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I used to love to watch Space: 1999 when I was a kid in the 70's.  I really loved the characters, the costumes, and the monsters.  To really appreciate what scifi tv fans went through back then, you have to realize that between Star Trek in the late 60's and Star Wars in the late 70's, there wasn't much scifi in TV or movies.  It wasn't like today when we have so many channels and so much to choose from, and scifi/fantasy has become mainstream.  We had Star Trek reruns, the occasional movie like Logan's Run, and for a couple of years, Space: 1999.  It had some good things, some good acting and special effects for the time, but mostly it was a bad Star Trek ripoff.  Nowadays I find it hard to watch because the characters are wooden and the plots slow or outright stupid.  But back then, it was all we had, and we ate it up.


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