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Smallville Reviews

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"Redux" By Erin

How strange was this episode?! But, as I have said before, nothing is impossible in Smallville! I know that you are not really supposed to sympathize with the bad guy, but this girl, Chrissy, just could not get a break!! I really sympathized with her. The poor thing couldn’t seem to escape her ghastly wrinkles! I’m nineteen and I think I see a new wrinkle every week. Nineteen year olds are not supposed to get wrinkles! Must be that awful heredity thing again . . .  But it seems that I handle my wrinkles a little better than Chrissy. The ancient hag couldn’t seem to stay young and vibrant long enough to finish a soda!

I remember spirit week in high school. We would all come to school in our pajamas. We would have costume contests and things of that sort. Even though I loved dressing up, I hated the pep rallies. I am not the cheerleader type and I didn't look forward to screaming my head off for a school that I wasn't exactly a big fan of. To be perfectly honest, I hated high school. Girls were just to catty and caught up in petty things that I wasn't really interested in. I enjoyed reading and drama more than cheerleading and boys. I guess I was a little like Chloe. I love the way she stays grounded as she runs the school newspaper but still seems to like clothes and boys. To, me there must be a balance between the two. Spirit week at Smallville High seemed like it would be fun. Lana seems interested in those petty things even though I love her character. She also seems to have a balance as well.  She seems pretty well adjusted considering all that she has been through. I can't imagine growing up without parents. She seems to have turned out well considering.

The title of this episode reminds of a word that they would use to describe liposuction! I swear the writers of Smallville come up with some interesting titles for these episodes. At times they seem clever, but at other times they seem altogether wacko. I mean, I feel like I should have a Webster's dictionary with me when they come up with these titles! I personally, have never heard of some of these words. I think sometimes that they make them up!!

Boy, did we get eye candy in this episode or what? Every episode where Tom Welling removes his shirt, I wait for commercials to pee! Bring on more no shirt Tom! But, onto more important things . . .  NOT! Anyway, how cool was it when Clark revealed he thinks of being a journalist. He gets more and more like the Superman we all know, every day. Looks like, he really will live up to his potential!



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Updated 11/08/03


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