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WELCOME to The TVMEGASITE.NET Daytime Trading Page

Daytime Soaps Tape & DVD Trading

Looking for a particular show or episode on tape? Email us and we will add it here!

(these addresses haven't been checked since 2004)

  • Adam is looking for Edge of Night episodes from 1978- July 1979, and episodes of Another World from the 1970's. Mostly looking for 1977-80 episodes.

  • AmandaPup is looking for early episodes of "Passions" with Timmy, and all episodes of "Homefront".  She has more than three dozen DVDs of edits of "One Life to Live" material from 1978 to 1988, most of which is centered on Viki, first with Joe [Marco's death and trial, Joe's illness and death] and then Clint.  There are a few arcs of other stories, but the concentration in on Viki.
  • has a lot of soaps to offer. AMC edits include Leo/Greenlee, Ryan/Gillian, Ryan/Greenlee, Maria/Edmund, Noah/Julia, Hayley/Mateo, Bobby/Anita/Kelsey, etc. GH edits include Sonny/Carly 1 & 2, Jason/Carly, Teen edits, Carly/Lorenzo, Brenda, etc. I also have appearances and talk shows with the actors. Other soap/nonsoap items are available as well.
  • has a lot of All My Children & General Hospital soap stuff. All episodes from Sept. 2002 until current, Sonny/Carly edits, Jason/Carly edits, Carlo edits, Dillon/Georgie edits; Leo/Greenlee edits, Ryan/Gillian edits, Ryan/Greenlee edits; Nurses' Ball and many episodes outside the soaps with the actors, such as Soap Talk interviews, game shows, etc. Looking to trade for good quality Josh Duhamel items.
  • Brian is looking for any and all Days of Our Lives episodes with Lawrence Alamain, Guiding Light episodes with Phillip Spaulding (played by Grant Alexander), Another World episodes with Jake McKinnon, and One Life to Live episodes with the first Todd Manning (played by Roger Howarth). He has these to trade: Another World 1989 (episode where Vicky gave birth); Days of Our Lives 1992 (this was a primetime episode that aired just before the soap opera awards that night); and "Roger Thorpe-The Scandal years" (This is a 1994 video hosted by Michael Zaslow and has tons of Roger footage/scenes).
  • Brian is looking for episodes of the NBC/P&G soap "Texas" and pre-1981 "Another World". He has over 15,000 videotapes in his collection of old tv shows and soaps from 1981 to the present to trade.
  • NOT TAPES OR DVD'S--Candy has some TV scrapbooks with daytime & primetime stuff; she's giving them away.
  • Carla is looking for soap opera scenes where male soap opera stars have been kidnapped, held hostage, chloroformed, or otherwise have been put in peril. In other words, something more than just having a gun pointed on them or being locked in a room.
  • is looking for a copy of the TV Movie "Dallas: J.R. Returns" (1996) as a gift for his/her ailing mother.
  • Daytime Central Tape Trading Board
  • Debbie's Santa Barbara tape list
  • Eldon's Soap Tapes
  • Emily and Clayton are looking for the soap "Generations".
  • is looking for tapes of Savannah.
  • Frank is looking for videos of the syndicated soap "Rituals".
  • has all of the Generations episodes to trade.
  • James is looking for "Santa Barbara", Episodes from around 1987...And the death of "Amy Perkins", Played by Kerry Sherman... and the storyline that killed her Character... Kerry Sherman first appeared in Episode 57, and left in Episode 255...If 255 was the Restaurant, then I'm looking for that, the Episodes leading up to it, and after if Lily's Followers appeared in that, too!
  • James has soap videos to trade: Another World, Sunset Beach and Santa Barbara.
  • Jim is really interested in obtaining copies of older soaps--"As The World Turns," "The Edge Of Night," "The Guiding Light," "Love Of Life," "Search For Tomorrow" and "The Secret Storm" primarily, from the about the years 1960-75. 
  • has the complete series of both Dallas and Knots Landing to trade. 
  •  Lauren's Tapes & DVDs
  • Linda's Tape List ABC Soaps
  • is looking for OLTL episodes with Jessica, Cristian, and Will; episodes from DAYS with Mimi being homeless, and episodes of AMC when Sarah Michelle Gellar was on.
  • Michael  is looking for episodes of soap opera CAPITOL that was on CBS 1982-1987. 
  • Michael is looking for "Love of Life" episodes that has Christopher Reeve in it as Ben Harper, which ran from 1974-1976.
  • Nicholas  is desperately searching for any videos of the Young and the Restless featuring Jamie Lynn Bauer (old appearances please), episodes of General Hospital featuring Valerie Starrett as Diana Taylor, episodes of Santa Barbara with Wanda de Jesus as Santanna Andrade, episodes of As the World Turns and Another World featuring actress Vicky Dawson, episodes of Another World with Vana Tribbey, 1970s episodes of Guiding Light featuring Maureen Garrett, episodes of Emmerdale with Malandra Burrows as Kathy, and any episodes of Showtime's A New Day in Eden. He is also searching for any issues of the magazine Soap Opera Serials.
  • Pam is looking to buy/trade for these magazines: CBS SOAPS IN DEPTH August 3, 1999, August 17, 1999, August 31, 1999, November 23, 1999; SOAP OPERA DIGEST March 28, 2000; SOAP OPERA WEEKLY September 7, 1999.
  • Pamela is looking for the daytime soap "Generations" that aired on NBC 89-91.
  • Paul is looking for ATWT tapes from 1970's thru 1990's and for Bob's Betrayal of Kim which aired in May 11, 14-18, 1990. GL tapes from 1970's thru 1990's. Y&R tapes from 1970's thru 1990's. He is also looking for tapes from these shows: Tomorrow, Another World, Edge of Night, Loving, The Catlins (WTBS), Rituals (syndicated) and Another Life (CBN). He has a pretty extensive collection of soap material available for trade.
  • Rene has all episodes of "Sisters" to trade.
  • Robert has many old soap DVD's from the 60's through 80's!
  • Santa Barbara Video Vault
  • Scott has selected episodes and storylines from One Life to Live from mid-80's to present and many classic primetime series like Knots Landing, Dallas, Dynasty, The Colby's, Beauty and the Beast, Flamingo Road, Falcon Crest, Savannah, Homefront, and many more.....

