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General Daytime Soap News, Info, and Scoops!

Hallmark On Monday, Home & Family (1.26.15) hosts a special Dynasty reunion with Pamela Sue Martin (Fallon Carrington), John James (Jeff Colby), Al Corley (Steven Carrington), Gordon Thomson (Adam Carrington) and Pamela Bellwood (Claudia Blaisdel Carrington). There was also a special segment on Nolan Miller’s dresses and a tribute to John Forsythe.
This special Dynasty reunion continues “Home & Family” recent run of reunion episodes paying tribute to some of TV’s greatest series including “Knots Landing,” “The Love Boat” and “Happy Days.” “Home & Family” airs each weekday on Hallmark Channel at 10 am ET/PT.
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MONDAY, January 26- It’s a “Dynasty” Reunion! Mark Steines and Cristina Ferrare welcome the stars of classic TV show: Pamela Sue Martin, John James, Al Corley, Gordon Thomson, and Pamela Bellwood as they reminisce and share stories! We take a look at the actual “Dynasty” gowns designed by the late Nolan Miller. Daughter of “Dynasty’s” John James; Laura James, talks about her life since winning “America’s Next Top Model”! Shirley Bovshow has great uses for bouquets after their special event has come and gone. Debbie Matenopoulos and her glam squad give a makeover to a promising young student! We find out what is really in all of those protein powders with Sophie Uliano. Then, “Dynasty’s” Gordon Thomson joins Cristina in the kitchen to make Baked Greek Shrimp with Tomato and Feta!

The 2015 Daytime Emmy Awards ceremony has been scheduled for Sunday, April 26, 2015. Creative Arts Emmy Awards takes place on Friday, April 24. They will take place in the LA area. The final nominations will be announced on Tuesday, March 26. New categories have been added, one of which is Guest Performer in a Drama Series. The venue and possible broadcast have not been announced yet.

Former "Peyton Place" and "Capitol" star Ed Nelson has passed away.

The classic soap "The Doctors" is going to be shown on Retro TV beginning on Monday, September 29.

Hulu has exclusively launched the longest-running British soap opera "Coronation Street"!
Americans can now join the ranks of "Corrie" superfans like Snoop Dogg, Link  Piers Morgan, Cheryl Cole and Sir Anthony Hopkins, who are openly obsessed with the 53 year-old daily drama that has given viewers stunning bombshells, breakups, 39 births, 120 deaths and 88 weddings.
Hulu and Hulu Plus subscribers will have immediate access to eleven episodes from the current season plus two “Christmas Special” bonus episodes – packed full of weddings, birthdays, affairs, and betrayals.
Fans won’t be left in suspense as the drama unfolds--new episodes post daily, two weeks after they debut in the U.K.! Will an affair keep Tyrone and Kirsty from tying the knot? Will Roy accept help from Mary after an accident leaves him injured? U.S. “Corrie” fans will surely find out!
Here's the URL for more info: Link 
As Sir Anthony Hopkins said “Life isn’t worth living if I miss an episode of Coronation Street.” We hope you readers will have the same enthusiasm for the show.
*About Coronation Street: *
Britain's favorite drama series Coronation Street is loved by millions of fans worldwide. For five decades viewers have been gripped by the domestic dramas of these ordinary people on the fictional cobbled street in Manchester. The roll call of iconic characters over the years is endless, with approximately 5,000 characters. The street has seen it all, from affairs of the heart to domestic disasters. With over 7,500 episodes there have been 39 births, 120 deaths and 88 weddings. IMDb: Link

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