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2005 Guiding Light Predictions & Rumors

10-11-05 by Elizabeth

  • When Reva realizes the kind of trouble Billy is in, she will be his shoulder to lean on. Chances are they will get closer than either of them thought was possible, which will cause a rift between Billy and Josh.
  • Bill will slowly begin to piece together what happened to his father at the bar. In an effort to punish Olivia, his life will be become all about business causing him to leave Springfield.
  • After her husband leaves town, Olivia will end up spending more time with a man in the Cooper Family.
  • Jeffery will vow to make Edmund pay at all costs, especially when he finds out about the faux farmhouse fire. This will cause Edmund to reveal secrets about Jeffery's past as well.
  • It will be revealed that Sandy's secret is one about a past relationship, involving Ava. Tammy will be shocked when she finds this out, wondering which one of them made the bigger mistake.
  • When Alan-Michael returns to Springfield he will team up with his father and Beth. He too, won't think a Cooper should be running Spaulding Enterprises.

10-5-05 by Elizabeth

  • Sandy will suffer some sort of memory loss, and not be able to recall that he saw Tammy & Jonathan together in the barn, initially.
  • Tammy & Sandy will get engaged.
  • Sandy's big secret will include Ava, and it may be that they were once married. Fallon will turn out to be a divorce attorney.
  • Edmund will manipulate the situation, so that Hope's DNA test comes back as negative for being a blood relative of Michelle.
  • Marina will eventually come clean with Danny about her original thoughts regarding Michelle & the baby.
  • Danny will set out to find the truth about Baby Hope.
  • Coop and Lizzie will continue to grow closer, as he helps support her while she’s getting used to the idea of a budget.
  • Harley will continue to succeed as CEO of Spaulding Enterprises, much to the chagrin of Olivia, Alex and Beth.
  • Reva and Billy will continue to spend more and more time together.

9-22-05 by Elizabeth

  • Jeffery will push Cassie away as he fears for her safety.
  • Danny will talk Michelle out of moving to California.
  • Though he’s not responsible for the threatening letter, Sandy will be involved with the counterfeit case that Jeffery is working on.
  • Marina will eventually realize that Edmund and Michelle are closer than anyone realizes.
  • Marina and Jeffery will team up, and one of them will be dishonest with the other.
  • Jonathan will find an unlikely ally as he searches for Dinah.
  • Edmund realizes that Dinah isn’t the only person who could prove to be a problem for he & Cassie.
  • Edmund forgets about Dinah, making her think that he has left her to die.
  • Cassie finds out about Edmund’s ‘dependence’ on prescription pain killers.

8-31-05 by Elizabeth

  • Ava will have a San Cristobal connection. Whether it is with Sandy, Olivia or Jonathan is unclear.

  • Tammy will go to Jonathan for help in uncovering Sandy’s past and together they will find something out about Jonathan.

  • Alan will continue to lure Phillip out of hiding with no such luck.

  • When Alan-Michael returns, it will be to stick up for his father. Gus will attempt to take control of Spaulding Enterprises and get a shock when Alan-Michael decides that it might not be the best idea.

  • Rick will be supportive of his sister, when there are complications with the birth. However, he will think she’s depressed (or has some other medical condition) when she refuses to believe that her baby is really dead.

  • Dinah will come clean with an unlikely person (likely Mallet) when she finally realizes what Evil Edmund is up to.

8-1-05 by Elizabeth

  • Gus will begin to gear up his wedding to Harley. We’re going to see lots of excitement on his part. Harley on the other hand, will be busy with Mallet trying to find Phillip.

  • Michelle will find out that she’s pregnant with Tony’s child. When Danny finally finds this out, it will be no shock that he will want to raise the child with her. This will draw the two of them closer as Marina continues her grueling schedule as a rookie cop.

  • Nate’s time in Springfield will end violently, but I’m predicting that in the coming weeks we will find out that Sandy isn’t as innocent as he’s been portrayed. Nate’s demise, I also predict will come at the hands of someone whom we least expect. My bet is on Bill.

  • Despite Alan & Beth’s attempts at moving Lizzie back home; it will backfire. She and Coop will become closer. In fact, I think Lizzie will soon become a de facto Cooper – especially with Gus at the head of the Spaulding household.

