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The General Hospital Rumors & Predictions Page

What Might Happen on General Hospital!

Rumors and Predictions By Suzanne 10/28/20

It's rumored that Emme Rylan (Lulu) and William deVry (Julian) have been fired. More Petition to save Emme

So far, Rylan has just confirmed that she and her family are moving elsewhere.

Rumors and Predictions By Suzanne 8/1/17

Rebecca Budig (Hayden) is leaving the show; it's rumored that she already has another job at another daytime soap.

Rumors and Predictions By Suzanne 6/27/17

There's a new rumor out that Steve Burton (ex-Jason) is returning to the show. These rumors have been swirling around since he left, but this one is given slightly more credibility by the fact that Michael Logan of TV Guide seems to be implying they are true. There is also speculation that he will be Jason, so that Billy Miller's Jason will be some kind of brain-washed imposter, much like the story they've done previously on both "One Life to Live" (with Todd/Victor) and on "Days of Our Lives" (with Roman/John). I hope they're not being that repetitive.

More speculation seems to involve Sam. She's been having lots of hallucinations and anxiety lately. Was she somehow brainwashed as well, or does she somehow have a sixth sense telling her that something's wrong with her husband? Or are her mental problems completely unconnected to Jason? Perhaps she has a brain tumor or virus.

Rumors and Predictions By Suzanne 5/30/17

There are rumors that Michael Easton (Finn) is leaving the show. I hope not! He's one of my favorites, but also, it would end the romance with Hayden. 

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Page updated 10/29/20

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