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"CRUSADE - Season Four Premiere" By Mercedes

Well September 22nd from 8-9 pm finally has come and passed now lets talk about the premiere for the fourth season of Smallville. You have to give it to the “WB” they did their job promoting “Crusade” with endless trailers strewn across the TV and net, each with a tad bit more info and different scenes than it’s predecessor making you just salivate for more. A few friends of mine had even found a website that had leaked some clips from the show before it aired. I saw them and they were so little that they weren’t worth viewing but it does help me arrive to my first question....Was that Tom’s body or no? Hey if it was Mr. Welling, Jamie you are one lucky woman if not somebody is! It makes you wonder if Smallville still had a 9'oclock time slot maybe just maybe we would have been able to get a full view of the awesome backside of Clark/Kal-El (Tom Welling or his double) in the hospital waiting room or in the corn field where he and Lois had their first meeting. Oh how I envy anyone that had anything to do with the filming of those scenes. Something intrigued me concerning Kal-El though Clark’s alter counter part. Even though he had this trance thing going on, he was still loveable kind of dark but more handsome and strong. Seeing him pick Lois up and moved her out of the door way......come on gotta love it (Lois did). Speaking of Lois (Erica Durance) I was so excited about her being a character this season. I give Mrs. Durance’s portrayal of Lois an A+ thus far. I think her interaction with Clark is going to be somewhat Lois and Clark (the TV series) reminiscent. Besides Clark needs someone to “De-Flannel” him a little and the future love of his life is perfect for the role. Did you see Clark/Kal-El fly? Oh my gosh! Tom looks great in black as usual.

Lana (Kristen Kreuk) will have her hands full the season with her new beau Jason Teague (Jensen Ackles). I like him already. He seems to be very good for her although I believe things between Lana and Clark are far from over. (At least I hope not). Let’s hope the tattoo placed on her back by that ancient relic will strongly play into that somehow. And since Lois is Chloe’s (we all know she’s not dead) cousin does that mean there will be no chance for a Clark-Chloe union? In my opinion it’s far too incestuous for my tastes but who knows what this season will bring. Hmmm who would have thunk it, Lana with an older man, Clark and his older woman things will certainly be interesting this year and that’s the way it should have been all along. The time for Smallville’s rejuvenation has been needed for a while and it’s great to see the show’s creators responding to the void left from last season. I want to be captivated by my favorite TV show. Bringing Lois and Jason on board hopefully will do that. I also hope they bring a new love interest for Lex (Michael Rosenbaum) he needs someone... WHO’S NOT LANA... okay I’m back now. Anyway I loved this first episode and not just because I got to see a little Clark/Kal-El/Tom/perhaps body double flesh. This hour was well written and seeing Margot Kidder (The Ultimate Lois Lane) as Dr. Swann’s (Christopher Reeve- the Ultimate Superman) assistant was a real treat. It takes a real stroke of genius to bring the original actors back to where it all began. It also makes it more real for the legions Superman fans from the past, present and future generations to come.

Toodles till next episode

Mercedes C.   

Picture from

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Updated 09/26/04


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