7-25-05 by Elizabeth

  • Harley will be one of the few people in town who will believe Alan's news that Phillip is alive. She will team up with Mallet to find Phillip when Gus refuses to help her.

  • Marina will realize that being a cop is harder than she thought when she faces backlash for being the chief's daughter.

  • Tammy will realize that she misses Jonathan more than she anticipated when she pushes him away.

  • Dinah will wonder how genuine Edmund's affections really are. When she finds out that he's just using her, it may shock him to learn that she has the upper hand.

  • Olivia will continue to wonder if she should believe Alfred or Jonathan. She will search for her sister's killer and be shocked when she finds out what really happened.

7-11-05 by Elizabeth

  • Reva goes to extreme measures to protect her son.

  • Dinah confides in another person that she lost the baby.

  • Lizzie realizes what her grandfather is capable of and this drives her closer to Coop.

  • Olivia will continue to think that Jonathan was the one that killed Marissa after spending more time with him.

6-26-05 by Suzanne

Sebastian will die because of his covering up for Alan.  Edmund will try to kidnap Cassie after he learns that Dinah is not really pregnant, but Cassie will talk him out of his rage.  Dinah will realize Jonathan is the one for her.  There will be a triangle with Dinah/Jonathan/Tammy after Sandy's true identity is found out.  Harley will be exonerated and Alan will go to a mental institution.

6-24-05 by Eva

RUMOR--Guiding Light City is reporting that Doug Hutchison (Sebastian Hulce) is leaving the show due to budget cuts. A show spokesperson says the decision was mutual. My thought is that he was never very popular with fans and fan boards, and soap groups have been filled with messages saying how much they disliked the character. No final airdate information was given yet.

6-13-05 by Elizabeth

  • Even though Cassie will decide to stay with Edmund, she and Jeffery will get intimate.
  • Dinah will pull out all the stops to try and sleep with Edmund.
  • Reva will take Nate’s word over her son’s when it comes to drugs.
  • Jonathan will hurt Sandy in order to temporarily appease his father.
  • We will find out that Marissa is dead, which will send both Jonathan and Olivia into a tailspin.
  • Marina and Danny will continue to grow closer as they try to save Harley.
  • Gus & Harley will return to Springfield after coming up empty handed in New York.

5-22-05 by Elizabeth

  • One of her heroes will finally rescue Harley.

  • Lizzie won't end up going to Europe with her mother. Instead, she and Coop will continue to grow closer.

  • Olivia will refuse to confide in Bill which will cause a larger rift between them.

  • Dinah will soon realize that the only way to have Edmund fall in love with her will be to help him in his quest to save Will.

  • It will be revealed that Nate has a 'connection' of some sort to Reva.

  • Gus will find out the true identity of the killer and have to decide what to do with the information.

5-16-05 by Elizabeth

  • Harley and Mallet's efforts will be put into overdrive when they try and figure out who sold Harley out. Harley will realize that Mallet, not Gus is the one that is protecting her and it may lead to her wondering more and more about the pass. I see a romantic kiss between the two of them in the near future. And SHHH! We can’t tell Gus about it.

  • Nate will appear more and more on the show and Reva will tell Josh about her job only when necessary.

  • Cassie will stop at nothing to protect her child.

  • Sandy, like Reva, will also begin to notice Tammy's unusual behavior.

  • Marina will eventually realize that Danny's had enough time to decide what he wants to do & who he wants to be with, just as Michelle and Robbie return to town.

  • Dinah will use the situation with Will to her advantage in trying to get closer to Edmund and Cassie won't even realize it.

  • Blake, Sebastian and Josh will continue to work against Alan not telling anyone about their plans. Blake will find it increasingly difficult, especially with Ross's upcoming surgery.

  • Lizzie will begin to wonder if she did the right thing by lying to Coop. When she has a hard time with family later on she will go back to him and come clean about everything.

