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By Michele and Cheryl 11/20/07

  • Little Ethan will be a match for Jonathan.

  • Fancy or Sheridan will be pregnant.

  • Esme's stalker will be Viki.

  • Noah and Fancy will get closer after they kiss.

  • Tabitha and Endora will reunite again, but this time it won't be briefly.

  • Alistair will move Marty away again.

  • Beth will end up being “Chance.”

By Michele and Cheryl 9/8/07

  • Grace will come between Sam and Ivy.

  • Sheridan and Luis will grow closer while they are looking for Marty.

  • Fancy will be pregnant just as Sheridan and Luis get closer.

  • Alistair will force Theresa not to tell Ethan about little Ethan.

  • Pretty will tell Fancy what Alistair did to her.

By Michele and Cheryl 4/8/07

  • Theresa will be pregnant and not know who the father is.

  • Alistair will return to Harmony.

  • Sheridan will help Luis escape from prison.

  • Gwen will come back to Harmony with a new man.

  • Luis and Sheridan will be reunited with Marty.

  • The blackmailer will be why Evian will reunite.

By Ally 4/4/07

I think since the show is all but kaput anyway, they'll punch out all the boundaries and all the rules and go for broke. I would not be surprised if the he/she is some grotesquely morphed combination of blown up Al and blown up Beth. When else can they do something so (YUCK) bizarre. I also think they will wait until the last freaking moment to allow Theresa and Ethan their happily ever after.

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