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2006 Guiding Light Predictions & Rumors

11-27-06 by Elizabeth

  • Jeffery apologizes to Olivia for the role he played in getting her pregnant.
  • Olivia, still angry with Jeffery, makes it hard for him to spend time with Ava. The two women, however, get closer.
  • Tammy wonders if she's made the right decision by flushing Jonathan out of her life.
  • Gus learns that he won't be able to father kids with Harley. In fact, he won't be able to have children at all.
  • Vanessa and Matt continue to push Mallet and Dinah together.
  • Billy struggles with how to live his life now that Reva doesn't need him so much anymore.

10-26-06 by Beth

My prediction is that Reva won't go though with killing herself.

10-2-06 by Elizabeth

  • Reva's children will return as everyone in town finds out about Reva's battle with cancer.
  • Blake and Dinah will go head to head over Jeffery.
  • Dinah will try to get Mallet to stop loving her in a few very devious ways.
  • Tammy will become irate when she finds out that both Jonathan and Lizzie knew about Reva's cancer, and never told her.
  • Jonathan realizes that Remy may be a threat, and ends up pushing Tammy away.
  • Ava will have a hard time with the realization that she was adopted, and that her mother (Mrs. Peralta) lied to her for so many years. She will turn to Alan-Michael instead of Coop, for help getting through this hurdle.
  • Beth will be rejected by a man in her life, much to her surprise.

9-19-06 by Suzanne

  • Ava is Olivia's long-lost daughter. Olivia will need some kind of donation from Ava to save Emma.
  • Gus is the person behind the Springfield Burns website, but it could also be Marina or Remy.
  • Dr. Baker will die.  Jonathan, Tammy, and Lizzie will be suspects.
  • Cassie will find out about Reva's dying but keep it from Josh.

9-4-06 by Elizabeth

  • Mel will find out about Rick’s affair at the worst possible time. She will rethink her commitment to their marriage, and ask for a divorce.
  • Leah will rebel when she finds out about her father’s extramarital affair.
  • Jonathan will marry Lizzie in hopes that it will allow them to keep their baby.
  • Reva and Cassie will have numerous fights over Josh. This will challenge some of the female friendships that occur in Springfield.
  • Mallet will freak out when he finds out the truth about Jeffery’s past.
  • Blake will become jealous of Dinah’s relationship with Jeffery.
  • At the end of her affair with Rick, Beth will decide to become as ruthless and uncaring as Alan is.
  • Remy and Marina will ultimately figure out who the person behind Springfield Burns is.

9-04-06 by Eva

There are unconfirmed rumors that Tom Pelphrey (Jonathan) and  Stephanie Gatschet (Tammy) may be leaving in December and January when their contracts run out.

8-14-06 by Elizabeth

  • Dinah and Jeffery will slowly grow closer, as Dinah and Mallet grow apart. Their (Dinah and Jeffery) secrets may be the glue that keeps them together.
  • Blake will become jealous of Dinah.
  • Reva will remain adamant about not telling Josh about her battle with cancer.
  • The person most against Cassie & Josh being together will be Jonathan, and the rest of Reva's children.
  • Lizzie will become even more worried about her grandfather taking her child away from her.
  • Buzz will remain true to Olivia, despite how the rest of his family feels.
  • Alan-Michael's job offer to Ava will have the two of them working closer than she ever imagined.
  • It will be revealed that Rick is mad as hell about the way everyone in town has treated him in the wake of the Marler plane crash. He may be the one behind Springfield Burns!

7-10-06 by Elizabeth

  • Alan will go after Jonathan in a no holes barred approach, even if that means having to hurt Lizzie in the process.
  • Cassie will urge Josh to go after Reva, even though she feels differently. Josh will sense this, and wonder which sister he truly belongs with.
  • Billy will continue to stand by Reva through her battle with cancer, despite how angry this may make a member of his family.
  • Jonathan will begin to truly care about Lizzie, and thus the baby. The proud parents will wonder silently if they could make a relationship work for the sake of their child.
  • Tammy will push Jonathan and Lizzie together, wanting to put the baby first.
  • Harley will take Ava's side when it comes to Olivia.

5-16-06 by Randee

  • Soap Opera Central is reporting that Kim Zimmer is again in negotiations to take a drop in pay now that her contract is up.  Kim and the network are both keeping tight lipped about it though.

1-24-06 by Elizabeth

  • Cassie will wrestle with what to do with the news of a Jeffery/Richard connection.
  • Marina will try to take on Alan-Michael herself, in an effort not to worry Harley.
  • Dinah will continue to struggle with whether or not she should trust Mallet.
  • Ava will want to tell Coop about the Lizzie/Quinn kiss, but will ultimately remain silent when she realizes how much Coop loves his girlfriend.
  • Josh and Olivia’s relationship will continue to flourish. Reva and Billy will both wonder if they should tell Joshua about her helping to push Billy off the wagon.
  • Cassie will not stop in trying to break up Jonathan and Tammy’s relationship. She’ll even tell her daughter about Jonathan’s attempt at blackmailing her.
  • When Alan and Gus return to Springfield, they will find that things aren’t exactly as they left them.

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