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"Dichotic" By Erin

Home Improvement stud comes to Smallville! Itís about time we saw a little JTT. I remember when I was younger, and he was the ďITĒ guy of the moment. I also remember having a slight crush on him like most teenage girls. Who better to play the overachieving clone boy than American teenage girlís crush of the Ď90's! Itís about time he made a comeback. It was just like he fell off the face of the planet for a few years. I guess he was doing the Demi Moore thing. At least heís not dating a 12 year old or something! At least , not that I know of. If you know different PLEASE email me!

Turns out, Ian was a two timer in disguise. When first looking at him you would never be able to tell that he was so deceitful. I guess all guys want what they canít have. In Ianís case it seems that he overcame that challenge and became every teenage guyís idol, even if he did slip into two people! Most teenage guys can never seem to understand why two timing is wrong! And they always think that we donít know, but believe me, it might as well be written on your forehead in bright red lipstick!

Doesnít it always seem that Clark is the only one who notices these things? All of the other characters seem to be oblivious to the subplots. But I guess that is the way it always is with THE main character. They always seem to know things that most of the other characters donít notice. I mean, are the rest of the characters just completely out of tune with their surroundings? Iím not just talking about Ian. What about the other strange events that happen and all the other main characters seem to be twiddling their thumbs, with of course the exception of Chloe and her journalistic intrigue.

Was it just me or didnít it look so painful when Ian cloned himself? At first I thought that maybe he was constipated. But then of course I realized I was completely wrong when another body seemed to be spawning out of his back. Jonathan T. Thomas is still in great shape! I would have thought after some time off that he would have eaten a lot and gotten fat or something, you know since he didnít have to be on camera. But he still looks great!

Itís about time that Lex went all crazy sexy man! He is so hot when heís mad! I wish I had the authority to club the meter maidís little crappy car! That would feel so awesome! It would be like ďExcuse me but I have money and I have decided that today I feel like clubbing you car! I sure hope your OK with that! NOT!Ē How classic was it to see Lex in Anger Management classes?! He never ceases to amaze me. I wish I could have that ďsince Iíve got money I donít give a crapĒ kind of attitude. Another thing, he and Dr. Bryce sure have great chemistry. But with every girl that he dates I am always suspicious as to whether she has an agenda or not. I promise, it not just because I have a huge crush on the actor himself, really!

Well, thanks for reading! I hope I didnít offend too many people this time! Donít forget to read my next article.

The Best Smallville Wishes and Lex Dreams!


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Updated 11/08/03


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