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Sunset Beach Cast List

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Ally  Lucinda Lewis
Archbishop Michael Fairman
Nurse Kathy Baker  Lise Simms
Bartender Mark Collier
Bernie Mark Ritter
Ellen Blake Nunei Harrington
Billy Blank as Himself, Gung-Ho Trainer Billy Blanks
Congressman Robert "Bob" Blythe Brian Patrick Clarke
Michael Bourne Jason George
Bret David Chisum
Dr. Carl Brock Gerard Christopher Dinome
Jude Cavanaugh Sean Kanan
Mr. Chang  George Cheung
Dr. Rae Chang Kelly Hu
Claude Mark Burnham
Claudette Renée Graham
Connie Darla Haun
Eddie Connors Peter Barton
Hank Cummings John Martin
Joan Cummings Carol Potter
Meg Cummings Sydney Penny
Meg Cummings-Evans Susan Ward
Sara Cummings Shawn Batten
Sara Cummings Lauren Woodland
Cynthia, VH1 Host Cynthia Garrett
Emily Davis  Cristi Harris
Armando "A.J." Deschanel  Gordon Thomson
Cole Deschanel Eddie Cibrian
Cole Deschanel Ashley Hamilton
Julianna Deschanel  Constance Towers
Leo Deschanel  David Matthiessen
Anna Claire "Annie" Douglas-Richards Sarah Buxton
Del Douglas  John Reilly
Dr. Luisa Estrada Ana Auther
Ben / Derek Evans Clive Robertson
Benjy Evans  Chase Parker
Melinda Fall Elizabeth Alley
Gerard Christopher Halsted
Leeza Gibbsons as Herself Leeza Gibbons
Captain Grogan Michael Melvin
Hal Michael H. Moss
Jimmy Harrison V.P. Oliver
Jimmy Harrison Jeffery Wood
Virginia Harrison Dominique Jennings
Lena Hart Mariann Aalda
Lena Hart Lillian Lehman
Vanessa Hart Bourne Sherri Saum
Hit Man Scott Layne
Intern Carlos Bernard
Jada  J. Karen Thomas
Jake Chris Olivero
Jake George Palermo
Selita Jones  Lynn Hamilton
Bette Katzenkazrahi  Kathleen Noone
Kelly  Brenda James
Albert Xavier "Big Al" Kennedy Don Amendolia
Florence Kennedy Jean Carol
Kenzie Ali Landry
Nurse Stacey Krakowski Bonnie Hellman
Charles Lakin Jim Storm
Wayne Landry Henry Gibson
Tess Marin  Tracy Lindsey
Gabriela "Gabi" Martinez Torres Priscilla Garita
Dr. Alison McRae Kathryn Daley
Alexandra Mitchum Barbara Mandrell
Casey Mitchum Timothy Adams
Tess Montgomery Neilsen Margaret Scarborough
Mrs. Moreau  Joyce Guy
Morgue Attendant E.E. Bell
Mugger Tony Ayer
Jamahl "JoJo Grimes" Muhammad Mushond Lee
Ralph Myers Ramsay Midwood
Amy Neilsen Krissy Carlson
Captain Nelson Bernie Kopell
Hillary Nichols Terry Davis
Brad Niklaus Michael Strickland
Nurse Helen Katherine D'Armond
Patricia Susan Seaforth Hayes
Police Patrolman  Cris Borgnine
Reporter Giselle Fernandez
Caitlin Richards-Deschanel Vanessa Dorman
Caitlin Richards-Deschanel Kam Heskin
Gregory Richards/Tobias Richards Sam Behrens
Olivia Richards Lesley-Anne Down
Sean Richards Randy Spelling
Dr. Tyus Robinson Russell Curry
Alma Rodriguez (Maria look-a-like)  Kelli McCarty
Roger Victor Webster
Officer Oscar Ruiz Andre Khabbazi
Russ Mark Davis
Jade Sheridan Sandra Ferguson
Sister Beatrice  Denise Alexander
Joshua Sloane Brett Stimely
Officer Spencer David Andriole
Elaine Stevens Leigh Taylor-Young
Paula Stevens Laura Herring
Sydney  Barbara Luna
Shelley Thomas Ann Gillespie
Tiffany Thorne Jennifer Banko
Tiffany Thorne Adrienne Frantz
Father Antonio Torres Nick Kiriazis
Madame Carmen Torres Margarita Cordova
Maria Torres-Evans Christina Chambers
Ricardo Torres Hank Cheyne
Tim Truman Dax Griffin
Pete Valente  Thyme Lewis
Francesca Vargas Lisa Coles
Phillip Vargas Michael Sabatino
Voice of Baby Trey Joey Dedio
Voice of God Al Chaek
Voice of Spike the dog Jim Hanks
Mark Wolper  Nick Stabile
Diane Wood Jessica Tuck
Elizabeth Wood Samantha Becker
Wei-Lee Yung  Steven Vincent Leigh

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