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WELCOME to The TVMEGASITE.NET Daytime Recipes Page

Daytime Soap Recipes

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Daytime Recipes by Dani

  • December, 2007
    The 12 Days of Christmas
  • November, 2007
    Cajun Thanksgiving:  Turkey, ham, fried sweet potatoes, dirty rice, buttermilk dill mashed potatoes, creamed green beans, deep fried Brussels sprouts, lemon pepper tarter.
  • September, 2007
    "Babies are Sweet!" Shower, Sharon Abbott Florentine Meatloaf with Spaghetti Squash, and Felicia Forrester Brie Dip.
  • August, 2007
    Soured Beef Sandwich with cool dill green bean salad or apple potatoes salad.
  • July, 2007 ~ Doris For Mayor Campaign Party
    Baked Mac and Cheese, Jalapeņo Pigs-in-a-blanket, Salmon Sticks, Easy Turtle Brownies, Mini Shrimp Quiche, and Stuffed Mushrooms.
  • June, 2007 ~ Annual Bauer BBQ
    Black & Blue Hamburger, Maple & Onion Mini-Dogs, BBQ Corn-on-the-Cob, Baked Beans,  Champagne Cole Slaw, Cucumber  & Melon Salad, Red, White, and Blue Tossed Salad, Deviled Eggs Florentine, Red, White & Blue Chips and Dip, and Lemonade.
  • May, 2007
    Faith Snyder Healthy Dip, Nikki Newman Cheesy Nut Salad, Victoria's Tuna Tomatoes, and Carly's Meatloaf.
  • Phyllis & Nick's Puttanesca Rehearsal Dinner
          Page 2 ~ Korbel Bruschetta, Strawberry Bruschetta, and Melon Ice Cubes for
          Page 3 ~ Henry Coleman Dirty Martini and Vienna Hyatt Swedish Meatballs.
          Page 4 ~ Tower's Martini Shrimp Cocktail and Aussie Pies.
  • April, 2007
    Buzz & Olivia Wedding Cake, Rick in Paris, and Heart Attack Hotdog.
  • March, 2007
    Casey's Chicken Quesadillas, Nick Marone Seafood Macaroni and Cheese, and Vienna Deviled Eggs.

Suzanne has many recipes on her site (non-soap opera-related)

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