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Primetime  TV Networks Links Page

We Love TV!

This is just an unofficial fan page, we have no connection to any shows or networks.

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Links below are official unless otherwise noted.

A&E Arts & Entertainment Network
ABC American Broadcasting Company
ABC Family ABC's G-rated network
AMC American Movie Classics
Animal Planet Great cable network for seeing animals of all kinds
BBC Television British Broadcasting Corporation
BBC America The British channel for us yanks
BET  Black Entertainment Television
Bloomberg TV Financial network
Bravo Cable network...used to be high class but not sure what it is now.
Cartoon Network A great animated cable channel owned by Turner
CBC Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
CBS Columbia Broadcasting Corporation
Cinemax cable movie channel
CNBC NBC's financial news network
CNN Cable News Network - the first
CMT Country Music Television
Comedy Central Comedy cable channel
Cooking Channel Another cooking cable network
CSPAN See the U.S. congress on tv!
CWTV The CW - Warner Brothers and CBS/Paramount
The Discovery Channel  "You and me, baby, ain't nothin' but mammals, so let's do it like they do on the Discovery Channel..."
The Disney Page Page for the whole empire, including their TV networks
DIY Network Do it yourself cable channel
Dreamworks SKG production company by Spielberg and others
E! Online Entertainment cable channel
ESPN The famous cable sports network
Food Network Great cable channel for cooking, restaurants and more
FOX Main page for the production company and TV Network
Free Speech TV Left-wing cable channel and fascinating website.
FX Fox's cable net
G4 Gaming Network
Game Show Network Cable channel that shows old game shows
Golf Network Cable sports network
Hallmark Channel Cable channel that has lots of family entertainment
HBO Home Box Office
Home Shopping Network HSN
HGTV House and Garden Television
History Channel Cable network
IFC  The Independent Film Channel
ION Lots of drama re-runs
Lifetime Television cable channel for women and others
LOGO Gay TV cable net
The MCA/Universal Page production company
MSG Madison Square Garden network
MSNBC NBC's cable news network
MTV Music Television
MuchMusic Another cable music channel
The N Cable net for teens
NBC   National Broadasting Corporation
Nick-at-Nite    Cable net with tons of great old shows
Nickelodeon Kids' cable net
Outdoor Channel Outdoor sports network
Ovation fine arts network
 another cable women's channel
PBS Public Broadcasting Service
QVC The other cable shopping net
Syfy Cable net for scifi fans
Showtime Premium movies net but has some series, too
Soapnet ABC's cable network for soaps
Sony Television AKA Columbia TriStar 
Spike TV A cable net for men
Starz! Home of Starz!, Encore, The Mystery Channel and more!
Style Network A cable fashion net
Sundance Channel Cable movie net for indy films
TBN Trinity Broadcasting Network
TBS Another Turner station with reruns, movies and sports
TLC  The Learning Channel
TMC  The Movie Channel, another premium cable movie channel
Tru TV  Reality TV and more
Turner Entertainment Group Home of CNN, TNT, TBS, TCM, Cartoon Network, etc.
TVLAND Best network for old shows and a few new ones
Univision Spanish language cable net
Vidiot's UPN Page   (unofficial)
USA Network cable network with great original programming and other stuff
VH1 cable music net
Warner Brothers production company
The Weather Channel cable network for weather
WGN   Chicago's super station cable net
Yahoo Directory of TV Networks Many more tv nets listed here

Links checked 7/6/12

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Page updated 1/2/18

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