  • Soap Opera VHS and DVD Tape Trading Board. You must register to join.

  • Sonja is looking for The Daytime Emmys from 1984-1995 and also The Soap Opera Digest Awards from 1984-1986, 1988-1996, 1998-2000, and 2003. She is also looking the Soap Opera Update Awards from 1997. She is also looking for The Young and the Restless episodes of Olivia and Malclom's wedding  and reception in 1997. And Nick and Sharon's wedding and reception in  1996.

  • Stacey has a lot of General Hospital and other soap stuff, plus other things, so check out her list for what she wants and what she has. She also runs a tape-trading newsletter for the soaps!

  • Teresa is interested in anything, tapes, photos, guest appearances in which Christian LeBlanc has appeared and is most interested in when he first appeared in the 90's and returned, up until and including May 14, 2004 on Y&R. She is also looking for any clips/episodes with Austin Peck (Brad Snyder/Austin Reed) from ATWT/DOOL and for Kevin Alejandro scenes/episodes on Y&R (Dominic Hughes 2004/early 2005).

  • Thane's Episodes Wanted

  • has all of The City episodes to trade.
  • Zandra has many soap tape edits for trade of OLTL, ATWT, GH & Y&R.

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We need more proofreaders, transcribers, interviewers, episode guide recap writers, article writers, MS FrontPage and/or Web Expression users, graphics designers, and more, so please email us if you can help out!  More volunteers always needed!  Thanks!

Page updated 4/21/15

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