4-16-05 by Ashley

I've been an avid viewer of Guiding Light since my early high school days, and I can say that certain trends always return -- on nearly every soap for that matter. In terms of Dinah, Edmund, and Cassie's "baby" situation, it's safe to say that viewers can already guess what will happen next. Some way and some how, Dinah is going to disappear and run off with Edmund and Cassie's child. She is already trying to move in on Edmund, but if this is not successful, I believe that her next move will be to take the baby away when it is born, possibly back to Europe. This might coincide with Vanessa's return. Vanessa, who helped her flee the country in the past, might help her out this time.

Next, I truly think that Phillip will return some day. Even though it might not be soon (as in this year), I think we're all privy to the "a character never just dies" soap opera trend. So, while we're waiting for this to happen, the real "killer" is going to be sought out and convicted. I believe Olivia is the person that Phillip wanted to frame the most. Harley has simply gotten caught up in the madness. However, my mind also travels to Jonathan's role in the "murder." A few days before Phillip died, he was seen comforting Olivia and telling her with great passion and anger that "no child should ever be taken away from his or her mother." I think that his past grievances really gave him a motive.

Harley will get out of jail, eventually. When this occurs, there is going to be a love triangle between her, Mallet, and Gus. However, I get the feeling that Olivia might look to Gus for some fellow "Spaulding-hater" comfort, and they could end up romantically linked.

Tony will make an unplanned exit. Michelle and Danny are destined to return to one another, and Tony is standing in the way of this. Whether he will just walk away, leave town, or undergo something tragic, I am not sure yet. Michelle and Danny will find their way back to each other, however.

Jeffrey and Cassie will continue growing closer, and Edmund will try to prevent this in any way he can. There is one other thing about this story that I have felt was true for a very long time. I believe that Jeffrey is the real Richard and that Richard never really died. I remember one time when Jeffrey was romancing Beth. He told her that he has had to do some incredibly hard things in his life, including "giving up someone he truly loved." I always thought that this meant Cassie. I think that Richard was in trouble with the mob for trying to make money to support his and Cassie's huge dreams of building a huge house in Springfield. (Remember they couldn't afford it on his Ambassador salary.) Something happened, and he couldn't pay up, so they planned to have him "killed." I'm thinking that he may have faked his own death by making a deal with the FBI. Now he has returned to claim Cassie, his one true love.

4-12-05 by Elizabeth

  • Reva will continue to have a hard time dealing with menopause and end up pushing Josh away.

  • Cassie will turn to Jeffery when she has to deal with the fact that Dinah is carrying her child.

  • Tony will figure out that something is happening between Michelle and Danny.

  • Jonathan will have someone come to town that will let us know why he really showed up in the first place.

  • Olivia will find out about Bill & Harley from someone other than Bill, which won’t help their marriage.

  • Dinah will have to come clean to her family about her pregnancy and will get little, if any support. She will end up turning to Edmund for help in dealing with the recent changes in her life.

  • Edmund will react with anger when he finds out who his wife is becoming close to.

  • The Cooper’s will struggle as they deal with daily life without Harley.

  • Frank will continue to blame himself for his sister being in prison until he gets a lead on a new suspect.

  • Gus will continue to try and free Harley and his health will worsen.

3-14-05 by Elizabeth

  • Sebastian will continue to keep the pressure up at work, forcing Olivia to do anything to keep her job. Bill will slowly learn, bit by bit of what his wife is up to and won’t be pleased.

  • Dinah propositions Edmund in a most unusual way.

  • Harley and Gus will continue to grow closer as she gets closer to being a free woman.

  • After seeing Jeffery perform with his band, Cassie will feel she can talk to him.

3-07-05 by Elizabeth

  • Reva will wonder why Jonathan is so intent on making sure Cassie knows the truth about the fire in the barn.

  • Cassie will turn to Jeffery for the truth when she finds out about Edmund and the fire. She will confront her husband after turning to Jeffery which will anger Edmund when he finds out.

  • Dinah will turn up the heat in trying to seduce Edmund, while he's most vulnerable.

  • Harley wonders who really shot Phillip when new evidence is exposed.

  • Coop and Lizzie continue to deal with their family's disapproval.

  • Ross & Bill continue to worry about Dinah.

2-28-05 by Elizabeth

  • Dinah won’t like her father butting into her life while Ross & Matt fight to keep Jonathan away from her.

  • Harley will go to drastic measures to save Zach from a life with Alan.

