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Photo from Asylum
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"Asylum" By Stefan

In my opinion, this whole episode was awesome except for some smaller details. The beginning was great, and I thought the special effects were well made. It was really nice to see the familiar faces of past guest stars from older episodes again since I have always wondered where all the "bad guys" go!

After the opening credits, I was really surprised to see how old Martha Kent (Annette O'Toole) looked. I wonder how she can look 40 in "Shattered" and look at least 45 in "Asylum", well, maybe she was just having a bad week, I just thought it was weird.

Anyway, let's skip the smalltalk and move on to Lana's rehab. Let me just tell you that when I saw Lana I felt really sorry for her, but I wonder why they put in such an obvious character to help her. It's so obvious that Adam (Ian Somerhalder) is a bad guy, well at least to me it is, I can see it in his eyes!

Regarding the scenes between Lionel and Lex at the mental institution, what I found disappointing was that Lionel actually thought that he was helping Lex, not just at the institution but even when he is alone and with the doctor... But at the end, I kinda understood why Lionel thought that Lex would get better! Now that I have seen Lex in this new light, I am really disappointed. He was so good at the beginning, but it is obvious that he is now definitely turning evil, slowly. Now I'm just waiting for him to get mad at Clark so they can be each other's nemesis for life! Bring on Lex's dark side!!

Finally, I have been dying to crib about this. According to me, the long wait between "Shattered" and "Asylum" was unbearable. The wait was over 4 weeks and that is just not in my tolerance limit. Since I am kinda obsessed with Smallville, I think that even one week is way too long. So a word to the wise! If anyone that has any influence on the show is reading this, you should talk to the networks and explain to them how we Smallvillers suffer from withdrawal symptoms.



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