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The Bold & Beautiful News Page

B&B News and Information! SOD Scoops, & Spoilers Below


SID Spoilers: Flo Confesses!

Daytime Emmy Nominations!  B&B nominations:
Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series - Heather Tom (Katie) and Jacqueline MacInnes Wood (Steffy)
Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series - Linsey Godfrey (ex-Caroline, now on Days)
Brandon Beemer (ex- Owen) - Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Digital Daytime Drama Series
Outstanding Daytime Drama, Outstanding Writing Team for a Drama Series, Outstanding Directing Team for a Drama Series, Outstanding Technical Team for a Drama Series, Outstanding Live and Direct to Tape Sound Mixing for a Drama Series, Outstanding Costume Design for a Drama Series, Outstanding Hairstyling for a Drama Series and Outstanding Makeup for a Drama Series
Outstanding Guest Performer - Wayne Brady (Reese)
Outstanding Original Song - “You’re the one”
Outstanding Game Show Host - Wayne Brady (Reese, host of "Let's Make a Deal")
Don't miss the Daytime Emmys, streaming online Sunday, May 5, at 8 p.m. ET.

Everything you need to know about this year's Daytime Emmys! Full nominations announced Wednesday, March 20 on "The Talk!"


SID: Bill Gets a Shock

Spoilers: Who Is Flo's Father?

SID Spoilers: Brooke Threatens Taylor

CBS Soaps are pre-empted Thursday and Friday, due to March Madness basketball. Spoilers

Prenominations: “We are very proud to officially launch the 46th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards with this list of extremely talented actors and actresses,” said Brent Stanton, Executive Director, Daytime Emmy Awards Administration. “We are also very excited that this year the pre-nomination round includes the very talented performers from the Digital Drama Series.”
The pre-nominated performers were selected through an online judging ballot containing all the entrants. Judges were required to view clips of the performances before selecting their top 10 choices in each of the nine performer categories. The blue-ribbon screening round will begin on Thursday, Feb. 21, which will determine the final nominees in each category as well as the final recipient of the coveted Daytime Emmy Award. The final nominations will be announced on Wednesday, March 20.
(We're just listing the B&B actors here; for a complete list, see our general Daytime News page)
Outstanding Lead Actress - Jacqueline MacInnes Wood (Steffy) and Heather Tom (Katie). Also, Eileen Davidson (ex-Ashley).
Outstanding Lead Actor - Scott Clifton (Liam).
Outstanding Supporting Actress - Linsey Godfrey (ex-Caroline).
Outstanding Supporting Actor - Darin Brooks (Wyatt) and Aaron D. Spears (Justin),
Outstanding Younger Actress - Kiara Barnes (Zoe) and Nia Sioux (Emma).
Outstanding Younger Actor - Adain Bradley (Xander).
Outstanding Guest Performer - Wayne Brady (Reese), Monica Horan (Kiernan), Jeremy Ray Valdez (Alex), Hunter Tylo (Taylor), Danny Woodburn (Ken) and Kelly Kruger (ex-Eva).

B&B's Jacqueline MacInnes Wood Welcomes a Beautiful Baby Boy

Whose Baby Is Steffy Adopting?

The show celebrates 8,000 episodes!

Rena Sofer Celebrates Her 50th Birthday With an Inspirational Message to Fans (and an Awesome Party!)

Soap fans, make sure you subscribe to Jacob Young's (Rick) new talk show, "Daytime After Dark" on YouTube! Review

See Brian Gaskill (ex-Ozzy)'s Donald Trump imitation!

Heather Tom (Katie) directed the short film "Serenity" in July 2016 in LA.

Scott Clifton (Liam, B&B) sings an original song by Song Writer / Supervising Producer Casey Kasprzyk on the July 28 episode of B&B. Check out a clip here!

Watch full episodes of B&B daily at, Daily Motion,, XFINITY, &

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The Bold and the Beautiful Fan Community is online at This free and revamped group includes a weekly "Ask Cathy" column where fan club director Cathy Tomas will answer the most asked question of the week, as well as "B&B's Fan of the Month" starting in August!

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For an autographed headshot, you may write directly to the specific actor
c/o "The Bold and the Beautiful"
7800 Beverly Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA   90036

B&B Scoops and Spoilers

By Mandy

SOD 4/22/19

Flo Learns Her Dad’s Identity - And Spills About The Baby Switch!
Flo’s life is forever changed after she receives the results of the DNA test that was performed to determine the identity of her father. While Flo is happy to know the truth, a part of her does regret going down the road. Flo then has a serious talk with Shauna. The mother/daughter heart-to-heart prompts another major revelation when Flo tells Shauna about her role in the baby switch. Shauna is understandably stunned by her daughter’s reveal.

*Early Editions*
Thomas puts his plan in motion and tells Brooke and Ridge he wants to help revitalize Hope For The Future.
Liam sets up a romantic evening with Hope, who is trying her best not to disappoint him.

*Ratings for 03/18: 2.6

Dick Christie appears on 4/17 and 4/18 as Charlie Webber.

