one that forgives Victor for what he's done. They will reunite. Victor may face serious legal troubles for his role in Mary Jane's crimes.

Mary Jane will be put in a mental hospital; Paul will find romance with a new woman. Heather will be caught up in a triangle with Chance and Chloe. Chloe will be trying to use Chance to keep Billy, but she will find she has feelings for him when he dates Heather.

By Bettye 6/30/08

It's rumored that David will be revealed to be Ji Min's killer (hired by Walter), and that Heather will once again prosecute the case.

By Suzanne 4/28/08

Victor and Sabrina will break up.  Sabrina will have revenge sex with Adam.  Victoria will forgive Sabrina.  Nick will pretend to be Adam's friend in order to figure out what he's really up to.  Adam will prove to be a lot more dangerous and twisted than anyone thought.  Nikki will dump David after she finds out that he's been lying to her.  Victor and Nikki will become good friends and maybe something more, but only if he accepts her more as an equal in business.  After Gloria gives away a lot of her money, Jack and Sharon invite her to move back into the house.  Amber and Daniel will marry.  Cane and Lily will break up.

By Rachel 4/9/07

  • Nick has been lying about Summer's paternity, she's really Jack's daughter. 
  • Victoria is not really pregnant.  It was a ploy to keep Brad away from Sharon. Brad goes to Sharon anyway. 
  • J.T. continues to stalk Colleen until it's revealed that Brad has paid him to do so. 
  • Colleen finds out she's pregnant. The baby could be J.T.'s or Professor Korbel's. 
  • Lily finds out about Daniel's porn addiction and Amber's part in it. She goes “Dru crazy” on them both, and then tells Cane all about Amber's porn site. 
  • Niki defeats Jack in the senate race. In the process, she loses Victor. 
  • Nina returns to GC to see the man that she's still legally married to. 
  • Jill and Jack team up to bring Gloria down. In the process, they expose Gloria as the culprit in the tainted cream case. 
  • Kevin's newfound hero status will quickly disappear when his deeds for Gloria come to light. 
  • Neil relapses and becomes an alcoholic again. 
  • Jack finds out about Sharon's one night stand with Brad. He immediately tries to use it to his advantage. 

By Kitty 4/8/07

Daniel will admit some of his problems with porn to Lily and promise to stop, but he won't really stop. His infatuation with Amber will continue.  Cane will ask JT or Paul to investigate Amber to find out why she doesn't want to talk about Los Angeles or her past. He'll eventually find out that she faked their marriage.  Nikki will win the election. Sharon and Brad will become closer and their affair will become public knowledge.

By Suzanne 4/4/07

David will resent Jack's new campaign manager, who is not in Victor's pocket.  Nikki will ultimately do what Victor wishes.  Lily will give Daniel an ultimatum about the porn, but he will lie and continue to do it and flirt with Amber until he gets into something more dangerous.  Kevin will be the one to save Daniel.  Colleen will see a new side to Adrian.  Brad will support Nikki against Jack; he will also do something drastic about Adrian and Colleen.  Jack will not be happy to find out that Sharon and Brad had sex.  After Dru's disappearance, Neil will be tempted to hit the bottle again.

By Suzanne 1/6/07

Lily killed Carmen to save her mom, but someone else moved the body to make the Winters family look bad.  Jack will be arrested for Carmen's murder, and Victor will be the only one who can save him.  Dru will find a new venture.  Sharon will stand by Jack even though he did not tell her the truth about Jabot.  She will be tempted again by Brad.  Victoria will dump Brad because he keeps another secret from her. Adrian will be turned down for tenure because of his relationship with Colleen.  Amber helps Kay find her secret past, which involves Sheila.

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Page updated 6/17/20

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