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Photo from Insurgence
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"Insurgence" By Erin

I wasn’t surprised at all when Lex realized that his father was spying on him. But he destroyed all that expensive stereo equipment. I guess he can afford to replace it. I swear, Lionel Luthor just has no limits. He also has bad hair, but now I’m just getting off topic...I loved the way the Kent's came together during crises, they are like the Partridge family, only with fewer kids. It goes to show that all families have their share of problems. Probably makes yours feel a little less dysfunctional!

It kind of made me angry when Lex offered to send Mr. and Mrs. Kent off for dinner in Metropolis, and Jonathan just blew him off. Even though, in the end, Mr. Kent’s instinct about Lex will prove to be correct. He could have at least thanked Lex for the offer. I mean, flying in the LuthorCorp jet should get him off the hook! Had Jonathan Kent been smoking the drapes or something?

I was pleased to see Metropolis in this episode. It kind of brought me back to the older days of Superman. Even though it will be a shame if the show ends when everyone ends up in Metropolis, to me, it will always be the never ending story of Superman and Lex Luthor. I just hope that time doesn’t come too quickly. I look forward to the play out of the story in the town of Smallville. It kind of puts a twist on things.

How sneaky was that of Martha to destroy those files! I never thought of her as the sneaky type, but it proves that she will do anything to protect her family. She is the kind of mother that everyone in this world needs. If only everyone had a mother that baked and cared for her family the way Martha Kent does. She lives with Superman, but she is SuperMom!!

It still seems so sick when Lex and Lionel try and hurt each other the way that they do. They are certainly nothing like Tiger Woods and his father! Their hurtful ways never seem to end. It doesn’t seem to matter to them how far they have to go to succeed in ruining the other one.
This episode was frightening and nerve wracking. But, all is well that ends well, I guess.

Peace and Love,


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