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"Suspect" By Erin

Jonathan Kent commit murder? Please! But with some of the things that Lionel Luthor says and does, I sometimes think that he will eventually end up dead anyway! This episode didnít really impress me that much. To be perfectly honest, I found it kind of boring!

I WAS surprised when it turned out that the sheriff was the one who shot Lionel. It must have been so easy to manipulate the evidence to cover his tracks. But, it also seemed kind of typical to make the story line lead to the law enforcement official as the person who committed the crime. It just seemed to mirror an episode of Murder She Wrote a little too much! Clark was really a Colombo in this episode. Iím sure that I would try and clear my family memberís name as well if they were accused.

To me, this episodeís plot sort of diminished the second they had Jonathan Kent committing murder. Isnít this show supposed to be somewhat wholesome? I do understand the victim being Lionel Luthor and everything, considering he is the devil in disguise, but REALLY! It just seems to me that they could have had the story lean another way. Like, wouldnít it have been awesome if maybe Lex was the one who did it, instead of just being one of the many accused? He had motive and opportunity! Now that would have been a show I would have been more interested in!! The headlines for the Torch would read ďSexy Son attempts to murder Billionaire Lunatic Father!Ē Chloe would have a hay day with that one!

Again, I found the story line with Lanaís dad to be a little boring as well. At first, he says he wonít take Mr. Kentís case but then suddenly after a talk with Lana, he just agrees to it...
It just seemed a little predictable. But, I have to admit, it was a pretty smart thing for Chloe to go digging into his past. It just appears she was little off track. But, it was a good effort on her part. I was just surprised that Henry Small wasnít being manipulated by Lionel Luthor. I mean, isnít everyone else!!

Well, Iím out of opinions! Be sure and check out my next article!! Remember, itís only my opinion, I canít speak for you!



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Updated 11/08/03


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