*Hot Plots Preview - Hope Learns Flo’s Secret*
While talking with Shauna and Flo, Hope brings up that Flo was once pregnant, which Shauna says isn’t true. Flo quickly covers that she never told her mother about that chapter in her life. Flo quickly ushers a confused Shauna away before things get too awkward.

*1st Look*
The Logan sisters - Brooke, Katie and Donna - band together.
Bill and Justin make a toast.
Sally and Wyatt have some coffee talk.

Liam and Hope discuss when Steffy should learn the truth about Flo’s father on 4/17.
Ridge is taken aback when Thomas expresses his feelings for Hope on 4/18.
Thomas encourages Hope to have Liam visit Steffy and the girls in Paris on 4/19.

*What Will Happen*
Quinn grills Bill on his past with Shauna.
Liam seeks advice from Sally and Wyatt about how to deal with Hope.
Bill realizes why Quinn is so hard on the women in Wyatt’s life.

SOD 4/15/19

Is Bill Flo’s Father?
Bill is surprised to learn that he may have yet another child in the world he never knew existed when the tycoon meets Quinn’s bestie, Shauna. Bill may not recognize Shauna, but she certainly recalls meeting him - in the biblical sense. At first, Bill denies ever meeting Shauna, but it slowly comes back to him. However, Bill is not about to entertain the notion of having a third adult child. Ultimately, Bill wants to steer clear of the whole situation.

*Early Editions*
Quinn tells Dollar Bill that Flo is Phoebe’s birth mother.
Flo panics at Shauna’s surprise upon learning that Flo was pregnant.

*Ratings for 03/11: ​2.5

*Hot Plots Preview - Hope Befriends Flo*
Hope tries to become besties with Flo, which doesn’t sit too well with the latter. Flo is having a difficult time keeping the truth to herself.

Donna imparts wisdom and advice to Flo on 4/9.
Flo wrestles with her conscience on 4/10.
Flo’s past shocks the Logans, the Spencers and the Forresters on 4/11.

*What Will Happen*
Hope finds herself on a new quest.
Zoe’s secret causes tension between her and Xander.
Justin has a difficult time keeping Bill focused on business.

SOD 4/8/19

Shauna Comes To Town!
Flo’s mother, Shauna, arrives in Los Angeles this week and can’t wait to see her BFF - Quinn. With Shauna now in town visiting her daughter, Sally may want to watch her back.

*Early Editions*
Quinn questions why Shauna doesn’t want Flo to know the identity of her father.
Zoe finds herself continuously intercepting Flo and Hope.

*Ratings for 03/04: ​2.5

Denise Richards debuts on 4/4 as Shauna Fulton, Flo’s mother.

*Hot Plots Preview - Brooke’s Message For Liam*
While Taylor thinks that Liam should reunite with Steffy, and that Hope may be a match for Thomas, Brooke is not having any of it and addresses the situation with her son-in-law.

*1st Look*
Bill and Katie share a laugh with son Will.
Eric and Quinn have a perplexing conversation with Sally.
Zoe and Flo have another run-in at Bikini Bar.

Katie and Bill decide it’s time to find out who is behind setting up their mystery dates on 4/1.
Bill and Katie find humor in the situation when their “Cupid” is revealed on 4/2.
After another quarrel with Taylor, Brooke takes action on 4/3.

*What Will Happen*
Sally and Quinn disagree on Wyatt’s intentions.
Thomas feels a connection with Hope.
Flo and Wyatt discuss familial similarities.

SOD 4/1/19

Brooke Confronts Ridge And Taylor!
Brooke confronts Ridge about his kiss with Taylor. Ridge understands why Brooke is still upset, given the trio’s complicated past. Ridge assumes the matter is over - until he walks in on Taylor and Brooke having words over the buss. Ridge points out to Brooke that having Thomas back in Los Angeles may have stirred up old feelings.

*Early Editions*
Brooke accuses Taylor of using Steffy as revenge for old history between them.
Katie and Bill play “detective” to learn who is playing matchmaker for them.

*Ratings for 2/25: 2.4

Maile Brady returns on 3/27 as Tiffany, the Forrester intern.

Tamar Braxton appears on 3/29 as Chef Chambre.

*Hot Plots Preview – Sally’s Big Decision*
Sally is not happy to see Flo and Quinn acting so chummy. Sally is then surprised on the business front when Forrester Creations makes her an offer to stay put.

*1st Look*
Flo and Quinn catch up.
Donna hangs out with nephew Will.
Chef Chambre serves it up to Bill and Katie.

Thomas makes a shocking revelation about his relationship with Caroline to Hope on 3/25.
Wyatt has a difficult question to ask Liam on 3/26.
Bill and Katie are set up again on 3/29.

*What Will Happen:
Ridge intervenes in Taylor and Brooke’s war of words.
Quinn offers Sally a reluctant apology.
Brooke is frustrated when Ridge shares Taylor’s opinion about their children.

Heather Tom (Katie) is featured in the Take Five interview this week!

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This page is dedicated to Hilary, our beloved late volunteer, who used to update the scoop pages.

Page updated 4/15/19

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