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The General Hospital DVD & Tape Trading Page

Trade General Hospital DVD's and Tapes!

Please let me know if you email any of these people and your email is returned! 

  • is looking for GH tapes from 1978 when the Quartermaines first came on.
  • Alison has 54 random GH episodes in MPEG format on CDRs from 9/12/02 to 5/1/03. One episode per CD.  She will accept in trade any format GH with Lucky and Liz (Jonathan Jackson only), Jason and Liz, or Nurse's Ball (all edited  for those characters only).
  • Amanda is looking for any videos with Tamara Braun.
  • has a lot of soaps to offer. AMC edits include Leo/Greenlee, Ryan/Gillian, Ryan/Greenlee, Babe/JR, Babe/Jamie, Fusion, Old AMC etc. GH edits include Sonny/Carly, Liz/Ric, Liz/Lucky, Teen edits, Carly/Lorenzo, Brenda, Teen, Maxie/Jesse, Dillon/Georgie, Quartermaine, etc. I also have appearances and talk shows with the actors. Other soap/nonsoap items are available as well.
  • has a lot of All My Children & General Hospital soap stuff. All episodes from Sept. 2002 until current, Sonny/Carly edits, Jason/Carly edits, Carlo edits, Dillon/Georgie edits; Leo/Greenlee edits, Ryan/Gillian edits, Ryan/Greenlee edits; Nurses' Ball and many episodes outside the soaps with the actors, such as Soap Talk interviews, game shows, etc. Looking to trade for good quality Josh Duhamel items.
  • Anna has many tapes of Anna and Robert and other GH tapes for trade.
  • Becky has all of the GH episodes from 2/8/05 to 3/10/06 to trade, plus many GH star appearances on other shows.
  • is looking to trade for CDS or Cassette copies of Kurth & Taylor Band and anything by Brad Maule.
  • Deb is looking for the GH episodes 7/14/04 - 7/16/04
  • Diane is looking for episodes from Robin and Stone's love story from the beginning to when he told Jagger he was dying.
  • Eldon's General Hospital Collections Page
  •  is looking for episodes with Sonny and Brenda.
  • Fran has a large collection of GH tapes, email her for a list!
  • Gary is looking for tapes of GH from 1978 when Mary O'Brien played Heather Webber.  He has many tapes from the 80's to trade. 
  • has full episodes from 1984-87,1992-96 and some edits.
  • is looking for tapes of John Stamos from when he was on General Hospital and the series "Dreams".
  • In Case You Missed It
  • Jefferson is looking for tapes of Frisco and Felicia.
  • Jessica is looking for these GH actor appearances: Daytime Emmys when Maurice won best Actor (maybe 2003?)  Daytime Emmys when Chad Brannon (aka Zander) & Ric won Emmys (maybe 2004?)  Soap Talk's GH 40th Anniversary Special with cast members. ( Maurice, Nancy, Tamara, and a bunch of other cast members were on it) She has others to trade.
  • Leonora is looking for episodes of GH from the late 80's that have a young man named Lance Woods. He was probably an extra or day player.
  • Lynn's GH Edits
  • Marie has many GH DVD's to trade with others. 
  • Michelle is looking for any Quartermaine stuff from the beginning to 2007 and has stuff from AMC, GH, PC, OLTL, and Days to trade if anyone is interested.
  • Michelle would like anything GH sold - except magazines and tapes. Especially postcards if they have them.
  • is looking for scenes from the Rick/Monica/Alan triangle in 1979-80. She has lots of stuff to trade, including an extensive collection of edits of the Quartermaine storyline from 1980-2002.  Also, check out her website: Monica Quartermaine Collection.
  • is looking for the tapes of Frisco and Felicia's weddings and their children's births.
  • Niki has GH tapes, photos, PC stuff and much more.
  • Nicholas is desperately searching for any videos of the Young and the Restless featuring Jamie Lynn Bauer (old appearances please), episodes of General Hospital featuring Valerie Starrett as Diana Taylor, episodes of Santa Barbara with Wanda de Jesus as Santanna Andrade, episodes of As the World Turns and Another World featuring actress Vicky Dawson, episodes of Another World with Vana Tribbey, 1970s episodes of Guiding Light featuring Maureen Garrett, episodes of Emmerdale with Malandra Burrows as Kathy, and any episodes of Showtime's A New Day in Eden. He is also searching for any issues of the magazine Soap Opera Serials.
  • Pamela is looking for a copy of the miniseries "Bare Essence" (it recently showed again on the Romance Classics channel) starring Genie Francis.
  • Renata  is looking for episodes of GH that featured Rick Springfield (Noah Drake).
  • Robert has many old soap DVD's from the 60's through 80's, including GH!
  • Stacey has a lot of General Hospital and other soap stuff, plus other things, so check out her list for what she wants and what she has. She also runs a tape-trading newsletter for the soaps!  She has some amazing stuff and is a good trader. If you have any GH episode VHS, Beta or audio tapes from 1980-1984 please contact her!
  • Vanessa  is looking for many AMC shows from earlier this year and GH 5/20/05.  She has a lot to trade.
  • has tapes of Sonny, Brenda, Carly, Hannah, Jax, Liz, Lucky, Music compilations, Nurses Ball, and many others.
  • Zandra has edited tapes of Zander, Lucky, and Liz.

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Page updated 8/8/12

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