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Smallville Reviews

Photo from Nocturne
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"Nocturne" By Erin

What girl doesn’t like having a secret admirer? How classic was it when we saw Clark’s reaction to Byron’s beautiful poetry? It seems that our teenage Superman reared his ugly jealous head! His rolling eyes and facial expressions had me laughing so hard, I thought I might pee myself!

This episode pulled at my heartstrings. I found myself feeling sorry for Byron. Imagine staying in a damp, bug - infested, basement during sunny days and never getting to spend time with real people. I guess reading and writing poetry for Lana, was Byron’s way out of his dreadful way of life.

Did you check out Byron's face after he was exposed to daylight? He looked like Joan Rivers before her face lift! Lana seemed to want to genuinely want to help him despite his looks. I think that Lana seems to get more depth to her as the series goes on. She seems to get more and more layers every episode. When the series first started, she seemed to be kind of shallow but as time progressed, you learned that she actually had had a pretty hard life. She's no Chloe, but she seems to have advanced to a different level as the seasons have progressed.

As you probably know by now, I like to find the humor buried within the Smallville episodes. But, because of the nature of this episode, I am finding it difficult to joke about. Social problems and juvenile delinquency are nothing to crack about. NOT! Well, until next time . . .  Remember, it’s only my opinion. I can’t speak for you!



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