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Guiding Light Predictions & Rumors

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Rumors by Eva  5/4/09

The Suds Report has learned that Emmy winner Jerry Ver Dorn (ex-Ross; now Clint, One Life) would love to return to GL for its last show if ABC gives him the green light. A major character resurrected for its final episode will be either Ross and/or Maureen! Expect a big mystery to engulf Springfield this summer. Peter Simon (ex-Ed), Maureen Garrett (ex-Holly), and Rick Hearst (ex-Alan-Michael; Ric, GH) are in negotiations to return to GL.

Predictions By Suzanne 8/13/08

Reva and Jeffrey get married, despite Josh's best efforts to win back Reva. Grady and Daisy drift apart. Cyrus leaves town to find Harley. Dinah causes problems for Mallet and Marina. Alan uses his new psychic powers to win back his fortune.

3/20/08 by Eva

It is rumored that Marcy Rylan may be leaving and that ABC is interested in Beth Ehlers whose contract expires in May. It is also strongly rumored that Guiding Light has been renewed.

10/23/07 by Elizabeth

  • Cassie and Josh won't be able to have a child of their own.
  • In the wake of her return, Marina's happiness will be short lived.
  • Griggs will stay around for a bit, forcing Cyrus to work for him.
  • Alan will protect his sister.
  • Daisy will find it hard to forgive her mother for spending so much time away from her while she needed someone to be there.
  • Rafe will look to Alan on how to behave in the wake of losing his child.
  • Natalia and Gus will be at odds over Alan's involvement in their son's life.
  • Frank will be angry with his sister for keeping information from him.
  • Coop won't tell Ashlee about his kiss with Ava until she forces it out of him.
  • Ashlee will wonder if perhaps her mother is right about Coop, and men in general.

9/17/07 by Elizabeth

  • When it is revealed that Reva and Alan killed someone, everyone will be wondering who it was. My guess is that Alfred Randall (AKA Nate Hoffer) will be the unlucky victim. As viewers learn who was killed, they will also learn that Alan is keeping quiet about Jonathan & Sarah to protect them.
  • Harley will surprisingly urge Marina to follow her heart when it comes to Cyrus.
  • Vanessa will begin to spend a lot of time with Billy. Both will become nostalgic for the past.
  • Billy will be able to stay clean while he's spending time with Vanessa, but as soon as that's over he'll hit rock bottom again.
  • Lizzie will continue to work her butt off at Lewis Construction and will impress many people.
  • Cassie will jump back into the forefront of working for Lewis Construction in the wake of the building collapse. She and Lizzie will form an odd alliance in helping to keep Billy sober.
  • Ashlee's secret will have something to do with a baby or pregnancy.
  • Doris will be worried that Buzz will use her daughter's secret against her in the mayoral campaign. When she's wrong, she will begin to look at Buzz in a different light.
  • Jeffery will wonder what it is that Reva sees in Alan. He'll look to Olivia for the answers, and the two will become close.

8/30/07 by Elizabeth

  • Gus and Harley will work things out, until something happens with Daisy and Rafe that will cause them to be at odds once again.
  • Things with Dinah and Mallet will not improve. While Mallet works overtime to help pay for his wife's medical bills, he inadvertently ignores. This will just send Dinah to seek out Matt over and over again, which makes her wonder who she should be with.
  • Ashlee continues to push Coop away until she overhears him saying the nicest things about her.
  • Alan asks Rafe to try and understand why he drugged Harley. Natalia is shocked when she realizes that Alan may have a bigger hold over her son than she originally thought.
  • Billy wonders if things are truly over for him and Vanessa.

8/6/07  by Elizabeth

  • Cassie and Josh will get married soon. Their happiness will be short lived.
  •  Cyrus and Alex's arrangement will not work out. She will become jealous of every moment he is without her. Meanwhile, he'll wonder where Marina is when he's not around. Alex might try and take him out of the country on 'vacation' to get his mind away from Ms. Cooper.
  •  Harley won't be sure if she can forgive Gus. She'll turn to a friend, Dylan when she needs help sorting her feelings out. Dylan will be more than happy to be there for her, since he truly does care for her. Gus will try and fight for his wife while Natalia fights to keep her first love. Harley's ambivalence will leave Gus wondering if there is a marriage to even fight for.
  •  Alan's role as a grandfather coupled with their parents arguing will cause problems for Rafe and Daisy.
  •  Mallet will struggle to keep his marriage intact. Dinah will be busy trying to conquer her own problems, using only Matt as an ally.
  •  Buzz and Lillian will continue to date and grow closer.
  •  Jeffery and Reva grow closer despite Olivia's meddling. 

