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The General Hospital Rumors & Predictions Page

What Might Happen on General Hospital!

Predictions by Gisele 10/5/16

I get the feeling watching today's show that Paul will get killed during his transfer to Pentonville Prison, and there will be many suspects. Who doesn't want the GH killer dead, especially in light of Julian walking away free? A number of possibilities: Ned, Dillon, Tracy, Ava, Michael, Franco, just to name a few.

Predictions by Gisele 6/12/16

It suddenly became clear to me today. Griffin is Claudette's ex-lover whom Nathan shot in a drunken stupor. Remember, Griffin has the scar on his belly from the gunshot. At the time, he didn't want to accuse Nathan, because of his own involvement with a married woman. He accepted responsibility for his actions in the matter and decided to forgive Nathan.

Rumors and Predictions By Suzanne 11/7/15

Patrick and Emma will reunite with Robin and leave town.  Robert will help Anna get over Duke's death and her guilt.  Sonny walk again; Morgan will get help for his bipolar problems. Scott will fall for Ava. Lulu and Dante will eventually reunite.

Rumors and Predictions By Suzanne 1/30/15

I predicted this a few weeks ago on Twitter and in my blog, but I forgot to post it here. Today's episode makes me think I might be right. "Fluke" really is Luke. He's had some sort of breakdown or DID episode (or perhaps brainwashed by Helena) into thinking he's a mobster. It may have happened as a result of his killing Jake. Bill Eckert's body is the one in the basement that Dante saw at the end of today's show.

Rumors and Predictions By Gisele 4/16/14

I don't think Nina is dead. She will arrive in Port Charles soon with Silas' child. Or could it be that Kiki is actually that child whom Ava stole when her pregnancy ended prematurely? On another subject, I wish they'd get rid of Sonny and all the mob wars. It's just really boring.

Rumors and Predictions By Suzanne 3/28/14

Luke is being held captive somewhere still. The guy pretending to be Luke (Julian's boss) is really someone else, wearing a mask similar to what Faison wore to impersonate Duke and what Obrecht wore to impersonate Anna. Could be Anthony Zacchara or one of the Cassadines. Perhaps Miguel or some other relative of Lily's. Someone that really hates Sonny. Not a Quartermaine, though.

Someone else speculated that Luke had a brain transplant with Anthony but I hope not...that's too far-fetched even for GH.

Rumors and Predictions By Gisele 7/11/13

I believe that Britt's baby is not Patrick's. She used the other embryo belonging to Dante and Lulu to implant herself. Once Maxie has her baby, she won't be able to give her up. She'll tell Spinelli the truth, and they will raise the little girl. Dante and Lulu will go through a tough period after losing their child, but they will eventually get their baby from Britt when her scheme is exposed. They will name him Rocco.

Rumors and Predictions By Nikky 7/11/13

I predict it will come out that Kevin is also Sam's father.  Alexis had twins, Sam and Livvie.  (since they never said why the two look so much alike)  Grace Reese adopted Livvie and lied that she was her bio mom since she slept with Kevin who was Livvie's dad anyway.

Rumors and Predictions By Nikky 7/7/13

Danny will need a bone marrow transplant.  When Kiki is tested, it will come out she is not a Quartermaine.  Franco will be the match, offering to give his bone marrow therefore "redeeming" him.

Rumors and Predictions By Suzanne 6/6/12

Heather will switch the paternity test that Sam gets to prove the dead baby is not hers.

Sam will have to see Ewen because everyone thinks she's crazy from grief.

Sam is John's long-lost sister.

The dead-baby-swap storyline will go on far too long.

Ta will try to kill Todd when she finds out that her baby is dead.

John will go back home for a while and we'll see Llanview, including Blair, Jack and Sam.

Rumors and Predictions By Suzanne 5/17/12

Dr. Ewen will die or leave town.

Matt is going to get convicted of murder.

Maxie will not forgive Spinelli or be consoled by him.

Patrick and Maxie will have a one-night-stand.

Heather will end up threatening Olivia and Anna.

Sonny will forgive Kate.

Carly will use Todd to make Johnny angry.

Rumors and Predictions By Suzanne 4/11/12

There's a rumor on the Web that the show is bringing Lucas back for a gay storyline.

My prediction is that Cesar Faison is alive and he is the one holding Robin.

Robert Scorpio will return to town, eventually.

Anna and Luke will become lovers.

Sam and John may become romantically involved. Starr and Michael definitely will.

Sonny will spend some time in jail, thanks to Connie.

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Page updated 10/6/16

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