  • Someone or something (evidence of some sort) will show up just in the knick of time to save Harley.

  • Bill and Olivia will continue to argue and grow apart.

  • Sebastian will continue to try and weasel his way into Spaulding Enterprises, much to the dismay of Olivia.

  • Coop will continue to try and get Lizzie to forgive him for betraying her trust.

  • Reva will begin to wonder why Jonathan wants her to tell Cassie about the fire so badly.

2-22-05 by Elizabeth

  • Reva goes after Edmund when she finds out he's been 'harassing' her son.

  • Cassie doesn't want to hear that Edmund may have some secrets of his own when Reva confronts her.

  • Something will happen at the last minute to make Harley look innocent.

  • Bill & Olivia will continue to argue over Bill helping out Harley.

  • Sebastian will go to Alan wanting to make a deal.

2-14-05 by Elizabeth

  • Dinah will find herself being comforted by someone she didn't anticipate after breaking the news to Edmund about where Cassie was the night before her wedding.

  • Jonathan will find an unlikely ally when Edmund comes after him.

  • MOST of the town will come out in support of Harley.

  • Lizzie will do anything it takes in order to assure that Harley goes to prison; while Gus does everything he can to make sure Harley stays a free woman.

2-7-05 by Elizabeth

Some couples will grow closer on Valentines Day while others drift apart:

  • Sandy and Tammy will continue to grow closer emotionally.

  • Danny will want to show Marina his feelings on Valentine's Day.

  • Gus and Harley will get closer as the trial date is approaching.

  • Michelle will continue to have memories and not know who to share them with. She'll keep them from Tony until she figures out what they mean to her.

  • Bill and Olivia will argue about Spaulding Enterprises, Lewis Construction and Slingshot Enterprises and what their role in each is.

  • Coop will not know whether he should trust Lizzie or not and possibly be surprised at how he feels.

  • Reva will wonder what happened to her new car, and not believe Jonathan when he pretends to be innocent.

  • Jonathan will try and find out what Dinah's clue left on his cast means.

2-1-05 by Nikki

Harley will go to trial and find out she isn't the killer but reveal a link to who did. Olivia and Bill will try to get Alan to quit accusing her about the murder and will cook up something so everyone in town will, too. Cassie will turn up pregnant with Jonathan's baby. Dinah will fake a pregnancy and pretend it is Edmund's baby, just to cause problems with Cassie and Edmund. Holly will end up going crazy just like Sebastian. Reva and Josh will get a divorce. Edmund will find out about Jonathan and Cassie's night, and so will Tammy. Tammy and Sandy become a couple and fall in love, as will Danny and Marina. Gus and Harley will come together and realize they need each other.

1-29-05 by Elizabeth

  • Michelle will take it as a personal insult when she finds out what Danny wants from the divorce.

  • Edmund will continue to grow suspicious of Cassie's behavior; especially after she finds out she is pregnant.

  • Harley's trial will proceed and it will look as though Alan is keeping his word of making Harley pay.

  • Josh will not be pleased when he finds out that Reva has been arrested and will blame Jonathan. This will only make Reva angrier.

1-24-05 by Elizabeth

  • Cassie will find out she's pregnant soon. She will turn to Josh, instead of Edmund for support when she realizes she doesn't know who the father is.
  • Reva and Jonathan will bond, creating more problems for Reva and Josh.
  • It will look like Harley will be sent to jail for life.
  • Alan and Gus will have it out at the office.

1-19-05 by Elizabeth

  • Holly has a hard time accepting Sebastian's death and ends up confiding in someone or something.

  • Blake will realize her mother isn't telling her the truth and will need support from Ross.

  • Sebastian will eventually find his way back to Springfield.

  • Frank won't like it when he finds out his daughter is dating Danny. Danny will end up taking a lot of flack for dating Marina.

  • Tony and Michelle will realize their relationship isn’t as wonderful as they thought it was once they get back to the daily grind of Springfield life.

  • Beth will leave just as the mystery of Phillip's death is beginning to unravel.

  • I don't think Phillip is truly dead, and don't think that he will be returning anytime soon either.

  • Tammy will begin to forgive Jonathan and will then find out about her mother's night with him. I think she'll end up blaming her mother instead of Jonathan.

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