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"Gone" By Mercedes

The excitement continues in “Gone” the 2nd installment of season four on Smallville.
It was fun watching Clark and Lois in action defending themselves against unknown assailants while searching for clues about Chloe’s supposed death. It’s nice to know that Lois doesn’t exactly need the “Boy of Steel” coming to her rescue in fact she could teach him a few things about self defense. Speaking of which, what was Lois thinking when she intruded upon Clark all naked in the shower? I would have turned that opportunity into “Clark Jr.’s” lucky day. You know this is the second time he’s been caught in a compromising position. The first encounter was interrupted by Pa Kent, this one by Ma. The look on John and Martha’s faces are classic as they scold Clark while Lois just digs him into trouble a little deeper much to his jousting for her to be quiet. And I couldn’t help but laugh when I saw the scene where they obviously thought he couldn’t be trusted and made him sleep downstairs.
Well it’s that time again, to talk about the devil in the human form of Lionel Luthor. That speech he gave to Lex was so ominous. If I were him, I’d take it to heart because if anyone has arms to reach out of prison to do some bodily damage Lionel is definitely your man. And what’s up with “Mrs. Lana Lang?” In my opinion she is substituting. Trying to get love and trust from Lex that she feels she will never get from Clark. Also I think Lex is beginning to see Lana as the girl/woman that could be right for him in the future. Hmm… Where does Jason fit into all of this? Ultimately someone is going to get hurt. Lana maybe focusing her attentions elsewhere but it’s written all over her actions and her face in this episode. Her heart still belongs to Clark and vice versa.

Well we will all have to wait and see.

Till next Ep.

Mercedes C.   



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Updated 10/11/04


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