6/27/07 by Elizabeth

  • Daisy and Rafe will continue to grow closer over the summer. Maybe even too close! I'm guessing that Daisy may have a pregnancy scare, or become pregnant in a few months. This will help push Gus and Harley even further apart, since each will blame the other's child for the dilemma. Gus will run to Natalia, and Harley to Dylan.
  • Cyrus and Marina's relationship will also heat up in the summer months.
  • Ashlee will soon get out of juvie, no thanks to her mother. Once out Ashlee will devote much of her time to beginning a relationship with Coop. Ava will realize this and the rivalry will be on.
  • Reva will end up having to come clean to someone, most likely Billy or Jeffery, about her escapades with Lizzie. Meanwhile Lizzie will continue to have flashbacks regarding her 'missing time' with Reva.
  • Josh will have a hard time hearing about what Cassie did regarding the paternity test of Beth's child. He won't be able to understand why she got herself involved and will end up doing the right thing by going to Alan himself with the truth. This will make Cassie furious and may be the end of the pair.

5/15/07 by Elizabeth

  • When Mel finds out that Rick might be the father of Beth's baby, she makes a surprising decision. She vows to help him win custody of his child, and out of Alan's house.  Rick wonders if this may mean that they can work things out after all.
  • Daisy is ecstatic when she realizes that Gus isn't telling Harley everything about his past with Natalia.
  • Ava puts her quest to win Coop's heart back into overdrive. She is determined to get what she wants.
  • It takes a long time before Josh comes clean to Cassie about his prison tryst with Reva.
  • Cyrus begins working for the Spaulding Family. Initially he takes the job looking at it as an opportunity to rob them blind. Given some time, Cyrus begins to wonder if his criminal ways are behind him or not as he realizes how much he truly cares for Marina.

4/4/07 by Suzanne

  • Alan's wife is the one who shot him.  Beth and Rick will get married.  Lizzie will turn over a new leaf, and Coop and she will get back together.  Olivia and Buzz will get married.  Gus and Harley will break up again.

3/19/07 by Elizabeth

  • Reva will be the one who helps free Josh from prison and name Alan's real shooter. This could also mean trouble for Josh and Cassie's relationship.

  • When Alan wakes up, he will be hell bent on figuring out a way to end his marriage to Doris. Surprisingly, he won't be rushing out to name his shooter.

  • We will find out when Alan awakes, that the viewers have two new suspects in the shooting of Alan. Rick and Alan-Michael will both be at the top of everyone's lists of likely shooters.

  • Dinah will turn to her mother when she doesn't know how to deal with Cyrus.

  • Gus and Harley will soon be at odds over how to best deal with a teenager in the house.

3/13/07 by Elizabeth

  • Ava will be the one to find out that Alan-Michael can walk, and she will be ecstatic.  It will be a while before she realizes how long he's been able to do so.

  • Ashlee will find that an unlikely person remembers her birthday Coop!  Even though he will just want to be friends, she will fall hard for him.  This will make Doris furious.

  • Marina will find out about the Dinah/Cyrus connection and debate on whether she should tell Mallet or not.  In the end she will come clean with her partner about Dinah's past with the ex-con.

  • Rick will turn to Beth as he begins going through the motions of a divorce with Mel.

  • Alan will wake up and reveal who shot him, but only to the viewers. Springfield PD won't find out for a little while.

1/30/07 by Elizabeth

  • The loss of Tammy will have a serious effect on many of the people in town.
  • Reva and Cassie will become closer.
  • Josh and Cassie will have trouble maintaining their relationship.
  • Jonathan, Remy and Dinah, together, will rail against the Spaulding Family.
  • Lizzie will become her old self once she realizes that there is no one left for her to turn to.
  • Marina will realize that life is short, and decide to go after what she really wants Mallet.
  • Daisy will want to turn to drugs again once she realizes that Tammy is dead.
  • Olivia will want her new life with Buzz to start ASAP.
  • Jeffery will try and be more of a father to Ava.

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